Dear Amber Rudd,

Do you think, in one of the richest economies in the world, that this is a reasonable amount to live on for a month?


And, is this the kind of behaviour that reflects the much vaunted Great British Values?


And, given the horrible poverty in which people dependant on your department suffer, what do you say to these baubles handed out to your staff, presumably with your approval?


Do these people not get paid good salaries to do their jobs? Why do they get letters after their names too, while people are left with £5,82 for a month, or told to get a job when they are dying of cancer?

And why do they get a better honour the higher up the food chain they are?

What on earth kind of country is this?

Frogmore Cottage in the grounds of Frogmore House, Frogmore Estate, Windsor, UK, home of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex

It’s not like we don’t have enough money to do up a house for a prince and an actress become duchess. Maybe some of the £2.5 million spent on doing up Frogmore Cottage (cottage?) would have been better spent on the person who was given only enough for a couple of meals in 30 days, and no heat or light.

Yours in disgust and despair




22 thoughts on “LETTER FROM MUNGUIN”

  1. Has anyone told them there is no longer a ‘British Empire’? So these baubles are totally meaningless.

    How can someone in the DWP get a bauble for ‘Services to Pensioners’? He turned up to work every day for 35 years and helped to keep National Insurance records up to date, or something? I had a neighbour who retired last year after 35 years in the Ambulance Service. No one recommended him for a bauble and I’m pretty sure that in that time he helped save many lives, delivered a good few babies and cared for hundreds of people as he and his mates transported them 50+ miles to the nearest acute hospital in all weathers, day and night..

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    1. That’s my point exactly.

      You get paid for doing your job. Doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, people who work in retirement homes, That’s the reward. The wage and probably job satisfaction.

      If they are going to hand out baubles, it should be for voluntary work, great deeds done.

      And as you say, what British Empire? The Isle of Man?


  2. tris

    Apropos that prog about
    Thatcher on bbc2

    Back in the day people
    Said she was barking and
    Would never stand down.

    Her party claimed she was
    Completely normal.

    Now decades later those
    Who sat around the cabinet
    Table say categorically
    She was fuc?ing barking
    Saw conspiracies everywhere
    And never ever wanted to
    Stop being prime minister.

    God I hated that women
    For what she done.


  3. I really can’t understand people that think this UK is something to be proud of.
    It is a sick, corrupt society set up for the pleasure of the ruling classes.
    I can see serious unrest in Scotland if we don’t escape soon.
    Where are the angry youth? Have they been neutralised with their easy drugs and electronic gadgets?
    I’ll be one of the first at the barricades, waving my walking stick with intent. 🙂

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    1. They seem remarkably placid.

      I would have said it’s the weather that keeps them indoors when they might be on the streets, but, look at what happened in Iceland then they had a PM who invested in off-shore accounts in the British Virgin Islands.

      He said he wouldn’t resign and then resigned.


      Quite literally half the population of Reykjavik on the streets peacefully [protesting in front of parliament.


    2. Hi Juteman,
      The youth have been silenced by just trying to exist. Working crap zero hours contract jobs, struggling to find a place to live and being stressed just trying to get decent qualifications. My daughter is about to turn twenty and is at uni, working part-time and is exhausted most of the time, just like all of her friends. Their generation has been forgotten by a huge number of those who benefitted from the post-war social contract with their decent careers, affordable housing and a whole host of other benefits. It makes me very angry, that same generation talks about the young folk being entitled! I know there are many on here who are baby boomers and care about the young but unfortunately the majority of that generation only want to look after themself as the indy ref and Brexit vote proved.

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      1. It’s a hard subject to deal with.

        Some say that baby boomers have had it all. It’s true that slowly after the war things got better, but now, in their old age, although they may have their houses, and some with good private pensions, they may have to wait a long time for a doctor’s appointment… and many are marginalised by the speed of change with which they can’t keep up. I know a few older folk who don;t have computers and are, as a result, totally lost as far as so much is concerned.

        Kids have some things so much better than they did, and of course, some things are a LOT harder.


      2. Hi smac1314.
        My ‘kids’ are in their 30’s, so I understand how hard it is for them these days.
        I was politicised in the 80’s during Thatchers reign. Maybe my memory is playing tricks, but I remember being on marches and demonstrations and the majority being young like myself. The Indy marches seem to be mostly over 50 year olds. We somehow need to get the young energised, but maybe we need the starting gun to be fired for that to happen.

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        1. I agree, my daughter has joined me on marches and I’m trying to get her to persuade her friends to join us. They just need to believe that things can get better, but I must admit even I struggle to believe sometimes.

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  4. I think at the time most people in her cabinet and wider party were scared of her, Niko. Or, for some really strange reason, in love with her (Alan Clark and Norman Tebbit).

    I think the only one who ever stood up to her was Ken Clarke, but everyone else seemed to be terrified to gainsay her.

    Amazingly she is still a hero to some, despite what she did to the UK and to its people.


  5. Heartbreaking. But, I’m on holiday, in Scotland, with my English based relatives, mostly retired, but all leading comfortable lives, due to their own efforts I admit, and if they are are a cross-section of middle England, then nothing has changed since the E.U Referendum.
    Daily Mail/Daily Express readers to a man, and woman, they believe every word published in these rags, and are resolute in ther belief that Scotland , and it’s people, are a backward nation, populated by retards, who, but for English generosity, would be living in the dark ages.
    As for their opinion of Nicola, the independence movement and the S.N.P, I couldn’t possibly print it on this site.
    So whether this is representative I don’t know, but these people, three of whom are originally Scottish, are “No Deal” devotees, and are firm in their beliefs that “Engerland” are on the road to greatness, and no amount of pointing out the facts will shake their convictions that this is the right road to take.
    Personally, I’ve given up, and will try to enjoy the rest of my holiday, if possible, avoiding politics.

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    1. I know someone like that. Intelligent, qualified, solicitor, but utterly Daily Mail. And she seems to really believe what they print.

      In other ways she is an amusing and intelligent companion, but utterly stuck in this Mail mindset.

      She actually said, on one occasion, that everyone would want to do trade deals with them.

      I tend to avoid her now, and certainly when we are together I refuse to talk politics.

      I hope your holiday isn’t too trying.


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