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  1. A good point you’ve raised. But don’t overlook slavery. They – the US, including when ‘we’ ran the place, wanted them then as did the British homeland, sadly even in your Scotland (who I support re – escaping this stupid UK ‘alliance’) as I discovered the other day. The North Atlantic triangle served ‘us’ Brits well…not…we nicked the slaves from East Africa; sent them to the US and the ships came back here to help out the Industrial Revolution with cotton for the mills; tobacco for fags etc. etc. The perfect commercial triangle. Same evil but in reverse ~ George

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  2. Hopefully, this will scrape away a few more of his famous ‘base’. I sincerely hope that Ilhan Omar in particular is getting adequate security, for some of his base are as mad as frogs.

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      1. Yeah, and if my English-based relatives are anything to go by, D.M, D.E, readers to a man, and woman, they are getting more extreme by the day. “Get them all out” is their cure all answer to their country, England’s, ills. By “them” they mean people they describe as “immigrants”, usually non-whites, although that can be extended to eastern Europeans whom they describe as “criminals.
        And to mention Scottish Independence just brings on a torrent of either abuse, or sympathy. I mean, how can we survive without the largesse that Westminster confers on us. Poor souls, if it wasn’t for the good people of England, we would never survive.
        I used to dismiss their opinions as harmless, but looking at the list of countries named by ed, it seems that more and more are being dragged into a cesspit of right-wing extremism, of which I want no part of.
        Let’s get out next year before it’s too late.

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  3. And this is why space colonies are important.

    Sooner or later, we’re going to have a repeat of the last big war (with the sides changed around some), but this time, we’ve got enough nukes to wipe out our species.

    Also, remember which is the only country who’s used nukes in anger? I’d run for the hills if I thought it would do any good!

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  4. Unfortunately, without knowing the detail, it seem to have spread here, with a passenger on a Borders railway train to Galashiels apparently being told to “go home where you belong”, or words to that effect.

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    1. TV news programs last night were replaying the incident while running an on-screen digital clock to show how long it took him to continue his speech. It was a long time. But he’s a con artist who has always made up a new reality when it suits him. He’s never really gotten accustomed to the intense media scrutiny of POTUS…where everything he says is recorded from a half dozen angles and timed with a stop watch. 😉

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      1. The question I ask myself when he stirs up some new scandal is to wonder what he’s distracting us from. A great deal of it is variations on “Oh look! A squirrel!” and “Oh look at the nice new shiny thing!”.

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        1. Ed…..You’re always right to wonder what he’s trying to divert attention from when he stirs up something that riles up the right wing crazies. Anytime he’s in a fight with somebody about something, he obviously figures it’s a political plus for him.

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          1. Similarly, when BoJo waved a kipper around on the Isle of Man just the other day and said that the EU required a plastic ice pack to be used when shipping the things individually to the UK (mail order kippers – who knew), he was lying – it’s a Brit regulation. Second, the Isle of Man is technically not in the EU, as I understand it. So – a stunt aimed at those who live in the low-information – or rather, the low-truth – environment created by the Great British Meeja Machine.

            The kipper-waving was, methinks, a distraction from the paucity of his policies, not to mention the sheer asininity of the ones he does have – proroguing parliament so it can’t vote against crashing out of the EU on 31 October, for example, if he has to, and letting the Irish backstop and Good Friday Agreement and everything else go hang in violation of international law, renegotiating this, that and the other when the EU has already said No Bloody Way in all EU languages.

            When I first heard the story, I thought he was talking about UKIPpers, and was somewhat flummoxed as a result, but that’s just me. Sensible people were no doubt immediately aware that the story on the national news was about kippers, not followers of Farage or something, except that’s now the Brexit Party or something.

            One of the commonalities between Trump and BoJo is the lengths of their ties – kipper ties? – probably because men can waggle their ties at their opponents without necessarily igniting a social scandal.

            Pass the brain bleach, please.

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            1. LOL Ed……I must check into that Kippers issue. I can imagine the possible confusion with UKIPpers. Sounds like there’s the making of great cooperation between Donald and Boris. You’ll recall that Trumpy made a considerable diplomatic faux pas during his Irish visit when he mentioned a wall in connection with Northern Island. So perhaps it’s best not to ask him to mediate the Irish border issue, although he claims to have told Theresa May how to handle the Brexit matter and she didn’t follow his advice. 😉

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                1. I think that’s a bit of obfuscation, actually, K: betcha the UK postal or whatever regulation predates the EU one, because, as the article points out, you don’t want your premium kippers going orff in the post (and the Royal Mail wouldn’t be too keen on it either, I should imagine). it’s also true that EU regulations aren’t legislation under national law until national legislators put them there… the UK has a track record of importing EU rules and regs into domestic law in the most tediously onerous and asinine way possible, and then bitching about them for ever after. Sort of a passive-aggressive approach.

                  Anyway, BoJo has a track record from his time as Times (?) correspondent in Brussels – the bendy banana thing? He wasn’t wrong; he simply made it up. He got fired from the Times for making things up, if I recall correctly! So he’ll have been lying about this probably non-existent, unidentified fish smoker from the Isle of Man and inventing a red herring to rile up his base.

                  Whichever way you look at it, the man’s a menace. Nobody – nobody – who has been a member of the Bullingdon Club should ever be allowed within 10 miles of a lever of power.

                  Now, an old favourite of mine: BoJo, a nasty piece of work. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/video/2013/mar/24/boris-johnson-accused-nasty-video.

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                  1. It was the Telegraph in the old days when it was a proper newspaper. He was isacked, not that it worried him.

                    Johnson secured employment on the leader-writing desk of The Daily Telegraph, having known its editor, Max Hastings, through his Oxford University presidency.[83] His articles were designed to appeal to the newspaper’s conservative, middle-class, middle-aged “Middle England” readership,[84] and were known for their distinctive literary style, replete with old-fashioned words and phrases, and for regularly referring to the readership as “my friends”.[85] In early 1989, Johnson was appointed to the newspaper’s Brussels bureau to report on the European Commission,[86] remaining in the post until 1994.[87] A strong critic of Commission President Jacques Delors, he established himself as one of the city’s few Eurosceptic journalists.[88] Many of his fellow journalists there were critical of his articles, opining that they often contained untruths designed to discredit the Commission;[89] Chris Patten later stated that, at that time, Johnson was “one of the greatest exponents of fake journalism”.[87]



                    1. Seems about right to me. I’m lowering my game when it comes to referencing stuff properly, it seems… So much of the anti-EU rhetoric is faux outrage based on faux journalism, as the whole sorry Leave campaign was.

                      Munguinites will be gobsmacked to learn that I think Scotland should unhitch itself from the sinking British ship of State.

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            2. Yep, I’d add that not only is the Isle of Man not in the EU, it is also not in the UK.

              It’s a crown colony. totally self governing.

              It has to comply with British standards when exporting to Britain.

              The only way that the IoM will be able to drop these standards, is if BoJo, when PM, passes a bill to make it legal to wrap the fish in used newspaper.

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  5. You might think that Trump is coming up for re-election and appealing to his red neck supporter base.
    A bit like England’s Bojo,or is that the other way round?
    These sort of people are only fanatical about themselves and will say anything to further their own interests,so perhaps not so much fascists as more sociopaths.
    Still,some people vote for them,strange people.

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      1. Narcissists. Trump and BoJo. Repellent characters. Legal principle: you can’t raise an insanity defence based on a personality disorder. Kind of a pity, really – not that I’m generally in favour of incarceration, not at all, but if you’ve ever suffered at the hands of someone with a personality disorder…

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  6. Tris……..A few words from America. 😉
    This racist incident is outrageous and disgusting, but nobody DOES “outrageous and disgusting” racism better than Trump and the fanatical right wing Republicans…..often to very good partisan political effect for the G.O.P. This could be thought of as a skirmish in a political war that has been going on since the new Democratic House of Representatives was convened last January. Since no Democrat has yet been chosen to lead the party into the next presidential election (and won’t be until the middle of next year), Trump and the Republicans have identified their enemies and conducted personal attacks when and where they can find them. And who are better targets for the white men of the G.O.P. than the four dark skinned women who are now informally called “The Squad”. They are the darlings of the left wing CBC (Congressional Black Caucus), and are at war with Nancy Pelosi and the leadership of the moderate mainstream Democratic House Caucus. Democrats always fight each other better than they fight Republicans.

    Consumers of right wing media know the names of these four women much better than the average Democratic voter outside of their congressional districts does. There’s a significant political backstory. Representative Omar is no stranger to ethnic slurs herself, and has a history of shooting her mouth off with anti-Jewish insults. She embarrassed Pelosi and the party with one such incident last February, which led to a very public and very embarrassing apology.


    More recently, The Group refused to support a funding bill backed by Pelosi and the mainstream caucus to provide money to alleviate the conditions in the immigration detention centers on the Mexican border. The left wing Democrats wanted a stronger bill. Once again, the opposition to the party leadership’s $4.6 Billion Border Aid package was a huge embarrassment for Pelosi, and the intra-party fight burst into the open in a New York Times story on July 9.

    Finally, Donald Trump stepped into the melee as only he can do it. It would be ironic if his racist behavior had the effect of forcing some sort of detente in the struggle between the lefties and the moderates of the Democratic party.

    Will Rogers once said “I don’t belong to any organized political party. I’m a Democrat!”


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      1. Thanks for that too Danny.

        I notice they left out Britain, where the hard right made massive gains in the EU elections. (This may or may not be indicative of much, given that it was for elections with absolutely nothing hanging on them as the elected representatives will be looking for work by November… and we should note that Scotland did not vote the same way as the UK.)

        The far right are scarily strong in some countries, even sensible ones.

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        1. Tris…….I guess the BBC didn’t want to include Britain in an article about Europe. Far right strength even in some Nordic countries which are usually thought of as being sensible. 😉

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      2. One common thread linking them all is aid and comfort from the Putin regime, which has a geopolitical interest in weakening the West, the better to throw its weight around in Ukraine’s Donbass and Crimea, for example, and in making Europe safe for robber-baron, oligarchic crony capitalism.

        The 2016 social media campaign in the States to get Trump elected has continued in various forms in Europe in attempts to influence European elections, and also in the Brexit referendum, where the Leave campaign and various Tory party actors pretty definitely (to my mind) took dark / dirty money, likely from Russian sources. (Cf. the Farage / Assange / Trump nexus.) Funny how the investigations into electoral fraud by the Tories / Leave campaign have ended up with no criminal charges being brought, isn’t it? It’s as if the Establishment collectively said “Democracy? Meh.”

        The case of the Austrian Freedom Party is a good example of the kind of thing I mean: they were in the governing coalition until video surfaced of them organizing with Russian interests / oligarchs to award their Russian companies huge Austrian State contracts, with nice little sweeteners for themselves along the way.

        Granted that treason is not a thing people can commit any more except during wartime, I’d still describe the behaviour of those right-wing parties, including Trump and his supporters and enablers in the US legislature, as treasonous. The same goes for Farage in the UK, naturally enough. The words of the good Dr. Johnson regarding (faux) patriotism and scoundrels come to mind, and describe both Farage and the bad Boris Johnson to a T.

        And no, I don’t come up with conspiracy theories lightly or just off the top of my tinfoil-hatted head. I have to think about them first.

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        1. P.S. Scottish nationalism / the Scottish pro-independence movement are civic nationalist phenomena, i.e., inclusive – shared values, not blood-and-soil. In other words, being Scottish is a state of mind, not an accident of birth.

          Just thought I’d put that out there again, in case any non-Munguinites are reading the blog for Nefarious Purposes.

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        2. LOL.

          I can’t really disagree with any of that, Ed.

          It still seems incredible to me that the money that was donated anonymously to NI, because of their terrorism laws and then used to pay for the campaign in England, Wales and Scotland, is considered o be legal.

          I watched the Northern Ireland documentary at the time, and thought… OK, it won’t be long before these people are inside.

          But no… Nothing.

          I’m not into conspiracy theories much either.


      1. Illy……Anti-Israel I would say, but in the overheated American media arena of partisan political outrage, that might often be considered a distinction without a difference. “Anti-Semitic” was the term bandied about. To understand why American politicians are so sensitive about Israel….and Jews, it involves the fact that there are more Jews in New York City for example than Tel Aviv and Jerusalem combined, and more Jews in Los Angeles than Tel Aviv. There are a few more Jews in Israel than in the USA….but only by a very tiny margin. Jews vote in US elections in very large numbers, and by comparison, there’s not much of a political penalty to be paid in the USA for insulting Muslims.

        The controversy involved a Tweet Representative Omar made that suggested that American politicians are bought by money from pro-Israel lobbying groups. It created a political firestorm in both parties and ultimately led to a formal resolution of the House of Representatives that condemns “anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism and other forms of bigotry” in an effort to tamp down the uproar her Tweet had caused.

        Sorry the Washington Post article was behind the paywall. Their paywall is usually pretty porous, and here in the States you can usually open a Post article by using “Igcognito” or “Private” browsing. But maybe that won’t work in the UK or Europe.

        Here’s the first couple of paragraphs from the Post article and a couple of other links that might work and could be scanned:

        Washington Post:
        “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democratic leadership on Monday condemned Rep. Ilhan Omar for suggesting that Israel’s allies in American politics were motivated by money rather than principle, an extraordinary rebuke of a House freshman in the vanguard of the party’s left flank.”

        “The Minnesota congresswoman’s Sunday evening tweet — “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” a reference to $100 bills — drew immediate denunciations from Republicans and fellow Democrats, especially Jewish members of Congress. Within hours, Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the leadership issued a joint statement calling Omar’s “use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters” deeply offensive and insisted on an apology.”




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        1. PS: Trumpy’s Tweets this morning showed that he was very annoyed about the welcome Rep. Omar received when she arrived back home last night at the Minneapolis airport. He says she was met by a “tiny staged crowd.”
          He declared that actually Minnesota “can’t stand her and her hatred of our Country, and they appreciate all that I have done for them.”


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        2. “that might often be considered a distinction without a difference.”

          That’s a load of bullshit.

          Israel is a nuclear-armed bull in a china shop, financially supported by “The West”, and has no moral case to continue invading Palestine. I don’t see how anyone could make a case that it’s not a crusader state, or conducting a war for territorial gain.

          “The controversy involved a Tweet Representative Omar made that suggested that American politicians are bought by money from pro-Israel lobbying groups.”

          So an anti-Israel comment, which isn’t racist at all.

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          1. Illy……I wasn’t stating that as a fact. I meant that it might well be construed that way by American politicians for their own political advantage, given the large number of pro-Israeli Jewish voters in the USA.

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    1. Thanks for the heads up on that, Danny.

      Trump had tweeted that Omar had made anti-Jewish tweets, but, of course, being as it was Trump, I kinda immediately dismissed it as a lie.

      Seems that he actually managed to tell the truth this time.

      The extremes on both sides are, of course, as bad as one-another.

      And rather like in England at the moment where, if ever an official opposition party were needed to deal with Brexit as a force, their official opposition is at war with itself, it seems the Democrats are letting down America by squabbling when what they should be doing is working together getting rid of this lunatic laughing stock of a clown president.

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      1. Tris…….Indeed! As you know, the Democrats can’t even agree on whether Trump should be impeached. Of course he deserves it, but Nancy is determined that it would be bad politics and wouldn’t remove him from office anyway. So she’ll have none of it. 🙂

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      2. “Seems that he actually managed to tell the truth this time.”

        Actually, your first response was correct.

        Anti-Israel is not the same as anti-Jewish.

        Israel just likes to pretend that it is, because it means that pointing out that they’re a general menace to peace in the world can then be branded as “they’re just being racist nazis”.

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        1. Tris……Well said! I doubt that either side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has totally clean hands. I’m also not persuaded that whatever opinion one has about the matter alters the objective fact that Representative Omar shoots her mouth off pretty regularly in a way that many people find offensive…..including the leadership of her own party. 🙂

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          1. No-one who hasn’t lost the war yet ever has totally clean hands. Actually, no country in the world has totally clean hands. Where’s that quote about conflating different levels of uncertainty?

            Point remains that Israel are the aggressors here. I thought wars of conquest were banned by the UN or something?

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