Boris Johnson is Prime Minister

What to say?

Well, let’s start off with the president of the United States. It wouldn’t be surprising for a man in his position to congratulate a newly elected leader of an ally. Nicola Sturgeon has done so (see below). But Trump added: “He’ll be great”. Erm, no he won’t Donny.

Then there was Ruth, who has kept an incredibly low profile since she backed, very publicly. Sajid and Gove just before they crashed out


Seemingly unmindful that her constituency and her country voted to stay in the EU, her priorities are to slap Nicola Sturgeon down and prevent Jeremy Corbyn getting into government in England.

Seemingly a no-deal Brexit is no longer any kind of priority for her. 

Ho-hum. Then there’s…


  • David Mundell


I congratulate Boris Johnson on his clear win in the leadership contest. Our party must now unite behind the new leader and Prime Minister, so we can get on with the job of delivering Brexit, whilst maintaining a strong United Kingdom.
Mr Mundell has been vocal in the past, not only about how disastrous leaving the EU would be for the country of which he is some sort of governor-general, but also quite clearly stating on Twitter on several occasions that he could not work with Boris Johnson and would not serve under him.
David Mundell, December 2018: “Given my views about Mr Johnson which are well known, [serving in his cabinet] would be extremely difficult. “Mr Johnson and I don’t agree on a whole range of issues and I don’t see myself being able to serve in that way.”
As usual with Mundell, however, it appears to be a load of p*ss and wind, as there is absolutely no mention of his resignation in Mundell’s tweets today. At least so far.
But Ross Thomson has been Mr Johnson’s campaign manager in Scotland, and Ross is nothing if not ambitious.
Maybe Fluffy won’t need to resign.
Adam Tomkins also chipped in with his twopenny worth of sycophancy. No priority for a sensible Brexit, never mind doing what the bulk of Scotland voted for and scrapping it. Oh no. The only thing the Tories seem to care about is maintaining their chance of a seat in the House of Lords

Adam Tomkins MSP
Congratulations to

 His job now is to safegaurd (sic) the Union from the three people who, in their different ways, would destroy it: Sturgeon, Corbyn and Farage.

Nicola had the good manners to congratulate him but went on to make it clear that she had priorities which, unlike the Tories’, included trying to protect Scotland from a catastrophic Brexit. Odd that!

Nicola Sturgeon

1. Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his election as leader of the Conservative Party. Despite our many differences, I will do all I can to develop a way of working with him that respects and protects Scotland’s views and interests.
2. However, it would be hypocritical not to be frank about the profound concerns I have at the prospect of his premiership. I am certain that the vast majority of people of Scotland would not have chosen to hand the keys of No 10 to someone with his views and track record.
3. Most immediately I, the Scottish government and the SNP

will work with others to do everything we can to block his plan for a no-deal Brexit – which would do catastrophic harm to Scotland.
4. And I will continue to advance the preparations to give Scotland the right to choose our own future through independence, rather than having a future that we don’t want imposed on us by Boris Johnson and the Tories. That is now more important than ever.
I suspect there will be much to say, some funny, and some tragic, over the next few weeks…  But let’s take a break now with a few words from someone who worked for him…

Laura Murray 

When I was 21 I worked for 2 years in the Mayor of London’s press office while the Mayor of London was Boris Johnson. He was incompetent, chaotic, lazy and genuinely seemed to not give a shit about anything at all. Possibly the worst type of person to be our Prime Minister.

38 thoughts on “SO, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED”

  1. Trump is so stupid he can’t spell. Not “He’ll be great” but “He’ll be grate”

    As for Mundell he’ll need to be dragged out of cabinet as an automatic 50% in salary follows. Our national bard described him to a tee despite dying centuries before Mundell was born

    “Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
    O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!
    Thou need na start awa sae hasty,
    Wi’ bickering brattle!
    I wad be laith to rin an’ chase thee,
    Wi’ murd’ring pattle!”

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  2. The circus rumbles on. Plenty of clowns, none of whom are remotely funny. When the gathering storm of this farrago reaches its crescendo, surely, surely, it must dawn on at least some of those who voted No in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum, that the only way out of this madness is to become an independent nation once again. If we don’t, we deserve all we get, and it won’t be pretty.

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    1. Hmm…

      There are arseholes to the right of us, arseholes to the left of us, and here I am, right in the middle with you.

      I am kind of persuaded that we will win.

      The UK is a broken idea.

      Quite how we escape is uncertain, that we will escape is almost certain.

      I am convinced by Wee Ginger Dug:

      “Scottish Independence isn’t defined by nationalist hatred.

      It is defined by escaping from it”

      That idea, that concept has been floating around in what passes for my brain ever since I read it.

      It is electrifying.

      I would welcome your views.

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      1. I’m not convinced with this view that everyone is a Scot just because they they live in Scotland .
        Across the world people have their nationality defined .
        There are no exceptions
        Well , there is one, Scotland , yes that’s right Scotland will let you vote on whether or not Scotland should control its own affairs or continue to be controlled by England the country we share a parliament with where England have ten votes for every one Scotland has.

        The idea that you are french just because you live in France or a USA citizen just because you live in USA is just so untrue I cannot believe that so many people in Scotland have been taken in by that idea.
        Weegingerdug has.

        People who come from other countries to live in UK have to live here for five years before they can apply to be british .

        This idea you can be whatever nationality you want to be just by moving to a country is nonsense, it’s nonsense within uk, you don’t become Irish just because you happen to be living in Ireland and then hop on a ferry and become English when you move to England and change again to welsh when you go live in wales but hey, Scotland is being told it’s what happens here when you come to live in Scotland , so many people are saying yes you are a Scot if you live here and even if you have never been here before and have only just arrived you can vote to decide the future of Scotland as a country, yes that’s right , you might only be here a few weeks or months and leave never to return or you might have allegiance to the country Scotland wants to leave but yes we will happily call you a Scot and allow you to vote so you can keep Scotland tied to your own country England.

        At the very least the UK rules should be applied
        If people coming to live in uk from abroad have to live here for five years before they get to become a British citizen then people coming to live in Scotland should have to live here for five years before we call them a Scot and let them vote in a Scottish independence referendum.
        England applied this rule in the brexit referendum and of course Scotland with one vote to England’s ten had no say as usual.

        My personal view is that it is undemocratic and unjust to allow someone who has abused you and been unjust and unfair with you ,to have a vote on whether they should be allowed to continue that abuse .
        It is my view that English people should not have a vote in a Scottish independence referendum even if they are currently living in Scotland.
        I could be persuaded to allow those who have lived in Scotland 5 yrs or more to have a vote applying England’s nationality rules to English,people,living in Scotland.

        English people born in Scotland and those with a parent who is Scottish should be allowed a vote on Scottish independence if they are living in Scotland because the current British rules about nationality would allow them to choose to be English or Scottish if they were applied.


        1. Wow! Your entire post is about The English. You say:

          “It is my view that English people should not have a vote in a Scottish independence referendum even if they are currently living in Scotland.”

          What about other EU citizens, or even folk outwith that commonwealth?

          Should folk from, say, the USA, have to meet your criteria?

          It seems to me that we have the electorate we have. I doubt, very much, that, say, EU citizens here will be conned next time around.

          Scotland, at least in my hopes and dreams, will be a welcoming country.


  3. But but but, still we do not see the rush of voiced concern from those who voted NO in 2014.
    The NO voters have always been a quiet lot , never marching never carrying banners or having posters up in their window they want to remain secret , most of them don’t want people to know who they are their NO vote was largely unknown to their neighbours and that’s the way they like it.
    They relied on the BBC and the newspapers to shout for their side and boy they were not disappointed.
    I don’t see that changing , not until the effects of brexit kick in and the effects of Boris diminishing Scotland further within this UK but even that will not change them until it affects them personally, once their income is affected and jobs are lost then you will hear about their regret.
    What a sad bunch of souls they are that they will support another country controlling their country just because they think keeping things the same will not affect them personally.
    But things will not stay the same once brexit and Boris start munching on Scotland.

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    1. Maybe some of those who voted NO in 2014 are glad to be leaving the EU, and maybe even hoping for the departure to be as painful as possible, becasue after all, the war, the blitz and all that didn;t break their spirit.

      Whjat mystifies me is that Boris, possibly one of the most divisive people inb politics, is bragging that he can unite the country.

      But a string of ministers have resigned becasue they can’t work with him.

      He can’t even unite the cabinet.

      Never mind the Tory party; never mind England. Never mind the UK.


  4. Terry callachan,

    Thanks for your response.

    May I respond to you this way? It is unconventional, but hey! this is Munguins Republic.

    You say:

    “What a sad bunch of souls they are that they will support another country controlling their country just because they think keeping things the same will not affect them personally.
    But things will not stay the same once brexit and Boris start munching on Scotland.”

    I think you and I agree on that.

    Have you looked at recent opinion polls? The tipping point, minus a campaign, is more or less there.

    We have to persuade a minority of ‘no’ voters to change their allegiance. The stubborn fools that will always vote ‘no’ are untouchable in their commitment. And sometimes appear to be a force to be reckoned with. But, they are a tiny minority of ‘no’ voters. A lot of them are persuadable.

    So Terry, go at it and stop being negative.


  5. How long will he last as PM? Tiniest majority about to get even smaller, mutually incompatible policy pledges, divided parliamentary party, inability to build bridges, lack of attention to detail. Should last just a few months. Oh, I just remembered that Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the opposition.

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    1. There, of course, is the problem… and indeed, has been a great big part of the problem all along. If only Labour had had a half way electable leader…

      So although a lot of his own MPs will want rid of him, how will they do it? Their elderly members want him,

      If they force an election there is little chance of Corbyn winning.

      The Liberal Dems will pick up a few seats, I’ve no doubt. The Brexit party will too. SNP probably.

      DUP will probably lose a couple given that they have supported something their country voted against.

      Wish I could work out where that would leave us.



      1. Corbyn does seem to be toast. A lot has happened since Glastonbury sang “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn”.

        Fanatics have over Labour and Tory. They’ve made sure they’re led by fanatics and fantasist. Brexit Party are founded on fanaticism and some other words beginning with f.

        Anything could happen but it won’t take us back to rational decision-making.

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        1. I read that the grass-roots support for him has slumped. Of course, a lot of that support came from young people with futures to think about. Futures that will likely be less rosie outside of the EU.

          The Brexit Party have no policies, no structure, no nothing. As Joanna Cherry made very clear to one of their number today on tv

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        2. |The Tories have just given us what can only be described as a joke of a prime minister based on the voted of a very small number of mainly affluent, mainly elderly, mainly southern English people, utterly unrepresentative of the population.

          (OK I accept that we don’t vote for a prime minister in the UK. The constituency votes for him/her… but we or some of us, at least, are perhaps influenced in other constituencies, by the likelihood of a May/Cameron/Blair/Major, led government.)

          Rational thinking? I’ve forgotten what that is.

          Incidentally, there are rumours that Mundell is to be ditched in favour of …wait for it…. Ross Thomson.


  6. Congratulations to Boris from Trumpy:

    Ivanka sent congratulations on becoming Prime Minister of the United KINGSTON:
    (Spelling later revised)

    Trump declares that Boris and Nigel will do tremendous things together, and declares that Boris is “Britain’s Trump,” where he says people like him.

    Trump: “They like me over there. That’s what they wanted. That’s what they need.”

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    1. Ah yes. this old Kingston thing… how good of Ivanka to remind us.

      And Trumpy reminding us how much we like him… Lest we should ever have forgotten.

      Truth is, Donny, it’s not what we wanted. It’s what 66% of a very small group of mainly elderly, mainly affluent, mainly southern Englanders wantrd.

      The rest of us just have to suck it up.

      And get ready to eat leaves.

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  7. BoJo as PM will have ministers who will have to enact the lies he has told in order to become PM.
    I predict a lot of sacking and blame shifting when it becomes clear to England’s red necks that he did lie.
    It wisnae me.

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    1. I’m looking forward to hearing what his cabinet will be. Rumour has it Patel will have a high level job. She who was sacked for lying to the prime minister about her activities in Israel.

      A cabinet of clowns, I suspect.


  8. trispw,

    Maybe, just maybe this will do two things:

    Firstly it will push the independence vote up, well above 60%

    Secondly it will lead to the destruction of the UK.

    How neat would that be?

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  9. The rats are deserting (Ratcliffe, Dyson). Sheet lightning swathes the country. Fear and terror stalk the land. Boris Johnson is Prime Minister.

    Boris Johnson is Prime Minister.

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