41 thoughts on “OH, THE IRONY”

        1. I kinda agree with you – always – but swearing and lying are almost always seen as two sides of the same equation. I am not convinced that the lying muther is on the same page, far less equation,
          as her oathiness.

          Sometimes swearing is the only legitimate response to lies.

          Well, that’s what I think.

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            1. Oh, yeah. He had some fake passport scandal at one time, didn’t he.

              I wonder if Trump will give him asylum just to spite the UK…


  1. I hear there could be a vacancy…so why not just make him UK ambassador in Washington? It makes as much sense as anything else that’s happened in either country in the last couple of years.

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  2. “I hear there could be a vacancy…so why not just make him UK ambassador in Washington? It makes as much sense as anything else that’s happened in either country in the last couple of years.”

    In that capacity he will undoubtedly be able to point to the executions, etc, that the British State has done over the last few years? I. personally, recall being drama queened to death by the State on numerous occasions. Oh! Wait, Neither I nor our good chum Tom are dead yet. How odd is that?

    What a cluck!

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  3. Offer him a free one-way ticket to Israel, Afghanistan or an African state, he’s supposed to think his life is in danger here; so he should jump at the chance.

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  4. It just went up on media websites that the British ambassador has resigned.

    Trumpy’s personal war with the government of the UK was getting nasty. He expanded his comments about the “wacky” “very stupid” “pompous fool” of an ambassador by tweeting that he “told @theresa_may how to do that [Brexit] deal, but she went her own foolish way-was unable to get it done.”


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    1. LOL, Danny…

      He takes the huff that the Brits called him out for being a dick… and then calls the ambassador a wacky stupid and pompous!

      Clearly, if only he had been doing the negotiation, the EU would have rolled over.

      In fact May DID get a deal, but her party is so divided that she couldn’t get them to vote for it.

      I wonder on what planet the Commons would have got behind a Trump deal.

      Still, now we know what “taking back control” means. As I suspected all along, it means taking it away from these terrible Europeans and giving it to nice Mr Trump.

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      1. Yes, just imagine Trumpy working his political magic with the Commons to resolve the Brexit impasse….LOL.

        Looks like Boris threw the ambassador under the bus. Would Boris have leaked the documents to the Daily Mail? Seems like he’s sucking up to Trumpy these days.



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        1. Yes, I’m not sure that was the wisest move, but I assume he knows his audience better than I do.

          Hunt started off saying that the ambassodor’s opinion of the regime in DC was not shared by the government (so why employ him), then changed his tune.

          He of course, is FCS, so has to be a little more constrained than BoJo who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word.

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          1. Yes, it was in the news last night that Hunt had hit back at Trump the way he (Trump) understands. By Tweet!


            I see that Hunt says he is “outraged” by the leak. I wonder if leaks are less common in the UK government than in Washington, which pretty much runs on leaks to the press. The President always claims to be outraged about leaks of course (except those that the White House itself generates,) and then never actually succeeds in doing anything about it.


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            1. Crikey. Hunt has learned how to work Twitter? …well, there’s a thing for a thicky like him.

              Hunt changes his mind the way other people change their socks.

              There is a massive fuss going on in the UK about this, and they say that no stone will be left unturned in the search for the leaker, but no one much seems to be criticising the Daily Mail or that Oakenshott woman who is responsible for the printing of the story.

              It was, I’d say, irresponsible journalism at this particular time.

              I’m not quite sure what the backstory /motivation is here.

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              1. A bit off topic in this thread……but recently discussed here:

                I was gratified to see that the New York Times illustrated its discussion of Trumpy’s Fourth of July speech about George Washington capturing the airports with the same picture I used in my own posting on MNR. The Times added this photograph of George Washington who was spotted waiting for his checked baggage at La Guardia.

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                1. Ah that’s the problem. That was in the days before VIP waiting rooms when even the rich and famous had to mix with the hoi palloi in the duty free lounge and at the carousel.

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                  1. Yes, George Washington was a man of the people. 😉
                    I’m ashamed to say that I had entirely missed Trumpy’s description of Washington’s Continental Army moving on to Fort McHenry and a battle in the war of 1812, after taking the airports in 1776. (The rockets red glare and the flag still being there by the dawn’s early light stuff…..LOL.)

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