And now there are two…

“Any suggestions about how I tell the wife that she’s not going to be Prime Ministress?”

ruth boris

As predicted after we heard that the Rt Hon Colonel had transferred her favours to Gove,  Hunt will be the other contestant in the finals of the amateur league tiddlywinks competition currently happening in London.

Gove got 75 MPs – just two votes short of Hunt’s 77.

Mr Johnson, considered the favourite in the race, was backed by 160 Conservative MPs, so more than half.

ruth boris1


So presumably our Ruth will offer her vote to Jeremy. Which means of course that Boris will be tiddlywink champion for the next 6 months. But fear ye not, Ruthie will simply change allegiance as she thinks fit in order to best serve her ambitions.

Image result for boris and jeremy
“You turn to the right, Boris and I’ll just wait here till that bus runs you over.  By the way, anyone know where my wife comes from?”


13 thoughts on “And now there are two…”

  1. When Johnson wins she will be kissing his ass like no one, well maybe Ross Thomson. Davidson is an opportunist of the worst kind but to be honest I think she has had her day now. The EU elections really hurt her standing, I suspect she will off to England soon.


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    1. I don’t think England would have her, Bruce. They only ever rated her as the best anti-SNP vehicle. Now she’s a busted flush. Maybe she’ll go to Ireland as her fiancée is Irish. Anywhere really as long as it’s not Scotland…

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  2. This little piggy went to market…….
    BoJo will have to reign in the rhetoric when he is PM,unless he takes to communicating via Twitter like his boss in Washington.
    I suspect we are going to hear a lot of claims from BoJo HQ aka Downing Street about fake news and how bad,very bad,things are.
    His first task will be an attempt to blame the EU for his no deal Brexit and refusal to hand over the money the UK had comitted to the current EU budget.
    Let’s see how the rest of the world reacts to this default.
    Bad,very bad.

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  3. We are in 1984 country now.
    The brexit of gove is replaced by the mouth droppings of a careering johnson, something we never had information to vote on.
    Stewart’s soft version was closest to the leavers original version but spun as a soft option, hunt who said he was a remainer is now transformed into a leaver who will renegotiate the deal that already we know is not up for renegotiation.
    Now we wait to see if a small cohort of the population decide to leave or to leave.
    Very depressing and probably why this section isn’t producing much comment.
    The year is 2025.
    Scotland is set to become an independent nation awaiting ratification by the UN.
    Ireland is reunited but Wales is still a colony of Farage’s englandland.
    Farage ‘s party has just won the GE, he’s now leader of the TORY party of england. This remnant of a country now consists of a few small colonies, Wales, IOM, Channel Isles and the Offshore Money laundering cabal. These low tax havens are now the safe haven for the royal family and certain establishment families hidden wealth. Gibraltar has been returned to Spain as part of the reparations for failing to honour the maybot’s leaving the EU deal.
    King Charles 111, has been forced to abdicate and his remaining son, crowned as King Henry 1X, his eldest son has returned to Germany as Kaiser William of North Germany.
    The EU as was has broken up into a small number of economic areas with North Germany in control of the Western supporters of trump’s America, who now control all of the Americas. The Northern States of the old EU have an alliance based on the the ancient Nordic Countries, Scotland has applied to join this economic block.
    Dreams I know.
    Where are we going, nobody knows.
    Back in the real world, parliament is discussing the meat content of sausages and then going on holiday, hunt says there is a crisis but the ostrich parliament has it all in hand, quick get out the bunting a new king is to be crowned. Governor General boris the first.

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  4. While the country, (U.K), is about to face its greatest ever crisis, certainly economically and socially, Westminster is going into recess from the 25th, July until the 3rd, September. Given that the latter date has some significance historically, what will Boris P.M do then? Declare war on the 27? Given that all they have done with this latest “contest” is to shuffle the pack of cruel, brain dead, incompetents, nothing would surprise me nowadays.
    P.S. Has Mark Field M.P been charged with assault yet?

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    1. For a lot of September they are having their party conferences. Nothing it seems must be allowed to disrupt the ebb and flow of the British way of doing things.

      Keep Calm and Go to the Races.


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