Still, the Tories should be pleased. They have one of their own in a position of “power” (relatively speaking).


I’m not 100% sure how it will work out for her, what with her being a Scottish MP and therefore unable to vote on the bulk of the legislation that passes through the Commons. Health, Education, Law and Order, Transport… will all be out with her remit. And while she can take part in debates on these matters, she can’t vote on them unless the Speaker rules that there is a consequence for Scotland.


Many MPs might think that she will have little authority to express opinions and develop policies on matters which will not affect her constituents.

Unless, of course, Boris* wants to take these matters back into his, erm capable, erm hands in London.

(*Other possible leaders are available at much-discounted rates.)




Now, in the leadership contest that actually counts, we’ll know the result by this time tomorrow.

And, if as we suspect, Hunt (the one who is just as bad as Boris, but without the comic relief), loses, there are rumours that Ruth has plans to set up her own Scottish Conservative Party, you know, like Murdo suggested when he stood against her all these years ago and she utterly rejected, because Dave told her to.

This article was, of course, originally published in the Daily Mail’s Scottish edition,  and is, therefore, linked with attendant caveats.

Image result for ruth davidson and boris johnson

But you can’t help wondering if this wouldn’t have the effect of further splitting the Conservatives in Scotland. There are already those who are 100% behind Brexit, no matter the cost. How could these Tories (I know one) get behind a Euro-friendly Scottish party? And wouldn’t they think it pandering to the dreaded “separatism”

Ahhh…with Boris, I doubt that life will ever be dull.


Image result for orangutan baby
Morning. What do you think of my mummy? Isn’t she pretty?

Like the hat?
n barn cats
Barn cats.
n forst nor
Norwegian roof forest.
n grey crowned crane
Grey-crowned crane.
n el
Not sure whether I should eat this or play with it…
Happy families.
n istanbul
n canaca
Canadian white water.
Image result for timbuktu town centre
n brown
This is how you do it…
n black throated green warbler
Black-throated Green Warbler.
n birch
Birch forest.
n fox
Foxy pair.
n keeping warm
A handy place to keep warm.
n japanese garden
Japanese garden.
n mates
n mooo
Nice view, Ermintrude.
n specled tanager
Speckled Tanager.
n playing
Now, swing.
Image result for orangutan baby
Well, that’s another Soppy Sunday over … \now what shall I do with the rest of the day?


Jim Taylor sent me these:








Munguin in his office.

Dear Annie Wells and Miles Briggs,

You both seem to have made a very great deal of noise over the last two days about the Scottish drugs deaths figures, seemingly almost joyously blaming the SNP for what is, without doubt, a real tragedy in our country.


What seems to have escaped your notice is that policies relating to drugs are reserved to Westminster and that your own party, at least nominally in charge of government there, is therefore nominally responsible for policies which might be said to be responsible for these figures.


There are ways of dealing with issues relating to the use of drugs. Indeed Scotland was a leading country when it came to limiting where people could smoke, and reducing the safe driving alcohol limits.

Various European countries have experimented with a variety of drugs damage limitation policies, often involving limited decriminalisation, and the use of safe centres, places where addicts can take their drugs in a relatively safe environment, supervised, using clean needles and relatively safe materials. 

The Scottish government, having investigated this kind of policy and aware of the severity of the problem in Scotland, was ready to set up such a centre in Glasgow. However, because drugs policy is a matter reserved to the UK government, Edinburgh was obliged to seek permission from London before doing so.

This permission was denied.

I understand that, despite London’s refusal to work with Scotland, some Scottish MPs have visited Portugal to find out how their enlightened approach has worked. My Twitter friend, Miguel (WG Saraband), a Portuguese Scot, wrote this thread on Twitter about the scheme. It is worth a read.


Now, being as progressive as Portugal is a huge leap forward for a union like Britain, and I wouldn’t expect the current Brit government to embrace what are by any standards, radical changes.

But, wouldn’t it be worthwhile if the Brits at least looked into the possibility of adopting some of their policies, if only as a trial.

What I would like, and in fact, I think I have the right to demand, is that you acknowledge that this is a reserved matter and that you stop trying to make political capital out of it.

As a final thought, please also note that, although no one for a second would try to deny that the Scottish figures are dreadful, the comparisons that have been made with figures in England (which have been highlighted by some of your MPs) may be inaccurate, mainly due to the different method of complying figures in our two countries.

This article may be of interest to you.


Yours sincerely






Image result for british royals in all her finery

Thanks to John for sending me these two cuttings from Private Eye.

jokeroyas john

joke roal2

It makes you laugh when you think just how skint so many people in her majesty’s realm actually are and how they struggle to eat, heat and keep themselves alive.

Of course, if Charles (Brian in PI) used transport the way other people do, it probably wouldn’t make THAT much difference you might argue. After all his 10 day trip to the Caribbean, at nearly half a million for transport alone, wouldn’t have paid for the salaries of THAT many doctors or nurses, would it?


But it might have made a little difference to someone being looked after just a little bit better.

Why do we put us with this farce?


 ANZEIGE: Bücher von Klaus Stuttmann bei Amazon
Der Spiegel.

 ANZEIGE: Bücher von Klaus Stuttmann bei Amazon

Well, what’s moving the world right now? Iran conflict? Refugee crisis? Environmental destruction?

Shaking attacks!

Politico, Belgium.
Politico, USA.
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, U.S.

Thanks to BJSAlba for these (and the German-English translation).

joke cat

joke kkk

joke paris

She has escaped!!

Image result for brexit cartoons

Image result for brexit cartoons

Image result for brexit cartoons

Image result for brexit cartoons

Just like to say to all our readers in France, Happy Bastille Day.

No photo description available.



Image result for orangutans
Morning all… My mummy brought me along today.
n what you want bird
n walsingham

n tresm
What? It’s a heavy stick!
n tickle me
Oh go on, rub my chin. You know you want to.
n snail
Well, this will last a while!
n so how are you
So, how are things in horseworld?
n rose
Close to perfection.
N Utah, arches park
Arches Park, Utah.
n cat on a post panda
Cat on a post (Bugger le Panda).
n baby
Hide and seek is a good game, eh?
n Mardalsfossen, Norway
Mardalsfossen, Norway.
n loveseals
There’s nothing like a cuddle!
n gone fishing
Nothing like a day’s fishing!
n mount robson Br Col
Mount Robson, British Columbia.
n handsome
What a good looking animal that is! Oh, it’s me!!! Well, I never!

n junglefowk
n koala
Don’t judge me. I’m a tired little koala.
n wales

Image result for orangutans
OK, I’m working in Munguin’s grounds now, so I’m a bit busy to chat. But we’ll see you next week. Now, is this a weed or what?


ss bus 3

Image result for jACKSON FIVE

when was the washing machine invented Lovely 1950s Westinghouse Washer Ad Black & White Appliance Vintage

ss timetable

ss glas70

ss po

ss bus 2

ss rr phantom 1

Image result for gina lollobrigida

ss Confectionery-Countlines-1950s

Related image

Related image

ss bus 9

Related image

Image result for dunkeld 1960

Related image

ss triumph

Related image

Image result for freddie starr

ss bus1

I’m not sure all whose photographs are included this week so, to be safe, I will thank John, David, Dave and Frank, who are in the habit of sending me pics for Saturdays.

Also: Munguin and I emailed Ed yesterday to see if he was OK. As some of you will probably know, he doesn’t enjoy the best of health and as we hadn’t heard from him, including no mention of affirmation of life on Sunday (most unusual), we were a bit concerned.

He is, you will be happy to hear, fine. A bit fatigued and listless though, so Munguin urged him to visit the doc and get someone to check him over. As no one in their right mind doesn’t follow advice handed down by Munguin, I expect arrangements have already been put in place.

Get well soon, Ed.