Maybe if you were the prime minister, Mikey, you could get a better camera, and just a wee word of advice…maybe don’t do the taping in a sauna next time.


Boris, it seems, dislikes Scots as much as Scots regard him with suspicion. Although using Gordon “North British” Brown as an example was an unfortunate choice.

boris on scotland


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And Rory the Tory has promised to set up a Department for the Union, with its secretary of state being his deputy, the First Secretary, no less!

Apparently, it will deal with all the “regions” and have a multi-billion pound budget… and, of course, it will bring us all together again after Brexit.

Oh, you have to laugh, but then Munguin has more of a chance of becoming prime minister than he does so I reckon we can dismiss that idea.


Le Royaume-Uni est déjà effacé, quel que soit le futur Premier ministre



Hmmm. There might have been a more tactful way to put this. I mean it does sound, at first read, like an instruction. Do it and do it now!

With the lowest pension in the developed world, pensioners choosing between heating and eating and being about to be hit with a bill of £155 a year in a tv tax, your lot are hardly showing willing, and given that, until recently it was your area of responsibility in England, I have VERY little confidence in your ability to manage it.

As usual, Britain completely neglected to plan for the future. In this case for a surge in people ageing… It’s almost as if they hadn’t had 70+ years’ notice that that was going to happen.


And, does that include standing up before running away with all the EU money which was intended for Scottish farmers, and depositing it in the bank accounts of English Farmers?

Still, that probably IS working for Scotland in your book.

Pinneys, eh?

And why do all you people keep on talking about “our” United Kingdom?  It’s about as united as an undone jigsaw that’s lost 50% of its pieces.  Has some focus group told you that if you repeat it over and over, this unity will eventually percolate into our thick “ordinary people” heads?

Image result for tory power stance

Because, a bit like standing with your legs open to make you look powerful, it doesn’t work. (Actually, that makes you look like you wet your pants!)

Seriously, it either gets on our nerves or makes us laugh like drains.

Image result for tory power stance
Obviously, this one renders us silly with laughter.

In the aftermath of Brexit, the country is divided as never before… and I can’t see that using the phrase “our united kingdom” (or the other one we hear ad nauseam, “our precious union”) is going to change any of that.

Image result for map of uk eu election results

The Tories are divided; Labour is divided; young and old are divided; the countries of the union are divided. Almost everything about this godforsaken place is divided, and you using stupid phrases at every turn only makes it worse.

Give it up.


LOL. Good old Ken Clarke…






  1. At least Hugh Lawrie, Hugh Paddick and Kenneth Connor were genuinely funny. This lot of buffoons are doing the U.K irreparable damage, which certainly won’t be repairable in my lifetime. And the sad part is that a lot of the electorate, come a General Election, would still vote for them.

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  2. As with all right wing politicians,this bunch believe that might is right and will seek to impose their will on Scotland,one way or another.
    Democracy is an inconvenience to be curcumvented on their way up the greasy pole.
    One nation,ha ha.
    That is like the Russians claiming that the USSR was one nation/country.
    Dont think the Poles,East Germans,Hungarians etc would now agree with that.
    However,it suits their narrative at present in order to prevent Scotland from leaving them in the lurch.
    Very important people need to be in charge of a very important country.

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  3. We’re about to enter the Zombie apocalypse.
    Whom will it be, operation ar#e may yet be resurrected.
    Money is on the Oaf making it despite Ken Clarke’s comments.

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    1. I think both Javid and Stewart will be gone after Tuesdays vote.
      Then GOVE, then Raab in the next rounds.
      Leaving the Oaf v the ‘unt for the Tory members to sort out.
      The Oaf winning of course.

      There is still the possibility of a stitch up leaving only one person in the race, just as happened with T May.

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      1. I don’t see that this time. I mean it was such a mess last time, and in any case, they are too divided.

        Hunt the remainer v BoJo the leaver.


  4. WoS this morning.
    Gove from 1998.
    England should let Scotland go.
    That white powder seems to turn more than your head.
    Someone is telling the participants the truth of the matter, it’s the oil and gas which is keeping the rUK running, the borrowings are mortgaged through the resources available Not through the englandland exceptionalism.
    News that untruthful will get the seat of sir lickerarse sometime as he’s elevated to the lords.
    The dayjob seems to be get a nice comfortable job at westmonster, Edinburgh can sort itself out.

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    1. Well, as Edinburgh becomes less and less powerful under Brexit Tory Britain, it will be more exciting for her to be down there with the “big boys”.


    1. I am becoming increasingly angry at English MP’s telling me what I can or cannot do. This might sound ridiculous, but it is the opposite of their framing. And their framing is from one from power, rather than democracy.

      If 1% of the Scottish electorate wanted a poll on independence, then it should be granted. It is absolutely not up to Westminster to interfere.


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      1. As long as we have voted for it, then there is no reason to withhold permission.

        If England wanted to leave the union, who would have to give permission?

        Or is England not in the same category of country as Scotland?


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