21 thoughts on “A VIEW FROM THE USA”

  1. It just gets better every day. Never mind, the summer recess is upon us and we can get back to laughing in September.
    Meanwhile get singing….. one for each day till 31 Oct …..
    99 bojos on the wall
    And when one bojo catastrophically falls
    there’ll be 98 bojos sitting on the wall.


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  2. I saw that already because I watch http://www.msnbc.com/the-last/word. Unfortunately, I haven’t worked out how to link to the individual segments, of which this is the last today – watch it before it disappears into the dustbin of history.

    I not that the assumption is made that there was Russian money in the Leave campaign, i.e., interference by Putin. As someone or other has been saying for a while. It’s good to hear it from someone else, though.

    Lawrence O’Donnell is a former aide to a US senator of some note – Daniel Patrick Moynihan – and was a writer for and producer of The West Wing.

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    1. Can’t get that page, Ed.

      But yes, Mr O’Donnell is good.

      I don;t know whether there was Russian money involved in the Leave campaign. I expect we never will know for sure.

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    2. I caught some of Boris statement today on the radio where during it he said he would put the unity of the UK beyond question.

      Bring it on porky.

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      1. It’s choking me up that he thinks that he, and his cabinet of right wing nut jobs will do anything other than divide the Uk, England too, more even than it is divided now

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  3. As Ed said, Lawrence O’Donnell is an old Senate Washington hand. His popular television show of political news and commentary called “The Last Word” is on the NBC network cable channel, MSNBC. Tuesday night he interrupted his usual nightly attacks on his nemesis Donald Trump to dedicate an entire segment to the Boris Johnson affair.

    He took the time to point out the political insanity of the head of government of the UK being chosen by a vote of a relatively few members of single political party, representing (it says) only 0.13% of the population of the UK. Compared to that, the absence of a written constitution and an hereditary monarch (specially bred for the job) as head of state almost seems small potatoes as irrational anachronistic undemocratic systems of government go. 😉

    The complete segment of the show:

    “Boris Johnson Is How Britain Ends” is an op-ed piece published on July 22 in the New York Times:

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      1. Ed……The video I posted just happened to have been uploaded to YouTube. Sometimes clips from MSNBC shows can be found on YouTube.

        I clicked on your megasync link, and then clicked on Download, but just got the message: “Too many connections for this download.” Maybe I’m not doing it right.

        Below is the link to “The Last Word” show on MSNBC. The website usually has some video links to recent segments that remain posted for a day or two. I’ll see if it works. Right now I see that it still has the video “Russia and the new UK Prime Minister” which can be streamed by clicking on the panel to the right of the video screen. I don’t know if it’s possible to download a video file from the website or not.


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        1. Should be possible to download – may just have been too busy to do streaming (maybe is uses more than one TCP connection?). I set it to share using that URL, anyway. The MSNBC URL should have worked too…

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    1. Not relevant to your post but I see Airmiles Andy’s buddy (Epstein) has been found near death in a cell today – it doesn’t look self-inflicted either….

      If you guys think the “deal” all those years ago was about anything other than protecting the Brit Royal Family from the scandal that would have followed a “Paedo Andy” trial then I have a big bridge in a big swamp to sell. Interested?

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      1. You can never tell, can you. Sexual prisoners are often targeted, but you would have thought that he’d have been in a special unit for that kind of prisoner, so, the question has to be asked, who doesn’t want him to come to trial? And answers came there many, I suspect.

        I do hope he survives.

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            1. Amusingly I can see your current president throwing the entire parasitical “Royal Family” under the bus if it suited him – or if he woke up and felt like screwing over Alec (Boris).

              I can’t wait 😀

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              1. Vestas……Me too! Heaven help anyone…….surely including royals as well as Prime Ministers and Mayors of London…..who get on Trumpy’s wrong side while he has his Twitter machine handy. 😉

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              1. Tris…I too hope he recovers. And he should definitely be careful going forward. Being in a position to embarrass two US Presidents of both political parties and a Prince of the House of Windsor in a nasty public trial just MIGHT be enough to get a guy killed.

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                1. Seems so, Danny.

                  Ghastly man though he almost undoubtedly is, I think that evidence should be heard about other people involved… and it that means presidents and fat English idiots or royal blood, so be it!

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