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Simon Blackwell
Why do we need any colour passport? We should just be able to shout, “British! Less of your nonsense!” and stroll straight through.
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Thanks to BJSAlba, Frank and John.

22 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Bird and Fortune: A smidgeon of honesty, a spoonful of insight, a generous portion of genius plus a whole bag of prescience. Then add a great steaming bucket full of, it couldn’t really happen here could it really, no of course it fucking couldn’t, don’t be stupid smugness.

    Oh how we larffed.

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    1. Thinking the brexiteers found the briefing notes for the interviewee and thought here’s a man with a plan and explains exactly how exceptional the english think they are.
      Quote ‘ I’m all for Major as pm but he’s not very good at being pm’
      The reference to BSE is a keeper, We’ve got more experience of it than them, We’ve got more of it.
      Great selection of cartoons, love the Black Cab one, englandland to perfection, no tyres, no glass, no wheels and using a GERRYCAN to fuel into a punctured tank. The smile on the oris face, perfection.

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    1. I’m with John, Terry.

      I just thought, to be honest, it was having a go at men in general, who some might say, aren’t the most sensitive of animals!


      1. I’m hearing that Ashcroft didn’t poll 16-18 years old or EU citizens which might explain the low figure. The former are more pro indy and I’m going to hazard a guess that the EU folk who voted No in 2014 wouldn’t do the same again…

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        1. Yes, that’s true.

          However, unless we get a referendum before Hallowe’en, the EU citizens will become foreigners and won’t be entitled to vote.


    1. To paraphrase Alex Salmond:
      “Who are these 48%?”
      Perhaps they still think that Brexit will not be the disaster that we all
      know it is going to be.
      Definitely no hope for these people.

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    2. At least,in conversation with unionists,we can now claim that their’s is a minority view and force them to justify their position on England’s union.
      Boot on the other foot now.

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  2. Terry.
    I like my bedtime music soft and low.
    A clarinet is noisy up close.
    Now bagpipes at 100 yards are great, note moggism unit, but I know a number of deaf pipers.
    The insult is the Black cat on the bed.
    Ashcroft Poll, lets not jump to a hasty conclusion, 52% means they’re is NO interest in a second referendum.
    Lets have an advisory Cameroonism referendum that we can apply a mayism to.

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    1. Fred the piper has an unusual fingering technique – right hand above left. Maybe that’s meant to result in further easing of Penelope’s migraine.

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