1. Off topic, but I’ve just seen this tweet (obviously a couple of days old) from Jon Snow:

    Jon Snow
    Jul 22
    You simply could not have made it up! Less than 24 hrs before the most pro-Brexit PM ever is named, Trump refuses to come the UK’s aid in protecting UK ships off Iran. Necessitating Foreign Secretary Hunt to beg the European powers we seek to leave, to help out!

    Still, I’m sure Dominic Raab will sort Trump out sharpish.

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  2. All very understandable if we accept that Trump is Putin’s puppet, determined to sow dissension among the NATO allies…

    One wonders where the Royal Navy is – oh, I forgot – all those frigates that were supposed to be built on the Clyde and should have been ready by now – they got held up for some stupid reason or other, so there’s only one being built right now with another two on order since sometime this year… maybe They could have used those.

    Sad, really. Anyway, I understand that the tanker is only registered in the UK, not actually a UK vessel – They opened up the registry to non-UK vessels not that long ago because, oh, Liberia and Belize or wherever were getting all the registrations because they weren’t so fussy (and crew wages and safety standards were lower and laxer), so there were almost no vessels left on the UK registry.

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    1. Yep, it’s Swedish. Prsumably their standards of hygiene, safety and level of wages make it a lot cheaper to register in the UK. As you say, it used to be Panama, Liberia and such places that did that.

      Look out third world, here we come

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      1. Oh, I meant the ship, not Fabricant’s wig which no self-respecting Swede would put near their head.

        Maybe the wig will get a blue plaque or something. Seriously though, he’s really well off. You’d have thought he’d have got something that looks a bit like hair to put on his head.


  3. The hair was made in Dundee using a 1969 discarded jute pile and using an experimental design rejected by a Mr Donald Trump of New York as being not nice. ‘Believe me, not nice’ said Mr Trump.

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      1. He gave credibility to the ‘No Borders’, supposed grassroots independence campaign in 2014. Came up from London to do his report. By the time he got here, it was already exposed as funded by a London based, Scottish millionaire. But he went ahead with the deception anyway.

        (Sorry I’m late with this – I was in Campbeltown.)

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          1. A fantastic march. For such a remote location it was amazing that so many made the effort to turn up. And we had luck with the weather, It poured down afterwards.

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  4. For the love of the wee man…

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  5. Oh, and they have just appointed an under secretary for Scotland. He is an Englishman, representing an English seat and a son of a Baron.

    Get back in your box, Colonel Ruth Davidson. Your opinion is of nothing to us.

    Oh and you Jocks, you need some decent aristocracy from Worcester to keep you in line.

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    1. I see that Annabel Goldie was elevated to the peerage as Baroness Goldie of Bishopton in the County of Renfrewshire. So what did she do as leader of the Scottish Tories that the Queen has found deficient in the last FOUR Prime Ministers (counting Theresa May.) Beginning with John Major KG, you have to go back to Neville Chamberlain to find an ex-Prime Minister who was neither a Knight of the Garter nor a Peer of the Realm, or both. Not much time since May, but it appears that Cameron, Brown, and Blair did something to piss off the Queen.


  6. You are all being a bit harsh judging oris so hard.
    Look at the pack of jokers that make up the parliamentary tory section of the english tory party in Scotland.
    Who could ever promote hair, thomson or kerr to such an important position as tea maker to the Empirists in downing street.?
    Quo Vadis, where are we going?
    Oh hell I forgot to use Esq in their names, the mogg will be unhappy. Wonder if it’s OK in this Empire to also use it for a female attendant to a knight, maybe esquiress will be the female nomative in the mogg’s new book of customs of the 18th century.
    Measr an t-amadan glic ma chumas e a theanga. Gaelic proverb,
    The fool may pass for wise if he holds his tongue.


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