Image result for orangutans
Ooops, was I not supposed to be climbing?
n sunflowers
Mellow Yellow! (OK, who sang that?)
n platipus.jpg
Double wave.
n red
Nuts to you too!
Image result for capital of senegal
n p
n pais
Blackpool Tower, or something like that!
n scarper
n jphn
Little Bulgarian stray that found a home with our mate, John and his wife.
n stick
Pretty stick insect.
n cow
n dave
From Dave.
n kotor montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro.
n dont mum
MUM, stop it.
n fox
Image result for animals making friends
One of us can swim!
Image result for animals making friends
Shhh, my bud is sleeping!
Image result for animals making friends
So, it’s agreed, you won’t eat me?
Image result for orangutans
I’ll be in trouble. I’ve eaten my lunch on the way to school. Who’s a greedy boy?




23 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

      1. Didn’t he buy one of the Ascrib Islands off Dunvegan in the 1960s or 70s?
        I hear he went into the Misty Isle or the Dunvegan for a drink and when he asked where the toilet was, the barman pointed him to the Ladies because he had long hair.
        Nobody finds that funny except Nigel Farage’s supporters. The ones with neck tattoos.
        I call them the EdnaWilfreds.

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  1. those were smashing. For those who would like to see more of our favourite life-affirming friends, Orangutan Jungle School is available on Channel 4 OD – no TV licence required.

    Did you know that Cheetahs are the only Big Cats that can purr just like the Wee Cats? And why don’t we call them Wee Cats? John’s little stray is very cute but as the video shows they can be wee buggers!

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  2. I dunno why, exactly, I think this thread is a tribute to a Simon and Garfunkle song.

    It really cheers me up. The thread, that is. I cling to the friendship that takes me over a troubled water.

    Thanks to Munguin for keeping the faith with absolutely great commitment to nostalgia and nature and independence.

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