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  1. I heard WGD on his podcast the other day say that la Davidson is becoming like that McTernan guy in that she’s reliably wrong.

    We should take comfort in this – because she’s forever going on about “no more referendums”, which means, by a subtle application of Sod’s Law as qualified by Finagle, that there will certainly be another referendum and it will be at the worst time possible for Ruth.

    I am attempting, with some success, to contain my sense of dismay on her behalf.

    In any case, that’s quite enough haruspicating from me as I would have to look at the entrails of something or other to be sure, which I really dislike doing unless it’s the entrails of an eviscerated Tory Party in Scotland – I understand their voters are hotfooting it over in unseemly lust for the fragrant Nigel Farage and his scurvy crew – fancy! Who’d a thunk it! We are shocked, we say, shocked!

    Perhaps I myself could have been more of a success in life if I’d drunk more beer, smoked more cigars, sucked up to Vladimir Putin (not necessarily proven, but we has our suspicions, we does) and schmoozed with Donald Trump (proven, with photographs. Fancies himself a Goldfinger, does our Donald, when it comes to lifts. Among other things.).

    Mais non, je ne regrette rien. I was always told off for going around grinning like a fool catching flies, and I took it to heart, so I shall continue my policy of resisting the blandishments of Mr. UKIP.

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  2. Watched Andrea Leadsom
    Waffling on about how fantastic live in the U.K. 🇬🇧
    Will be after the hardest
    Of hard Brexit.

    And finally with heaviest
    Of hearts and no joy.
    I have reached the inevitable
    Conclusion if thier was a referendum for Indy
    Tomorrow I would vote YES.

    The thought of going through
    That vale of tears under the
    English Tory’s once more
    Is something I just can’t

    I don’t believe Labour can
    And will stop Brexit .
    There are still way to many
    Labourtorys within the party.

    I am tired and just want to
    Rest a while in a place devoid
    Of English Tory’s .

    Who can say they love this
    United Kingdom.
    At the same time as taking
    Away a women with no legs her social security entitlement.
    As she is fit for work.

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    1. Welcome to the light, Niko.
      It really is the only way forward.
      It must have been a difficult decision for you, so I respect your change of heart.

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    2. I’ve never understood the devotion that some have to the united kingdom and the infamous British values.

      As you say, they take money away from the poorest and shower it on the richest.

      Who could have foreseen that given the opportunity to vanquish the Tories for a generation, after this disastrous Brexit carry on, that Labour would have proved so inept, both in London and at their Scottish branch office.

      I’ve always believed that Scotland, independent of the UK, would be far more like a typical Scandinavian country, putting the good of its population before the good of its royalty and its elite.

      So, I’m happy to hear you say that you would vote for independence, but I also realise what pain you have gone through after a lifetime of supporting what you thought was a socialist party.

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    3. The lady you refer to is just the tip of an enormous iceberg which should cause outrage but, for some reason, appears to be acceptable to many. PS: Welcome home!

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  3. Ruth Davidson seems to be pulling back from the limelight in recent times, notwithstanding the baby. She was never keen on difficult questions or matters involving facts and details, but it’s noticeable that Jackson Carlaw is appearing more often whereas Davidson would have previously been hogging the cameras. She wouldn’t be the brightest soul drawing breath in the planet, but even she must have noticed her career in politics is past its peak. She’s not going to get a safe seat in England and she might well be back as a list MSP next time. I predict she’ll do a Dugdale and hope to spend more time with family. I hope that’s not a McTernan Predicts scenario.

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    1. A final thought… Maybe Davidson will get a gig presenting a politics show on Channel 5 featuring Neil Oliver, Gemma Collins from TOWIE and Douglas Carswell.

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    2. Ruth has always run away from anything that was difficult. Of course she hasn’t got a monopoly on that. I think most politicians do the same.

      Her succession of support, though, has been embarrassing.


  4. If the SNP ever call a second indyref (I don’t think they will this side of 2021) then Davidson will morph into a “Patriotic Scots Tory” and still run for office.

    She is utterly facile and self-serving so it won’t be any sort of moral problem for her.

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    1. I disagree. We are very close to calling indyref2. If we could be confident the EU won’t brick it and allow another extension then IMHO the best date is 31 Oct 19. Maximum pressure on the ‘unt or oaf with minimum time to react as they are only a few WM sitting days left and they are likely to end up with NO Deal, it being the default. Indeed the alternative plans being touted by the candidates are not credible. They will be rejected out of hand by the EU as totally unworkable and ridiculous. They will have no time to respond once these are rejected by the EU. So let’s go for it, as its either No Deal or Revoke and they won’t dare Revoke as the English won’t accept it.

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      1. I see no planning for that – s30 legality should have been begun to be tested some time ago were they seriously considering it for 2020.

        There’s not enought time to go for your preferred date now and it’d be touch & go for anytime in 2019 even without legal challenges.

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        1. Not so sure about that, Vestas. The date of a referendum: where there’s a will there’s a way. We’re taking it as holy writ that a referendum cannot be run without at least a million years’ lead time – but should we? Scotland is a smaller, nimbler and less sclerotic polity than Englandland. Calling a referendum with a short lead time would please an electorate which is already scunnered and thrice scunnered with the exhausting and never-ending Brexit saga – and it would catch the Westminster regime on the hop.

          Note: this time, the Scottish Government is going about things in reverse order, i.e., getting the referendum legislation in place first before asking to be “allowed” to hold a referendum with Westminster’s imprimatur and fiat via a §30 order, and at the same time ensuring that any challenges to it will be in Scottish court and not the English-dominated UK Supreme Court. I strongly suspect that there is more such waiting quietly in the wings.

          Getting a legal judgement on §30 orders … I am as sure as I can be that the Westminster-approved Claim of Right for Scotland (approved by acclamation on 4 July 2018 – for the Hansard, see https://t1p.de/c3d02u (end)), and the UK-sponsored paragraph 2 of article one of the United Nations Charter (https://t1p.de/p1nw8o) trump the current Westminster regime’s quibbling and pettifogging about “allowing” us to hold a referendum, and do so every time.

          You will note that Joanna Cherry QC mentions article 1 of the UN Charter in the context of the debate on the Claim of Right – and that Mundell agrees with that article. For court judgement substitute heavy-duty legal opinion on likely outcomes of court action by the regime, and for “heavy-duty legal opinion” substitute Joanna Cherry QC.

          Advantages of not seeking a court judgement on a §30 order in advance: (1) it avoids any appearance of doubt on our side as to the strength of our case in law; (2) it does not expose our case to public notice and a possible protracted legal fight if the judgement of the court goes against us; (3) it does not raise an action to counter an event that hasn’t happened yet if it ever will; (4) it puts the ball in the opposition’s court; (5) it would make it clear that in any legal action to enjoin against a referendum, the party uniquely responsible for trying to prevent a legitimate and lawful democratic exercise was the regime; and (6) it keeps our powder dry by not tipping our hand to a stupid, blinkered, arrogant and ignorant regime.

          In other words, not letting the regime know in advance what we intend will allow us to catch Them on the hop and on the back foot, because They are too busy doing internecine strife, They are embroiled in the Brexit imbroglio, and They are currently in strictly irrational and unrealistic unicorn-hunting territory over it. Also, we await with bated breath the election of the egregious BoJo, compared to which they Great British Meeja Machine would treat any legal action by the Scottish Government as an unwelcome irritant, so the is definitely nothing to gain, PR-wise, from engaging in such action at his point.

          My conclusion: the SG is dancing fancy, running rings round the regime, and playing three-dimensional chess to the regime’s failing gambits at noughts and crosses.

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          1. P.S. In the spirit of never underestimating one’s enemy, I suggest that the opposition’s current frantic, frenetic and frankly ludicrous opposition to the holding of an independence referendum shows that in terms of law, They know the game is up. Remember: Joanna Cherry QC is right, because she agrees with me. Hell, even David Mundell agrees with me on the right to self-determination, and he must know, whether he admits it or not, however hard he tries to pretend that the result of the 2014 referendum must remain true until the end of time or the heat death of the universe, which ever comes later, that that right applies to Scotland too!

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            1. The thing is that none of those judgements or views have yet been tested.

              As we’ve seen (Continuity Bill) Westminster are quite capable of changing the laws during appeals to apply restrospectively.

              Also don’t forget we’re dealing with a govt which rejects international law (Chagos) and really is quite delusional.

              SNP ought to have got all of this sorted long ago – its not like they’ve missed the 3-year long car-crash of what remained of the farce called English democracy…..

              I’d like to think they know what they’re doing & have a cunning plan. Sadly I don’t beleive that.

              My real belief is that as they’ve become the defacto party of power in Scotland over two decades they’ve attracted all the usual PPE shite who’d say anything for a job & the status quo.

              As such they’re running out of time & if they let a triple mandate lapse where do we go then?

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  5. Julia Hartley-Brewer
    Any Tory leadership candidate who puts the Union first has absolutely no intention of delivering Brexit.
    Quote Tweet

    Ruth Davidson
    · 18h
    Any Conservative leadership candidate must put the Union first. Jeremy has done so and will get my vote.
    (link: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/jeremy-hunt-preserving-the-union-trumps-brexit-x9xvqrpvh) thetimes.co.uk/article/jeremy…

    Soooo, Ruth, and Jeremy, would ditch Brexit to keep their “precious” union?

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