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De Volkskrant, The Netherlands, June 18, 2019.
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Thanks to BJSAlba for these cartoons


I hear that Nicola Sturgeon is on a 0 score. Anyone know what the Colonel scored…
joke jer
Jim Murphy
Jeremy Hunt.

So Hunty comes to Scotland, gets off the plane and promptly tells us that we want London Heathrow expanded and we want HS2… and that he is the prime minister that Nicola Sturgeon fears the most.

Of course, Jeremy! Just like Jim Murphy was the Labour branch manager we all feared the most.

Can anyone recall how that worked out in the end?

If yer stuck, here’s a wee hint. We feared him so much that we engineered his swift return to London, after only 6 months in the job (a record even for Scottish Labour leaders), having seen him lose 40 of his 41 seats. I remember him saying that he wouldn’t lose one seat to the SNP. And he was right. He didn’t lose old Union Jaiket’s seat.

And while we are on patronising Irn Bru drinkers…


Seriously, do English people think it’s all we drink here?

It’s a bit like me doing the Lambeth Walk down the old Kent Road singing “Any Old Iron” and picking at a poke of jellied eels while supping from a bottle of Brown Ale.

25 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Says Tris, “It’s a bit like me doing the Lambeth Walk down the old Kent Road singing “Any Old Iron” and picking at a poke of jellied eels while supping from a bottle of Brown Ale”, with Theresa May shimmying along behind singing “My old man said follow the van and don’t dilly-dally on the way…..” as she exits No 10.

    I don’t know what the obsession is with politicians and Irn-Bru when they hit Scotland. Personally I can’t stand the stuff. They really are an offensive lot the ones who venture north, but they are so lacking in self-awareness they don’t even realise it. It’s laughable really.

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        1. Well, he’s already rather confused about the origins of his wife… I suppose Japan and China are pretty much of a muchness to the likes of him. After all, he’d no idea he was in Slovenia when he made a speech about being in Slovakia. So I’m not sure that the Netherlands would be any clearer to him. Not after a couple of cans of Irn Bru in any case.


  2. Davidson has a score of -1. First time she has had a negative rating in a Panelbase poll. Hopefully it will sink further. She doesn’t cope well with being challenged.

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    1. Thanks, Marcia.

      I don;t understand her relative popularity. As you say, she doesn’t cope well with being challenged. I can’t think of one time when she has met a challenge with a coherent argument. She blusters, loses the cool and walks away.

      She is so lucky that a lot of the press is on her side.


  3. Like the first one at the door of No 10.
    Is that rats leaving the sewer or johnton’s hand maidens leading the way.
    Just received an email saying ‘It’s not too late to start saving for Xmas’.
    Replied with ‘ The nights are fair drawing in’
    The hunt cartoon has a better couple on WoS. Shows hunt with the tartan tammy.
    Quote from hunt that Scotland needs the Third Runway at Heathrow.
    That’s the way jeremy.

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    1. Well, technically you are right. The nights are fair drawing in!

      Maybe better get the turkey ordered though… you never know, there may be a shortage of food by Christmas!

      I’m looking forward to a third runway at Heathrow so I can fly down there in order to make use of the HS2 that I’m helping to pay for.

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  4. OT,
    Just looking at some other sites.
    Anyone notice how similar Susan Boyle and the actress playing the part of TAX Dodger Lorraine are?
    Over to you Tris to insert.


  5. Every time I visit Tewkesbury or Buxton I get photos taken of myself eating jellied eels and wearing a pearly king outfit. The locals seem to appreciate the effort.

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  6. The major blunder which will do for BoJo in Scotland was his claim that our tax money was better spent in London than in our country.
    Scottish Tories are hoping that the idiot will shut down our parliament and declare the SNP a terrorist organisation so that they can go back to minority rule by their government in England.
    I cannot say just how dangerous a road that is for them to take.
    They have learned nothing from Ireland or more likely,simply don’t care so long as they are alright.
    Dreadful creatures.

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    1. I suppose it comes of being born of privilege. It never occurs to them that the lower orders don’t much like being treated like dirt, and in the end will rebel against it.

      It’s interesting to see them taking powers, granted after a referendum, back to London. I wonder how far they will go.

      And who will be the governor general after Boris or Hunt ascends up the throne.


  7. O/T pretty much. Seriously, even.

    A’m so scunnert wi the haill frichtsome clamjamfry o ower-sleekit Tory Hunts doon-by (an no jist doon-by) that A’m like tae dae a Diogenes an gang bide in a barrel in Greece skeer-nakit.

    That’ll show ’em. Bugger jellied eels an pearly queens (mutters indistinctly into beard) and they can tak their Irn-Bru an stuff it whaur the [censored] don’t shine.

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