Today’s English/Welsh edition of the Sun.


…and by contrast, the Scottish front page…


So much for “our precious union” and “our UNITED kingdom”.

(PS: I see the English/Welsh Sun has already gone back to using Farenheight as we prepare to leave the EU. I wonder when the price of 55p will be rendered as 12/-.)

Thanks to Joe Pike for the pics!

Oh, and this is the Irish Times…


33 thoughts on “A TALE OF TWO COUNTRIES”

  1. Scottish unionists preparing to use our SEPARATE legal system to block BoJo’s no deal Brexit.
    Lucky for them that Scotland still retains an element of independence.
    BoJo will finally show doubting Scots that the UK is really England dressed up to appear to be a multi national state,like the old USSR and will end it’s days in the same way.

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  2. I can’t figure out what tune they’re referencing in the English paper.

    But the one that jumps into my head goes like this:

    Dum Dum Dum
    Dum Du-Dum Dum Du-Dum
    Dum Dum Dum
    Dum Du-Dum Dum Du-Dum
    Dum Dum Dum
    Dum Dum-um-um-um
    Dum Dum
    Dum Dum-um-um-um
    Dum Dum
    Dum Du-Dum Dum Du-Dum

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  3. Not so much two countries
    As alternate universes
    One Tory full of hate division
    And cruelty.

    The other er a not Tory one .

    The one thing I found fascinating is Matt Hancocks
    Stunning duplicity.

    It so reminded me of Beria
    At the death 💀 of Stalin

    Khrushchev wrote in his memoirs that Beria had, immediately after Stalin’s stroke, gone about “spewing hatred against [Stalin] and mocking him.” When Stalin showed signs of consciousness, Beria dropped to his knees and kissed his hand. When Stalin fell unconscious again, Beria immediately stood and spat.

    Politicians ffs no wonder the
    Plebs hate them all of them
    No exceptions none you here tris not one ☝️

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    1. Nah, Niko. There are good people in politics in all parties… even, I’m sure, some Tories.

      There are certainly good ones in all the other parties, although, of the ones that rise to the top one must necessarily be suspicious!


    2. Beria, of course, was at least as evil a swine as Stalin (and equally Georgian), and (as I heard) used to screw all the female Soviet Olympic athletes before granting them exit visas so they could take part… among many other vile crimes. At least he left the Soviet athletes alive.

      Here’s the Wikipedia article on him: https://t1p.de/29bxp5.

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  4. I’m reminded of the presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon.
    Nixon was laughed off the screen.
    Kennedy was shot.
    Nixon became president…

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    1. Well, wee Fluffy would have done better to resign yesterday like Hammond and Ropory the Tory.

      That way they made it look like they had some principles.

      Mundell? Not so much.


      1. You are probably too young to have been around at ‘Decimal Day’. I still sometimes mentally recalculate from £ and p to £sd.

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        1. No excuses for me, Alasdair. I just worked it out wrong.

          I know that 6d is 2.5p and a shilling is 5d, two shillings is 10p, etc.

          I’m just lousy at arithmetic.


  5. It goes from bad to worse, not only Johnson, but his cabinet appointments of the most cruel, brain-dead, incompetents ever assembled. That coupled with an inveterate liar in charge, we are heading for a social and economic disaster.

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      1. Now it seems that that is all the the Tories and Liberals care about. They must not lose Scotland… otherwise how are they going to pay for all the money Boris has been promising?


    1. Patel, a stupid woman who went into clandestine talks with a foreign power without informing the FO or the officials of her own department.

      Held these talks in rooms which had not been given safety clearance; had no officials present, and then lied to the prime minister about it.

      ‘Brilliant’, said Boris, ‘she’ll do nicely’.


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