Image result for Orangutans
Morning all. We’re just checking to see if your SS ticket is valid…
n squ
And we’re just sleeping.
nfaroe is
Faroe Islands.
n rhino
Just some little mates round for a blether.
n razorbill
Razorbill here if you fancy a quick shave.
n reno nevada
Reno, Nevada.
n porcvh bear
Just putting my paws up for a while.
n alpie
Alpine meadow.
n baby deer
n baby
Try and tell me that I’m not cute. It won’t work. I know I am. My mummy told me.
n badger
That awful Leadsome woman isn’t about, is she?
n catnip
n marbled white
Marbled White.
n mount robson Br Col
Mount Robson, British Columbia.
Image result for australian outback
Australian outback.
n my turn
Is it my turn yet?
Image result for capital of burkina
ncorn snake
Corn Snake.
n turtle
Can’t you swim or something?
Image result for Orangutans
Well, doesn’t time go fast when you’re having fun? See you next Sunday.





11 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Exceptionally cute group of critters and captions this week!

    The Faroe Islands rock is impressive. Everybody likes a big rock with a hole through it. Then just add water and crashing surf! ;_)

    Nice picture of the balloons at Reno!
    I see that the yearly Great Reno Balloon Race variously calls itself the largest FREE hot air balloon event in the world or the country (take your pick), and the largest free event in “Northern Nevada.” Which apparently means there’s maybe something bigger and just as free down in Las Vegas (however unlikely the “free” part would seem to be in Nevada.)
    Balloons in the pre-dawn darkness before liftoff, and against a backdrop of downtown casinos:

    I had to look up Ouagadougou. It’s the capital of Burkina Faso. YES! Of course! It was right on the tip of my tongue! On this interesting (and rather old) map, it’s east of “25” and south of “Songhay.”

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  2. Love the red hair, wish I had mine back and I could get my picture on the bestest Sunday site.
    On the map, surely a mistake , it should be all PINK, or is that next year’s colour?
    Cue for a film, The Empire Implodes.

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    1. Oh yes. Next year is the year of Empire II. I see Gove and Javid are now talking about the almost inevitability of “No Deal” in the Sunday papers, so prepare to take over the world!


  3. Lovely pictures but where do the people live in the Faroes? I don’t see any houses 😉

    Beautiful butterfly or is it a moth and how do how tell the difference? I suppose I could google it. I though Mr Fox was fantastic as was the alpine meadow. How is it when I don’t mow the lawn it looks a mess but the meadows look great?

    Having watched Judi Dench is Borneo recently, I can confirm that she has adopted THREE of our favourite animals and loved seeing them in real life. She also loves an ely – I knew she was a good sort…

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    1. PP, the 2 easiest ways to tell moths from butterflies are: 1 – look at their antennae, those of butterflies are long, thin with slightly clubbed ends, those of moths are much shorter and feathery or ragged edged. 2 – Butterflies fold their wings above them when they land, moths keep theirs spread out. And, of course, usually but not exclusively, moths fly by night, butterflies by day.

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