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Thanks to John for sending me these two cuttings from Private Eye.

jokeroyas john

joke roal2

It makes you laugh when you think just how skint so many people in her majesty’s realm actually are and how they struggle to eat, heat and keep themselves alive.

Of course, if Charles (Brian in PI) used transport the way other people do, it probably wouldn’t make THAT much difference you might argue. After all his 10 day trip to the Caribbean, at nearly half a million for transport alone, wouldn’t have paid for the salaries of THAT many doctors or nurses, would it?


But it might have made a little difference to someone being looked after just a little bit better.

Why do we put us with this farce?

52 thoughts on “ROYAL COSTS”

  1. Tris
    I donโ€™t even begin to hide my disgust at this family. I absolutely hate it when they visit Dundee and you see elected reps either willingly or grudgingly licking their arse, but itโ€™s more willingly. I have to endure a few visits from them to my place of work and the security costs must be eye watering and for what, the last time the head
    of the clan was in Dundee about 50 people turned up. They only exist because of the English and to keep the rest of us down. Disgusting family at best and they could not give a shit about the people unless they need a photo op or a lovely story in the grovelling sycophantic media.


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      1. Tris
        Been asked to go to a couple of them a few years ago, again through work, but refused point blank. There is no way I will ever willingly do anything that supports that undemocratic and lets be honest, sick, set up.

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        1. Tris…….The Jeffrey Epstein case is all the news here, with new allegations every day. He seems to have been involved with the rich and famous all over the world, and lots of big shots are going to be embarrassed. This certainly involves two presidents…….Clinton and Trump…….as well as countless others in the higher echelons of media, politics, and show business. And now Andy! Cool!

          Alex Acosta, the District Attorney (Prosecutor) who made the secret plea deal that got Epstein only a small slap on the wrist in Florida, was Trump’s Secretary of Labor. Acosta was forced to resign from the Cabinet. Imagine corruption so bad that he couldn’t meet the ethical standards of the Trump administration. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Now the feds in the Southern District of New York are going after Epstein in a big way for sex trafficking in underage girls and what not. Maybe Andrew will have to come over and testify. That should make the papers…..LOL.

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          1. Oh no… he’ll charge us for a plane of the queen’s flight to get there, and demand to be put up in the most luxurious accommodation.

            Maybe he could have Trump Tower?

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          2. Ermmm what do you think triggered the “special deal”?


            Allegedly there was video & I can remember some of what purported to be video of Airmiles Andy circulating indulging in what I believe would be called statutory rape in some USA states.

            Then again there’s a long long LONG history of sexual abuse/rape in boarding schools (called private in Scotland, but public in England, just to confuse you yanks ๐Ÿ˜› ). BoJo & his bullingdon buddies no doubt experienced the same.

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              1. No Tris, there were videos of under-16 year olds circulating on usenet. Problem (IIRC) is that some of those videos were in international waters.

                He got a deal for not incriminating Airmiles Andy IMHO. Nothing else.

                It’ll be amusing to watch but don’t expect truth or justice regardless who’s in power in Washington/London. That’d be stupidly naive.

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            1. Vestas…..While trying to salvage his job as Labor Secretary in Trump’s Cabinet, Alex Acosta (who in 2008 was the US Attorney for Southern Florida) said that the Florida State prosecutor was mishandling the Epstein case, and he (Acosta) stepped in to salvage what he could of the charges. But what really happened is that the FBI (the federal cops) was deep into investigating the charges on a federal level, and a 53 page federal indictment against Epstein had been prepared. But then Acosta had an unusual secret meeting with Epstein and his lawyers and ended up handing him a no-prosecution plea deal. Epstein went off to Palm Beach County Jail (NOT the Florida State Prison) for only 13 months……from which he was released each day as long as he came back to sleep there at night. And importantly, the no-prosecution deal stopped the ongoing FBI investigation in its tracks, while the 53 page federal indictment that named the names of the rich and famous was sealed. So maybe it was all about hushing it up to protect the important people involved.

              Thanks to news reporters in Florida and Epstein victims who sought civil penalties and identified possible illegalities in the plea deal, this has continued to be an issue in the eleven years that have elapsed. Now federal prosecutors of the Southern District of New York have arrested Epstein and brought charges about underage sex trafficking, nude photos of young girls, etc, which are likely to land him in prison for life. And of course the old sealed court documents will be public record, and lots of high-profile people are going to be embarrassed….or worse. Acosta……the US prosecutor who handed Epstein the sweetheart deal…….had to resign from Trump’s Cabinet.

              The New York Times reported on the indictment last week. Prince Andrew has been mentioned as being in Epstein’s circle of friends. There was an article in the Guardian a few years ago as it was still being talked about and reported on.


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    1. Sophie Countess of Wessex and Forfar, aka Princess Edward as she’s married to Eddie, Lizzie’s youngest.

      A fount of useless knowledge me…

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        1. There have been rumours of theatricalness (sic), that said he’s the only one of Betty’s kids not to have been divorced so it must work regardless of inclination. Twenty years of marriage and a fair few years dating.

          Alan Turing, the new face of the BoE ยฃ50 was engaged to a fellow Bletchley bod but broke it off saying he was homosexual (his words). She replied “I don’t care” he said “but I do”.

          If only he had had a beard then his suicide after chemical castration could surely have been avoided.

          So I guess what I’m saying is if it suits both parties then good luck to them.

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    2. Well, the queen is in the middle. That could be Annie she’s speaking to. And Kate Party-Plan is on the right. I have no idea who the one on the left is. Presumably another member of the family… Sophie, possibly?


  2. English culture being imposed on Scotland,where the Sovereign is sovereign and the elite neither believe in public service nor public services.
    In their view,the only money worth spending is on themselves and their ilk.
    To paraphrase Scotland’s next PM f**** the plebs or as we used to say back in the day,
    Up the workers.
    So much to look forward to,not.

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  3. Those of mature years could use a Senior Citizen’s railcard, the rest a family railcard. Also they could have gone by bus using their bus pass. Plenty ways of reducing the costs.

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    1. They must have differently shaped posteriors, as they seem incapable of fitting into the sort of seats that the rest of us manage to travel in.


  4. That’s an awful picture!
    Do the royals have the slightest regard for public relations? Why would William let himself be transported in such a manner knowing the public relations impact of the photograph? And for that matter, what is the bizarre mindset of people in some poor African country who would do it anyway? Would the royals or their handlers recognize a public relations catastrophe if they saw it? Maybe they figure that a people which tolerates a monarchy with all its bizarre anachronistic trappings deserve exactly what they get. The fundamental problem is surely not the royal family of opportunistic parasites, but the people who allow the abomination of the monarchy to continue.

    Even the Popes (who have more mindless adoring sycophantic followers than any prince of the House of Windsor) don’t do that anymore. John Paul retired the Sedia Gestatoria in 1978.

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    1. PS: There was an article in The Telegraph about this. It happened several years ago in a place called Tuvalu, the fourth smallest country in the world, where they have some sort of fetish about carrying visitors around on their shoulders. They apparently lost their minds when royalty arrived. So they’re stupid and I have no sympathy. Living on a tiny god-forsaken piece of rock out in the Pacific should not excuse you from having good sense. (The gushing account in the Telegraph seemed to indicate that it was a ton of fun.)

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      1. Ah, well, the Telegraph can be guaranteed to bow lower than most of the newspapers as the weirdo owners, twins of great age, have both got knighthoods from her majesty… presumably for putting Mrs Thatcher up in their hotel in her final years.

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          1. Largely speaking yes. I don;t remember ever seeing anything disparaging about them in the Telegraph.

            It used to be a good paper. Owned by arch Tory Lord Black. It was a Tory paper but it was by and large a fair reporter of events. It’s editorials were very biased, but its news was not.

            Then the Barclays bought it, when Black had a little trouble with the law.

            It went downhill from there. It’s now, I reckon, on a par with the Daily Mail.

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    2. I couldn’t agree more. It is in credible that William, a supposedly “new” or “modern” royal would allow himself to be carried like that.

      It makes him look like the anachronistic relic (is there really such a thing?) that he is (or isn’t if there is no such thing)!

      As you say, even Popes don;t do that crap any more.

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      1. It was indeed odd to see one of young “modern” royals agree to such silliness. He needs to brief his advance staff for royal visits about what he will and will not accept for local transportation. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        A member of a family whose purpose in life is to breed future heads of state is definitely both a relic and an anachronism….LOL.

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  5. Slightly o/t What is the fetish among those who name buildings for calling them ‘Queen Elizabeth’? After miscalling the Mary Barbour Hospital the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, we now have Mundell grovelling about his gratitude at being allowed to call the new UK government building after HM. It will have a nice ring to it if he gets his way and it becomes the new government building in Scotland after Westminster takes away the Scottish Parliament. Why else are they busy building government hubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow?
    Fight it on the streetstalls, the doorsteps, the bus stops, the workplace, the queue at the supermarket, and anywhere else you can think of. Young people needed – at my age I have a tendency to fall off doorsteps.

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    1. It’s kinda like they are ramming their union down our throats, using the queen to do it.

      Next they will be affixing union flags to everything.

      I’d not be surprised to see Muddle borrowing that manky shirt for the bloke that attends all our marches.

      I don;t think that ramming the queen down our throats will convert many to their cause, but I suppose if it’s all they have left, well, let them enjoy it!

      Anyway, the names of building can be changed. And I suspect that Lord Muddle of Fluffy will soon be forgotten as he sleeps away his dotage on the red benches. at ยฃ300 a day


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