magic money tree
A magic money tree that doesn’t have Arlene’s name on it?


I have a feeling that this is the kind of behaviour that will only engender bad feeling with the EU. And that’s probably not what we are aiming at if we need the best possible deal.



Someone just pointed out that this is not the first time someone has done this.

Nazis in 1926 at the Reichstag.


44 thoughts on “LOONIES, THE LOT OF THEM”

  1. I think it was quite right for the Brexit Party members to do that – after all, they are the biggest group of backward arseholes in the European Parliament so it’s the appropriate stance for them. I wonder what the reaction from the delusional Brexiteers will be when the EU turns its back on us.

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    1. I see your point LOL.

      OK, they hate Europe and they disrespect it, but also, presumably they want the best deal for their little union, that the bigger union can give them. It just seems like futile gesture from little people.

      I’d never sing GSTQ, for example, but if I was at an even where they played it, I wouldn’t turn by back on those who were singing it, any more than I’d expect someone to turn their back when they played FoS!


  2. A cartoon showing all that money being ploughed into the agricultural sector, how apt.
    I imagine those that will benefit will Conservative party members, that small select band who are the only ones with a say on who the next PM is going to be.
    The tax and subsidy arrangements for this group are already very generous.
    This article, and the links within it, really only refer to England & Wales but I imagine that things aren’t significantly different here.


    1. Bloody hell, Jake.

      Better keep the money coming for them, huh?

      Lot of them are Tories, and members at that.

      I just wonder how much of any of this they will actually do, as opposed to promise when trying to win the tiny constituency of 125,000.

      Once they have to appeal to the country, it may be different.

      But we didn’t know about all these subsidies!


      1. “Jeremy Hunt vows £6bn war chest to help farmers and fishermen hit by no-deal Brexit”


        £6 billion…Hunt is quite clearly targeting support from the very small number of families that own the majority of the UK fishing quota as well

        Revealed: the millionaires hoarding UK fishing rights – Unearthed

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        1. I think someone has pointed out some facts to Hunt. He may be more popular in the country, but he is a long long way behind BoJo with the people who count in this election…ie the Tory Party members.

          He is become more strident in an attempt to win over the hard liners, who are terrified of another “Remoaner” taking the throne.


      1. Indeed.

        I remember his appointment as English Culture Sec. I thought then that he was over promoted becasue he seemed so vacant, but smarmy. He was then promoted to Health becasue of his “success” with the London Olympics; a success, which was somewhat dubious, given the mess that made of security and of the labour that they were bussing in from outside London and leaving to change under bridges. And of course, there was the point that Sebastian Coe did most of the real work.

        I couldn’t understand how he got promoted again by Maybot.

        Bottomley explains all of that.

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  3. Ach it’s only a game.
    The world cup is going somewhere else.
    1066 was a good year as well.
    Anyone for a tea cake on friday?

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  4. And I see the present Queen loonie is coming to visit us today to make sure that the U.K Government in Scotland is up to the task of ruling us once Boris has forced us out of the E.U with the now inevitable “No Deal” scenario.
    Make no mistake, if we don’t exit this madness at the first opportunity, we deserve all we get. And its not me I’m talking about. It’s future generations of Scots who will suffer if we don’t become an independent nation once again.

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    1. Alex,

      Somehow, along the way, I now have grandchildren.

      I’d dearly like my heritage to be an independent Scotland, not for me, but for them.

      My children will vote for independence, and I hope that we all get an early opportunity to give my grandchildren a decent future.

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  5. Aye Alex,
    This devolution thing isn’t working for the englandlanders, too much money being wasted on a Scottish Parliament when there’s the bestest mother of parliaments in london.
    The maybot will arrive with the queen’s aircraft, full security, Purple Airways, that means a half hour before the intended route time and after NO aircraft can fly in the route. Common folks will just have to be resticted because a VIP is coming to SHAFT you Scots.
    Devolution will be Reviewed, you don’t think it will be extended?
    The union and the tory party are falling apart, this is their last days, weeks, it mustn’t be months.
    Anyway it’s the maybot’s last trip as pm to visit lizzie the last at the summer house.
    Patience ALL, it will be over soon.
    TV licence sales are at an historic low and the EBC are paying their stars more, not directly but through the private companies the stars control, much like the bear’s tax avoidance scheme.

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    1. I wish I knew why some of these people in the BBC get the kind of salaries they do.

      If, as they say, it is competition, then it is time that the BBC made its own money by advertising, the same as everyone else does, or became a subscription channel, as public broadcasting is in the USA.


      1. Some of them have, frankly, global reach. The David Attenborough’s of this world.

        The BBC does both wonderful drama and wonderful documentaries. That would be the ‘Angels Share’ of the BBC.

        Their news is no better than Fox News. In that respect it is no more nor less than a government mouthpiece.

        Quite where does the BBC stand on Iran?

        We don’t know yet, because the government hasn’t told them what to think.

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          1. Alex,

            If your edge is where they stand on Scotland then you win.

            That, I find as disgusting as you do.

            It is, perhaps, worth watching who is in charge? What will we be told to believe over Iran that we haven’t already been lied about Iraq?

            It is a developing field of government propoganda.

            It might be worth recalling that it was the USA that walked away from the Paris Accord. No-one else did.

            Trump is a baby, crying in the wind.

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  6. The rush by Westminster to “review” devolution can only mean that their polling data is showing a surge for independence in Scotland.
    Why would the “union” with Scotland be more precious to them than that with the rest of Europe?
    We clearly have something they want very very badly and for sure it is not our votes.
    So,we can expect the usual carrot and stick approach where the carrot is dressed up as promises which they can renege on,and will,and the stick they will threaten us with regard to any sort of action independent of London approval.
    The appointment of England’s Tory party leader is just a side show but this “review” certainly isn’t.
    The 2014 vote is now coming home to roost in Scotland.
    We are about to get what we voted for…..no say.

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    1. It’s so transparent.

      They have refused to allow us to know the results of their polling. They have appointed a Tory lord to look into devolution.

      The thing is, that it would be hard to try to take away from Scotland anything that was granted under devolution. Given that, to be fair to Labour, Blair set out very clearly what Scotland could have and what it couldn’t and the will of the Scottish people was reflected in the win for devolution that happened over 20 years ago.

      What, I suppose, they could alter, are things that were granted under the Calman Commission’s findings.

      Whatever they do, it won;t be trusted becasue its a Tory lord that is in charge, and all I can imagine is that it will push us further down the road to independence.

      They are an incompetent lot!

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      1. Incompetent yes, but they are much more than that tris. They are evil. They, the Tories, along with their fellow travellers, Labour, LibDems, Brexit, U.K.I.P, and D.U.P parties, have no interest in the well-being of the people of the present U.K.
        All they are concerned with is feathering their own particular nests, and maintaining the British Establishment stranglehold over all of us, especially Scotland, with its almost unlimited resources.
        I was wrong to say May was here yesterday. I see it’s today. For me its almost sick inducing to know that this woman, who, along with her acolytes in the Tory party, and the others parties named above, are responsible for policies which have targeted the most vulnerable in our society, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands, has the audacity to come north to lecture us on the “benefits” of staying in this increasingly one-sided union.
        Repeating myself, if we don’t exit rapidly, May’s successor will install a new Governor General, strip the Scottish Parliament of any meaning powers, and make sure we are controlled by an increasingly cruel Westminster “elite”. It’s gonna be our choice.

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        1. If whoever it is tries to strip us of powers which were granted as a result of a referendum, I think they will push the percentage of us who want out of this union to levels not seen before.

          May has mishandles Scotland from minuted one, and Northern Ireland from the time of her disastrous general election and marriage with Arlene and her mob.

          I wonder, if it’s Boris, will it be Thomson who he installs as GG.

          That would be seriously interesting.


  7. This morning on propaganda for news.
    There is a promise to increase the number of police officers by 12,000 in the next 3 years. This is johnston’s pledge, paid for out of the hammond kitty tin money.
    My thought is that the maybot’s been doing it all wrong according to the clown’s that are after the Tap Dug position, they were in her cabinet when these policies were being introduced.
    So, now as well as magic money trees we now have the hammond kitty, you won’t hear the unionists complain that they haven’t been spending their budget money,keeping some behind for the rolling 3 year budget regime.
    They really do think we have zips fitted.
    Happy end of mayday, in July, to you all.

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    1. I see also that Britain is “WARNING” China of serious consequences over Hong Kong! Hunt being tough!

      I bet President Xi is fair shaking in his shoes!


  8. tris

    It’s hard to believe that this is the cabinet of the unified tory party.
    The outcome of the johnston court case is that the judge was ‘in error’ in authorising the summons to appear in court for LYING about statistics, ie the £350m a week, this is not a failure in public office.
    We can only assume that it is ok to lie about statistics to the people who vote, well we all know that politics is a rough GAME, pity us poor folk have to put up with austerity that our betters, having looked at the Stats, decide not to use them to our betterment, just to theirs.
    Smacks of pull up the ladder, we can do anything we like, It’s the Law you Know, applies to youu lot , not us.
    Just read that the johnston camp have sent unt an invitation to support johnston in the big vote of tory party members.
    Strange numbers about, 120,000 to 160,000 members to vote, over 20,000 live in Scotland, ?????
    That seems strange to me as englandland has TEN times the population of Scotland. But, they can lie to us about any statistic and there is no comeback, they’ve got the LAW all boxed up.
    Latest poll figures on Independence they’ve decided to bin as they don’t like to publish , there’s been a mistake, it must show that the mantra of NO Evidence is a lie.

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    1. Oh Dave I would be REALLY surprised if there were 20,000 members of the Conservative Party in Scotland. Of course many more than that vote Tory, but signed up members… Seriously doubt it.

      Anyone know?


  9. For “devolution review” read “we are looking for any excuse to shut you down”.

    May laid the propaganda foundations – well, reinforced a constant Tory theme – for shutting down the Scottish Government and Parliament in her speech to the Party faithful on 3 March 2017 at the Armadillo. Here it is, for those as are intrestit: https://t1p.de/m7nw0z. E.g., “Scottish schools, which once led the world in setting the highest standards of attainment, are now outperformed in every category by schools in England, Northern Ireland, Estonia and Poland.

    Education: fully devolved since 1999 and under the SNP’s stewardship for ten years.”

    The figures, which were dubious at best, also showed that schools in England were outperformed by schools in Estonia and Poland, but hey, who’s counting.

    The theme is that the SNP have caused chaos and disaster and the SG is a failure. We, of course, know that the SNP Government and the Scottish Parliament perform better than the Westminster regime and Parliament on every comparable measure, but we mustn’t let the facts get in the way of a good story – which is that if / when the regime moves to put Scotland under direct rule from London, the excuse will be that it was necessary to save us poor, stupid wee Jockanese from ourselves and the silly, silly anti-Tory Government and Parliament we elected.

    These are people who might decide to prorogue Parliament rather than forego a hard Brexit, after all – there are really no anti-democratic outrages which they will not contemplate.

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    1. It’s amazing that they can lie with impunity about Scotland and the Scottish government.

      I’d say that the Tories have been the worst government that I’ve lived through, although clearly I accept that most of their incompetence has affected England.

      Prisons, hospitals, social care, GPs, mental health, crime, probation, transport,… all infinitely better run here.

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  10. Can I just ask, ’cause you guys have the facts at your fingertips?

    Has there ever been a time when Scotland was as denigrated as it is now? Y’know. post Union.

    I recall Thatcher killing off industry but that was UK wide.

    This, it seems to me, is an unprecedented attack.

    Talk me down.

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    1. I’m sorry but you are not paranoid. I’ve been politically aware for just over half a century and I’ve never seen the like. The war used to be along class lines but now it’s definitely anti-Scotland.

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  11. It’s the sheer bare-faced, grasping hypocrisy of the Brexit Bastards at the EP that stuns me. If they’re so agin everything it stands for why are they still happy to roll up and take the fat salary? What are you on, Widdecombe? You take the EU’s shilling and then stand up and insult every European nation there by calling them slave-masters and feudal lords? Jesus wept, that’s some brass neck. How were they even allowed in? What muppet thought it would be a good idea to have the equivalent of letting fleas have a say in how the dog should be run?

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    1. Alex

      Thanks for that

      “It’s the sheer bare-faced, grasping hypocrisy of the Brexit Bastards at the EP that stuns me.”

      Seems obvious.


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