Just for a Laugh

Der Spiegel, Germany, July 13.
Caglecartoons.com, The Netherlands, July 15.
 POLITICO.com, U.S., July 15.
Omaha World-Herald, U.S., July 16.

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Thanks to BJSAlba.


32 thoughts on “Just for a Laugh”

  1. Excellent selection, Tris! Thanks due to BJSAlba too, I see.

    I particularly liked the one with Uncle Sam lost in a maze of everything Trump is. They (=unspecified group of people with the necessary powers) really must bring him down by any means possible but not criminal.

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    1. Ah, that would involve the Democrats working as a team, Ed. Danny once compared working with them to trying to herd cats!

      Unlikely to happen.

      The best hope is getting a good prospect for Democrat for next year’s election and beating him.

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      1. The race of the Democratic nomination is in full swing now. The second televised Dem “debate” is coming up. It will take place on two consecutive nights, since you can’t reasonably get TWENTY “top” candidates onstage at one time. (A few of the declared candidates didn’t make the cut that winnowed the field down to 20…..LOL.)
        It’s another 15 months to the general election, and apart from that tiresome prospect, there’s the sad recollection that the Democrats won the national popular vote in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections, but only won the election 4 times. So stay tuned……….;-)

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  2. I’ve just had another laugh, many more expected this week, the tories, the lib-dems, when I saw a headline in the Scotsman. “Gordon Brown may be the leader to keep Scotland in the union”. The best of luck with that.

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    1. It may have escaped the Hootsman’ attention (now that they are down to two blokes and a cat) that Gordon Brown isn’t actually a leader any more (if he ever really was!).


  3. Best one for me is the broken cabinet, joiners required on the grip I suppose, 714 certificates not required.
    India sends a rocket to the moon to land a package at a pole.
    If it was the Empire in charge it wouldn’t have happened. Now they’re independent they can do their own thing, pity it’s not looking after their poor people but lessons learnt from the colonial masters are hard to forget.
    Wonder if oris will start the work on building a rocket for englandlanders to put their butchers rag on the moon, don’t expect so, he’s busy buying up the old NASA knitted together computer to solve the Irish border problem for him. Pity he’ll need the heat shield as well to stop any trouble.

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    1. Yes, racism in the Trump family spans generations. And much later, it wasn’t just about the racial housing discrimination that was charged against Trump’s real estate company by the federal Department of Justice in the 1970’s.

      When Obama was elected president, the right wing Republicans lost their minds. Their visceral hatred for him knew no bounds, as they never admitted exactly WHY they hated the dark skinned man so much more than other recent Democratic presidents. But Donald Trump knew EXACTLY why, and he saw it as his ticket to the White House. Trump’s emergence into presidential politics was famously fueled by his demand to see the birth certificate of a man who by implication is not one of US, and therefore surely not a legitimately elected president. He milked the birther movement for all it was worth, and the right wing crazies lapped it up. It was the forerunner of his tirades against Mexicans, Muslims, and the dark skinned women who have been elected to Congress and should go back to where they came from. (Whatever in the world that’s supposed to mean.)

      But he was thinking about the White House as early as the 1980’s, and his self-serving racism was never more despicably in evidence than in the public hysteria he personally whipped up 30 years ago in New York City. He took out full page ads in the papers (including the NY Times,) demanding the death penalty for five (wrongfully accused) black teenagers who became known as the Central Park Five. Even before they were tried, Trump called them “rapists, thugs, killers, wild criminals, muggers, murderers, and crazed misfits.”

      A piece published in the Guardian in 2016, when he formally started his run for the presidency, said “For many who have studied Trump’s rise to prominence, the Central Park case provided an early glimpse into how his racially charged views entered his political and tactical mindset.”



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      1. I was in New York at the time of the Central Park Five – and it’s one of the reasons I was so appalled when he became the Republican candidate. Everyone in New York knew he was a flim-flam artist at best, and a deeply despicable human being at worst.

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              1. Oh yes, I’ve seen some of the times he’s actually phoned in to them, and then they can’t get him off the line, because, much though he loves FOX, he loves the sound of his own voice more.

                And THAT is his reality.

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    2. The 1927 march where Fred Trump was arrested was typical for the powerful “Second Klan” which was founded in Georgia in 1915……fully 50 years after the post-Civil War “First Klan” had died out in the South after Reconstruction. The Second Klan expanded its program beyond targeting blacks, to include patriotic hatred for Catholics, Jews and foreigners. It patterned itself after the landmark D.W. Griffith film “Birth of a Nation,” which depicted the KKK as heroes. The white robe and hood of the Second Klan came from the movie. A cross was burned at its founding on the top of Stone Mountain outside Atlanta. President Woodrow Wilson is remembered for his liberal Democratic politics, his PhD, and his tenure as President of Princeton University; but he was a racist southerner from Virginia who showed the film in the White House and praised its historical accuracy. Princeton is still struggling with the problematic racist legacy of Woodrow Wilson, PhD.

      In 1925, 60,000 KKK members converged on Washington:

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      1. It’s hard to understand that kind of hatred in a redneck, but almost impossible to comprehend it in an intelligent and educated man, albeit that his PhD was in Politics!

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        1. Indeed! There have been calls to rename some things now named for Wilson at Princeton. Mostly rebuffed by the university, but with promises of greater ethnic diversity at the university in in the future. Like maybe no more Klan sympathizers as university presidents?…..LOL.

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          1. LOL.

            Well, I can see that an organisation like Princeton wouldn’t be keep on getting rid of stuff from its history, and you know, you can’t rewrite what happened.

            Much more sensible to make strides to repair damage … and increase diversity!

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            1. A little more about the the big flap over the Wilson heritage at Princeton if interested.
              A principal demand was that his name be removed from the prestigious “Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.” The Princeton Board of Trustees debated the matter and decided that the famous name would stay. It said the university “needs to be honest and forthcoming about its history. This requires transparency in recognizing Wilson’s failings and shortcomings as well as the visions and achievements that led to the naming of the school and the college in the first place.”

              The editorial board of the NY Times even took a stand. This is PRINCETON after all….LOL.


              Wilson was a clergyman, before he was a professor, before he was a university president, before he was Governor of New Jersey and then President of the USA. A racist for sure, but The Reverend Doctor Wilson was a complicated man with a complicated legacy.


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  4. We all have some kind of skeleton in the cupboard.
    Usually the media would bring it out but but but, reasons.
    Did Jo Brand get the leadership of the LibDems or was it some other comedy act?
    Lots of votes to be counted, takes a long time.

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          1. Jeremy Hunt
            4 a campaign well (link: http://fought.You) fought.You’ll be a great PM for our country at this critical moment!Throughout campaign you showed optimism,energy & unbounded confidence in our wonderful country & we need that.All best wishes from the entrepreneur 🙂


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  5. I like Bojo’s cartoon hair.
    The weird hair even makes it possible to recognize cartoon Trump under a KKK hood. 😉 (Although a floppy red tie would have been a nice additional touch to the KKK uniform.)

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