And then there were three


Colonel Ruth’s choice has fallen at the fourth fence. He will limp back to the stables to distribute his 34 votes to the other three old nags, pretty much guaranteed a senior job in whoever’s cabinet in a few weeks’ time. Chancellor, maybe, given that no one seems to think that Hammond will survive the change in management.

So all to play between Gove and Hunt on 61 and 59 respectively. Laura Keunnsberg said, “His supporters have been an interesting mixed bag so it is not easy to read where they go.”

I’ll hazard a guess that the final straight will be between Johnson and Hunt.

I note that, at the time of writing, the BBC still have this error on their page: Ex-Brexit Secretary Boris Johnson said he was “incredibly grateful” for the support from MPs, but added, “we have much more work to do”.

Kiss of death for Govey?


13 thoughts on “And then there were three”

  1. Here was me predicting a johnson/gove final and what happens?
    The untruthful one comes out for gove, so no need to bother much listening out for the result.
    It’s a johnson/ hunt final,
    See hammond has let the cat out of the bag:- Austerity will continue in englandland when Scotland leaves the union, well we all know that we subsidise them but when the chancellor says it , well it must have some truth in there, but never trust a tory.
    See there’s a report of spoilt papers in the morning vote, what, we elect mps that can’t vote properly IN THEIR OWN PARTY.
    The madness of brexit.

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    1. Oh well,

      Still, we’ll probably hear next week that she voted for Boris because he will make a great leader and unite the Party, and who knows maybe the country too… but the important thing is the Party!

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  2. Kiss of death frim Untruthie.

    Wonder if that is her unique selling position for Boris, “everybody I back will fall, Boris. Tell me who you want out next please.”

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    1. Maybe… then she get him to make her something important.

      Lady Colonel Davidson? You can be in the Lards and in Holyrood at the same time… Eh, Lord George Foulkes?

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  3. so we’ll find out in about 1o mins whether it will be racist versus house jock or racist versus rhyming slang who doesn’t know where his wife comes from. Deep joy.

    Then the racists of Tonbridge Wells will vote for the American born Trump-a-like. No voters of 2014 that thought you were getting devo max, are you Yes yet or Hell Yes?


  4. Michael Gove
    The environment secretary, and prominent member of the Leave campaign in 2016, has said he would consider a further delay to Brexit.

    The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union (EU) on 31 October.

    But Mr Gove says if a better deal is within reach by that date, then he would sanction a “short delay” to finalise it.

    His plan would be to go back to Brussels and negotiate changes to the “backstop”.

    The backstop is the insurance policy, negotiated by the UK and the EU, to avoid a hard Irish border (a border with checks and infrastructure).

    After Brexit, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland could be in different customs and regulatory regimes, which could mean products being checked at the border.

    To avoid this, the backstop would keep the UK in a customs union with the EU (until both sides reached a trade agreement that would avoid a hard border) – but this is controversial as it would prevent the UK from doing its own trade deals.

    I can’t see Tunbridge Wells Toryman/woman allowing even another 5-minute delay.


  5. The mooth was correct again.
    Voted fro the loser.
    The script is now straight from 1984, I’ve always supported boris johnson for leader.

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  6. I’m reading this after the results and I’m impressed with the accuracy of your predictions. That is predicting the effects of the poison dwarf.
    For the record I was expecting a johnson gove final I didn’t calculate for the salt like touch of the tank commander.

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