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 The Augusta Chronicle, U.S., June 13, 2019
De Volkskrant, The Netherlands, June 12, 2019.
De Volkskrant, The Netherlands, June 14, 2019 .
 POLITICO.eu, Belgium, June 15, 2019
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Hamish pretending to be Ruth… 

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First published in The Buffalo News, U.S., June 13, 2019.

15 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. On clip one,
    Could gove tell us where the father and daughter who were poisoned in Salisbury are now?
    They seem to have vanished from the news reporting, now we have Iran attacking tankers in the Indian Ocean.
    Reports last night of a republican senator demanding trump attacks Iran, a few well placed bombs to show them he means business.
    How things never change, only the actors, hitler opened the war by a red flag action against Poland.
    Not a great fan of corbyn but I would like to see more evidence before I will convict Iran.
    Wonder what Craig Murray’s take on this reporting is.
    AUOB rally in Oban at the weekend, EBC report says 1700 people were on the rally. Source, NOT AUOB.
    See Gerry Parker’s photographs of the event, make up your own mind.

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    1. Like you I’m sceptical about Iran. Not that I have a second for the Iranian government. They are a repugnant lot, but I’m not sure that they are entirely stupid. On the other hand I am convinced that Trump is stupid.

      If he reckons that the rednecks that support him are looking for war, then I suspect that, if that’s what it takes to get them to vote for him, then that’s what he’ll do.

      The Japanese seem to doubt the story. And I heard someone say that the bomb planting vessel apparently had an Iranian flag. Surely no one is THAT stupid.

      Yes, I’ve seen some of the figures that are being given out for the AUOB marches. Quite ridiculous. I have only managed to get to two, but their figures for those ones are clearly farcical.


      1. In BBCSpeak, the AUOB ‘claimed’ 7000 people took part, while A Force for Good ‘counted’ 1757.

        Is that fair? Is that balanced? Is that impartial?

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  2. I see that my scepticism, last week at your assertion that Mr Hancock’s votes would go to Mr Johnson, has been sunk! he has pledged himself to support Mr Johnson. Whether his supporters last rime switch with him is another matter, although I see that his former supporter, Mr Mundell has switched to Mr Gove along with another 7 Scottish Tory MPs. These are the same Tory MPs whom the COLONEL told us were elected to do what she would tell them. She is voting for Mr Javid, but has hedged her bets with regard to Mr Johnson. (She has had a puff for ‘shrewdness’ by Mr Chris Deerin writing in the Ruth Davidson fan mag, the New Statesman.)

    Ambition and greed is the predominant principle amongst many Tories and since they reckon Mr Johnson is going to win they are arse licking to ensure a good ‘billet’ for themselves.

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    1. I doubt if Javid has much of a chance.

      I’d say it’s going to be Johnson, but both Gove and Hunt are in with a chance.

      It is all about positioning oneself to reap the biggest benefits from whatever third rater gets the cosy billet at No 10.

      Who was Mundell for in the past? No one ever seems to report about him… maybe he’s simply not important enough.


      1. Mr Mundell was a Hancockian. When I was a prurient adolescent, that was a synonym for ‘wanker’, but in this case it indicates who Mr Mundell favoured in the first round.

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  3. Henry gove, red faced and snorts white powder, great stuff for the next pm to have as his warm up for the downing street lectern.
    Just read Craig Murray’s initial take on the Iran incident in the Indian Ocean. He doesn’t think they would be rash enough to do it, plenty of others to pay to get it done.
    Remember the usa and iran have scores to settle, the passenger aircraft destroyed by the american ship.
    If trump does fire off the task force in the Indian Ocean then the oil price will rocket, usa ok at present as they’re fracking in their own territory, reducing their need for Saudi oil. They are getting involved in South America, easy to get their oil.
    Iran are now back enriching uranium, supposedly for energy production but that’s the route to having a fission bomb.
    Hunt supports trump’s swipe at Kahn about the killings in London, no mention of huge numbers of killings in the dear us of a, just like our lot of dummies, can’t reflect on their own statements.
    think the empty chair that channel 4 had for johnson won the non debate.
    My local tory says he’s voting for stewart as he’s for brexit, the constituency voted remain by a large proportion, go figure. His quote is ‘ With Matt out i’m looking for Energy, Intelligence, clear vision to deliver Brexit and for the union.
    There you have it, masterton thinks hancock and stewart are intelligent.

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    1. I suppose they have to agree with the US, regardless of whether or not it is likely. A trade deal, any trade deal is an absolute necessity.

      I suppose someone has to think that these two are intelligent, and maybe they are. But you don;t just need intelligence to run things (Boris is, without doubt intelligent and learned). There’s a lot more to it than that.


  4. It’ll be Boris v Rory that’s put to the membership. I’m still sticking with my ante-post bet on Rory.

    I’m reminded of Corbyn’s election…. 🙂

    If only they’d get the hell on with it…..


  5. MI5 will have their voice in cabinet, only need the one voice, wee rory the tory, a cabinet of one.
    We will know for certain when the wee black book get opened and johnson’s past gets out into the tory voters.
    See already the media are pushing rory.
    Isn’t he in the same mould as alex douglas home, maybe a not too distant relative.
    Looked up his profile, hasn’t held down a job for any time, even the army service isn’t long enough to get any meaningful from it.

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    1. I think you’ve summarised Rory quite well.

      However consider the alternatives to Boris.

      Then think about who gets presented to the English Tory Gerontocacy (hat-tip to WGD) as the (genuine) alternative.

      The remaining candidates are all mini-me “I wanna be Boris” & they can’t have another unopposed change of leader (look how that went) so….

      I wish I’d put a bet on this when I first said it here…….

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    2. I suspect he knows where bodies are buries… a bit like Grayling. I mean no one could possible make as much of a mess as Grayling did and still be there if it weren’t for the horror of having him outside the tent…


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