1. all those lovely animals earlier in the day and now you have to ruin it by posting about that weasel. Or is it rat or maybe snake (in the grass). No he’s louse… Any other suggestions?

    Anyway from the cut of Union Jack’s gib we may have cause to look back and find Mundell wasn’t the worst ever after all. But hopefully Jack will be the LAST.

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    1. Sorry, PP. It’s a downer after the loveliness of the last post.

      But it was a timely reminder of what a wee liar he was.

      As you say, the next one may make us look back with fondness… not a lot, but a little.

      Union Jack may well be just what we need to push us into action.

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  2. The EBC tonight says oris will be in Edinburgh tomorrow. The colonel has ordered his presence.
    Untruthie will tell him she can’t support brexit.
    Off to the galley’s for ruthie, all the rest of the tory party in Scotland have hailed the new tap dug, so in a normal state she’s mince.
    Pity we don’t have the MSPs at work, would be nice to actually hear her excuse for not keeping to the state party’s script.
    Carless jackass for leader.

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      1. Apparently not. Says it would make him look like a visiting foreign dignitary, apparently, in a rare fit of self-knowledge and political awareness, so if the FM wants to see Boris she will have to go down to Downing Street and look like the supplicant leader of a vassal State, which – I would posit – she is unlikely to want to do.

        Here’s an article – https://t1p.de/ncqdol – entitled “The Uncanny Power of Incompetent Men:
        Inspired by the legendary ineptitude of the U.K.’s new prime minister, Boris Johnson, you too can use your incompetence to succeed beyond your wildest imaginings”.

        Not so amusing as that tewwibly, tewwibly cwude and vulgah cassette-boy mash-up though, tsk tsk snigger.

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        1. Hilarious.

          Thanks, Ed.

          I’ve just listened to (some of) Raab being interviewed on Radio Four’s Today.

          Came across as ignorant and arrogant.

          He also referred to Scotland as a “region”, which, if memory serves me well, he has done before. Being corrected about it seems to have absolutely no effect on Raab.


  3. Breaking news from qe3 house Edinburgh.

    Muddle and untruthie now support a hard brexit after meeting with oris.
    A misunderstanding of their position on the subject, they didn’t support the maybot’s SOFT brexit, that wasn’t their view at all, the media have mis-reported to oris.
    No what the muddle actually meant was we need to take back control of brexit for the good of the onion, the muddle has always been a supporter of the crash-out brexit.
    Why not add 1984, Orwell, to the mix.
    All we need now is that they are deemed to be non persons. They never existed, all references to these non persons have been deleted.
    As a sop, oris is giving us, and our devolved nations!!!!!!, some pocket money, robbed from our own piggy bank.
    Millions of pounds to be spent on Propaganda to convince the prolls that brexit will be good for them.
    A wee bit of hardship will make the onion stronger but not for the glorious leader of South Britain and his buddies.
    Breaking news from the EBC

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      1. Edd
        They know what side the bread is buttered, whichever side is required.
        The salary for the leader of the opposition in Hollyrood comes to £125,000, add on the wee articles written for the onionist papers, appearance money on EBC, when she wants some cash for the dog’s vet bill or a wedding, you get the idea.
        She’s not only for turning but like a peerie , TEN years in Hollyrood.
        She’ll not give that up easily, 3 questions a week to ask and the subjects are chosen from a short list that always precludes the important question in the public area.
        It’s us that are the fools to put up with only 7 tories won a seat the rest are LIST members to make up the 31 total.

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    1. Well, we survived the Blitz, damn it… Well, some people did anyway. There were an awful lot that dies horrible deaths.

      Glad to see we’ve sorted out what Ruth and Dave thought.

      Is Winston Smith the secretary of the Tory Scottish branch?

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  4. (With apologies to W.H. Auden)

    This is the White Male crossing the border,
    Huffing and puffing, hair in disorder.

    Bribes for the fearties, zilch for the needy,
    “Vote for us Tories, all you who are greedy!”

    “What ho, Jockistan! Thought I”d drop by
    And let you admire the wonderful I.”

    “I’m the new PM of our Union so grand.”
    “Well you can f— off, Bojo – this is OUR land!”

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  5. I read that to the sound of the night mail train.
    Lovely thought that he’s going back to englandland in the evening.
    Millions to be used to put out propaganda to blame the EU for what they’ve always had as their preferred outcome, Empire 11.
    Two Jobs Tomkins for leader of the tory party in Scotland.

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  6. Here is my Scotland Act and if I don’t like it,you will have others.
    Devolution Westminster style where it means whatever the current regime in London decides it is.
    No point in even thinking about having the Holyrood parliament made “permanent” by Westminster because all it will take is the next clown of a PM to come along and say “Oh no it isn’t”.
    As with much else coming out of the London establishment it is all smoke and mirrors designed to keep
    them in the style to which they are accustomed.
    Only one way out.

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