Image result for orangutan baby
Morning all…
n other
Some other world.
n bibury
Bibury, England.
Bluebell wood, and the gardener.
n cheetah
Snuggle time.
n mum and lamb
…and again.
n ducks gerry
Famille Canard. (Gerry).
n el fam
And yet more snuggles.
N erice casle italy
Erice Castle, Italy.
n garden p
Country garden.
n gone fishin
Gone fishing.
n isle of lewis
n kitten
Baby Kitten.
n paws
High Five.
n rhode island
Rhode Island Road!
n wolfie
I want to play!
Related image
Hello…who are you little buddy?
Image result for goat
Neat beard, huh?
Image result for nairobi
Image result for kangaroo
Joey and Teddy!
Image result for orangutan baby
OK, that’s it for this week. See you soon…

Thanks to Gerry.


32 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. those were adorable – loved the kitty cats of various types. Though aren’t all kittens babies? 🙂 And snuggling animals, how cute. The Rhode Island road was stunning – beautiful. I’d say it was life affirming but Ed would tell me off for plagiarism so I won’t…

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    1. Well, that kitten was particularly babyish, so I thought I could get away with it.

      Yep, you have to watch out for that Ed, but I suspect that sometimes it’s his evil twin that is responsible!

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    2. Plagiarism, PP? As if! Those of us who are as mature and wise as I am realise that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

      Thanks for the laugh, PP – and indeed, to Tris, for a very uplifting and life-affirming selection of photies today, though the baby orangutans look just a trifle melancholy, I think. But then so would you in their position.

      The cheetahs now… oh, fond memories from Africa, reinforced by the pic of Nairobi, where I lived for years, but not long enough. I know where that photie was taken from, actually. Yes – the cheetahs. The name for a cheetah in Swahili is duma, (doo’ma), not to be confused with chui (choo’-ee – it’s your basic five-vowel system). I add that because I could never get the two straight in my mind and my guys used to mock me for it mercilessly. Nevertheless, Swahili is a lingua franca and originally an urban language, so animal words can do double duty: punda = donkey; punda wa mlia = donkey with stripes = zebra; chui = leopard (meditate on the roots of “leopard” for a moment); chui wa mlia = tiger (not native to E Africa, of course) on our trips to some of the last places on earth where the “charismatic megafauna” are to be found…

      I’m talking IUCN red list here. The habitat is shrinking and the populations are declining – fast. Even over the few years I spent in Kenya, I saw the glory of its wildlife dwindle.

      To cheer us all up again, here’s a thing I turned up about cheetahs, from National Geographic:

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      1. Er… this bit, “on our trips to some of the last places on earth where the “charismatic megafauna” are to be found…” should come after “mercilessly”.

        Is it just me, or would other people like WordPress to allow us to go back and fix things?

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      2. Intrigued to learn that punda = donkey in Swahili. In Zulu, it’s an intimate part of female anatomy, rhyming in English with one of the would-be PMs. Not quite so offensive, though. It’s been borrowed by Seffrican English as almost synonymous with ‘a bit of all right’.

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      3. Some fascinating facts there, both in your post and in the piece of cheetahs. 0-60 in under three seconds… what??????

        Love that a zebra is a donkey with stripes.

        Reminds me of a lime in French being a green lemon!


  2. tris a good read

    be a lot worse under Boris

    For the first time in 100 years, Britons are dying earlier. The UK now has the worst health trends in western Europe – and doctors and experts believe that the impact of austerity is a major factor

    the Tory plan is coming to fruition
    how to solve paying pensions and
    elderly care kill the low paid population
    er slowly by malnutrition and hard long
    underpaid work

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      1. The thing is, though, that if no one likes him, how come he beat his nearest rival so handily?

        There must be 160 people who likes him, and remember the other two in the last round got only 152 votes between them.


  3. The Rhode Island road is a beautiful picture. I wonder if those are cherry blossoms. Rhode Island has a cherry blossom festival about the same time as the more famous one in Washington, DC.

    Some Rhode Island trivia:

    Rhode Island is the smallest state with the longest official name.

    The land area of Rhode Island is 1214 square miles; roughly 37 mi x 48 mi in maximum latitude and longitude with about 14% of the area of the state being water.

    It’s full official state name comes from its colonial name: “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations”

    The capital and largest city of Rhode island is Providence.

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    1. It’s my favourite state, Danny.

      I assume it to be cherry blossom.

      When I saw the pic I immediately though “Japan”, and was amazed to find it where it really was.

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      1. Tris…….The cherry trees in Washington were a gift from Japan in 1912 (a long story actually….see below) and the National Cherry Blossom Festival in the Spring is a big deal in Washington.

        Perhaps surprising that the trees survived WWII, and Wiki says someone cut down four of the trees immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack. But during the war they were renamed “Oriental” flowering cherry trees and cooler heads prevailed. The cherry blossom festival was suspended for the duration. 🙂


        1. OMG Tris…..I almost missed this effrontery from Niko. 😉

          Niko……I’m so embarrassed that my trivial lighthearted postings are apparently crowding out serious sobersided messages from humorless drudges like yourself who spend time wringing their hands and rending their garments over monumental matters of world peace and nuclear Armageddon.

          Perhaps you’ve missed my (more serious) previous postings about the English in the age of empire being culpable for almost every evil in the world today, including Middle Eastern conflicts involving peoples and borders. I’ve also pointed out on numerous occasions that the English….possessing no written constitution and mindlessly clinging to hereditary monarchy….are demonstrably incapable of self-government.

          Specifically, how’s that Brexit thing working out for ya? I’m surprised that given your perpetual preoccupation with governmental policy, you don’t have it all sorted by now.

          And BTW, the video you posted with thanks to the USA is in fact a 1961 RUSSIAN atmospheric test of a 50 megaton nuclear bomb. Although I may have almost total responsibility for all current aspects of American geopolitical and military policy, my influence on half-century-old Russian nuclear policy is considerably more constrained.

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    1. If anyone’s interested, the translation of the title is “Best clip on Earth”, with overtones of “Warmest-hearted clip ever” – “samyy dobryy” means “best” (most good, actually), but it’s the superlative of the “good” in the phrase “he’s a good man, a good-hearted soul”. The other common word for “good”, khoroshiy, is the good in “khoroshiy spektakl” – a good show; “khoroshaya kniga” and “khoroshee vino” – a good newspaper, good wine. The superlative of khoroshiy is nayluchshiy, just to complicate matters, but I expect everyone’s lost patience with this already, and who cares anyway, the film’s lovely.

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