Seconds Out, Round One

Boris won 114 votes in the first round of the Conservative Party leadership contest (and co-incidentally the contest for the prime ministership of the UK. His nearest rival, the foreign secretary with the name that it’s easy to make a mess of, got a mere 43.

Image result for results of first round tory leadership

Mark Harper, Andrea Leadsom and Esther the Unliked, who came last with only 9 votes, were vanquished.

Image result for results of first round tory leadership

Scores were as follows:

• Boris Johnson 114
• Jeremy Hunt 43
• Michael Gove 37
• Dominic Raab 27
• Sajid Javid 23 (despite being backed by that well-known winner, the Colonel)
• Matt Hancock 20
• Rory Stewart 19


• Mark Harper 10
• Andrea Leadsom 11
• Esther McVey 9

It seems pretty certain that, unless he does something catastrophic and loses most of his support, Johnson will be one of the finalists.

I imagine though, that Hunt will partially catch up with him along the way. Already I can imagine that Mr Harper’s votes may largely be transferred to Hunt or Gove, McVey’s will almost certainly go to Boris, as will the majority of Leadsom’s

In the next round, I imagine that Hancock and Stewart will be eliminated, and probably Javid and Raab too. Rory’s votes likely to go to Hunt/Gove; Javid’s too. Hancock’s and Raab’s more likely to go to Boris.

My prediction (barring something really weird from Boris) is that he will go forward, against either Gove or ‘Unt, to the constituency of relatively elderly southern Tory voters, and win.

Image result for boris johnson

Meanwhile, Rory Stewart is threatening rebellion … (I put it down to the opium)

Ciaran Jenkins
Rory Stewart says if Boris Johnson locks the doors of parliament to get No Deal he will ‘bring him down’. 
Stewart says parliament will meet across the road at Methodist Central Hall and bring a Boris Johnson government down.

Whoever wins, I suspect that it is a fiction that the EU will reopen talks or change very much about the treaty that Theresa May signed with them, as this seems to suggest.

43 thoughts on “Seconds Out, Round One”

  1. Thatcher got 55% of the vote in the first 1990 ballot. Boris has got 36%.

    Rules are different now but 114 has to be a huge disappointment for the clown camp.

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    1. An important part of the circus is referring to people we don’t know like Johnson and Stewart by their first names. It brings us closer to them and feeds into their role as liveable entertainers we can really relate to.

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  2. I like the ‘Esther the Unliked’. We should have a competition for best descriptor (there must be a word for it).

    For starters:

    Boris the Buffoon
    Michael the Snorter
    Jeremy the Unmentionable
    Dominic the Disoriented
    Sajid the Son of an immigrant who wouldn’t get in on his watch

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  3. Slithy Gove
    Boris Nogudenov
    Domnic Raabs onyone (Homage to the master, Sir Pterry)
    Matt Hardcock and Jeremy Cunt are making a joint bid.

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    1. Similar I guess…

      They could have done it all a bit quicker and got on with it, you know, given the amount of time they have left to sort out the mess, get the legislation through, etc, etc.

      Of course the voting public is rather a small one. But in fairness, when we voted at the last election, the only people who could vote for May were her constituents.


  4. Just saw the latest programme from Alex.
    His interview of Peter Osborne turned up an interesting end.
    Boris becomes leader of the tory party.
    The maybot refuses to resign as PM because boris doesn’t have a majority in parliament so can’t be recommended to lizzy the last.
    The maybot tries to carry on as pm but we get a GE.
    That old tv programme, Anything can happen in the next half hour.
    Muddle for the back benches if and when boris gets the levers of power.
    Happy days in merry old englandland

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    1. Oh. That’s an interesting scenario. But can Maybot possibly command a majority? Not a chance I’d say.

      A general election, I suspect. And the rest of the world will shake their heads in amazement.

      Is there anyone among the Tories in Scotland that isn’t even worse than Muddle?

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  5. Mmmm, that’s a lota votes not wanting Boris. As you mentioned earlier Tris, he’ll pick up some votes from the others as they are eliminated but I think it will boil down to very close numbers between a vote for Boris and the anybody but Boris vote.
    Either way the result would be a joke if not so serious. So far this parlimentary session has produced the greatest government defeat in history. There is a good chance another dubious record could be won, the Westminster PM shortest time in office award. Only April to August to beat, current title holder George Canning (wave to wikki)


    1. I heard this morning that the others are banding together to try to unseat him, but MPs who voted for the likes of hard-line Brexiters like McVey and Raab, are unlikely to vote for Hunt. Indeed I can’t see a Remainer getting the job.

      I suppose the house elf might benefit from their votes. He’s passionate about leaving.

      Hancock is talking about withdrawing, and I suspect Rory will have to do so too.


  6. Everybody has an opinion, so here’s mine. Boris wins, becomes Tory leader, and by default, P.M. Goes to the E.U, is told he’s had his tea, returns home, and with the unstinting support of most of the M.S.M, blames everyone, the E.U. the Scots, the Irish, and any other poor unfortunate in his firing line.
    Takes the U.K out of the E.U with “No Deal”, calls a General Election, destroys the Brexit Party, and returns the tories to power at Westminster with a working majority.
    If such a scenario unfolds, no doubt the S.N.P would increase the number of their M.Ps, but we would still be ignored, so the only option left for us is to call a second Scottish Independence Referendum, and surely with the hated Boris ruling over us, we should win.

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  7. Yes,
    If the next PM calls for a GE vote, We have the referendum on the same Thursday.
    The sooner the better.
    See the muddel has got the keys to the new Colonial House in Edinburgh.
    That set of keys won’t get worn out in his hands, he’s off to the house of ermine in the maybot’s resignation dishonour list.
    We’ve not had a lady as SoS, so maybe Hair would stand in for the muddel, the referee is too busy.

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    1. LOL. There was Helen Liddle back in the day when Henry was first minister.

      Imagine him going to the House of Ermine…. Still they have Moan.


  8. Aye Tris
    Forgot about Helen Murphy.
    Now baroness liddel of langbank or coatbridge.
    Remember her from Stirling University in the 80’s. She was a tutor with the STUC then.
    Still think hair would be very suitable for the job as she doesn’t like taking difficult decisions like ‘Should we have brexit’ or ‘sugar or sweetener in tea/coffee’
    Big response in Wos to the transgender law change.
    I’m afraid I have ignored the whole discussion, too difficult for me, just like hair on that subject.
    Maybe someone on here can lay out all 23 variations for us to decide on.
    Just a pointer.
    In the Gulf regions the sinks have THREE taps, cold water, hot water and Sweet Water for drinking.
    Everybody takes the sweet water for cooking and drinking, they only use the cold water for flushing the pans and washing.
    So, if we have 3 public toilet designations, will that solve the problem? Male, Female and don’t care.

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    1. Hmmmm. I’ve kept out of that argument too. Having lived elsewhere, I know that in many places there isn’t quite the same “delicacy” Still, it’s not something I want to get too involved in.


    2. I seem to recall some trendy pub in Glasgow having ‘mixed sex’ bathrooms. Dunno if it is still there or not.

      If the toilet cubicles themselves were ‘leer’ proof, y’know floor to ceiling doors, and perhaps sound proofing, whether that would be too bad?

      OK, add smell proofing and air con.

      The bathrooms in my house are, more or less, built along these lines. Unfortunately without the sound proofing.

      Am I missing some sort of edict that says men and women require segregated bathrooms whilst going about their business?

      I think we should all have privacy when doing our business. But that could be easily addressed with my point at para two:

      “If the toilet cubicles themselves were ‘leer’ proof, y’know floor to ceiling doors, and perhaps sound proofing, whether that would be too bad?” Just needs a modern architecure.


      I have only this week come across the idea of a TERF. which apparently stands for a “”trans-exclusionary radical feminist”. Which, correct me if I wrong is a definition for women who- in general – are not in favour of transgenderism?

      If transgenderism is a real thing, then we have to define between those that actually convert and thos that just play ‘dress-up’ whichever direction they travel.

      I think that TERF are taking too an entrenched position. I think t’other side is also taking too radicalised a position.

      So, what do I know?


      But what do they know?

      Somewhat less than that.

      Just sayin’

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      1. I watched a dispute unfold on Twitter a while back where men who identified as women were calling some lesbians sexists because they would refuse to go out with them. It all got a bit threatening and nasty.

        Like others here I don’t know a great deal about it and have steered clear.

        Here’s an article for anyone that’s interested to know more. It’s only one perspective of course but given the SNPs current stance and proposed measures I think it’s worth finding out more.

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        1. I suppose we should read about it. It’s, as they say, a “thing” right now.

          Can’t really criticise Hair for not having an opinion on the EU, at the same time as not having an opinion on this matter.


      2. Well, I don;t find any of that too disturbing…

        I just don’t know enough about it to make an intelligent comment. But we do need to remember that as time goes by we are learning much much more about what makes humans tick, and that what might 50 years ago have been put down as weird, is now scientifically explicable and justifiable.

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  9. \home times change.
    A couple of weeks ago a discussion around the dinner table on life in general.
    I brought up the old time problem of Mixed Marriage.
    I was corrected by a young member of the family thus:-
    ‘They call mixed marriages ‘heterosexual’ marriages now, you see we have same sex marriages as well now’.
    Well knock me down with a feather.
    Think it was a little misunderstanding of the subject but just shows how things move in our world.
    Anyway, now there are 6?? in the race.

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  10. Yesterday, Mr David Mundell told us he had voted for Mr Hancock and that he was proving that when he said he would never vote for Mr Johnson, he meant it.

    This morning Mr Hancock has withdrawn from the contest.

    Now, if as you state (and I was surprised at your assertion), Mr Hancock’s votes are urged to go to Mr Johnson, then, what does Mr Mundell do?

    Probably, we will have an article in the New Statesman justifying his switch. They gave us one when THE COLONEL, who was equally adamant against Mr Johnson, decided she could ‘work with’ a Johnson Government. And the article went on to ‘demonstrate’ how she could get a good deal for Scotland out of this, as she did when 13 members of the Ruth Davidson Party were elected to Westminster to ‘fight Scotland’s corner’. We have had as much from that as we got from Bodger Broon’s famous ‘Vow’ aka ‘the nearest thing to federalism’.

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    1. You were right to be surprised at my assertion.

      I was blethering. (or mixing up Hancock with someone else, but now I can’t remember who). Hancock is a moderate.

      So Mundy voted for the bloke that pulled out and Davidson voted for a bloke that only got 23 votes…

      Aye the Scots in the Tory Party are defo mainstream.

      As for Scotland getting anything… Bwa ha ha ha ha ha


  11. Straight from 1984, a copy.
    The Goveites have always been at war with the Johnstonites who have forever been at war with the Huntites. Or have I been mistaken?
    No its the rabbites who’ve been at war with the Govites, the Huntites are at peace with the Loathsomites.
    I’m now thinking that the 3 left after the next round will be Johnston, Gove and Hunt, IF Rabb gets through instead of Gove or Hunt he’ll get a narrow victory over Johnston.
    But who knows when Johnston is doing the maybot’s trick, the submarine, laying low.
    My surprise is that they’re all members of the ‘multitalented’ tory party, who all read from the same script. In a free vote it would be ‘None Of The Above’ that wins. A short term solution to the tory party’s real enemy, Farage.
    Corbyn is just the bogie man taken out to keep the troops in order, no chance of winning in englandland.
    I refer honourable Munguinites to my post ref the runners, that’s the females out, next the furriners, including Stewart and Gove!!!!, leaving just the true anglo-saxon immigrants.

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    1. You could be right about the furringers being dropped from the short list. Where does that leave Boris though? He’s a yank, a turk , a frenchie as much as being the seed of the stout yeomen of the english shires.

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    2. I’m pretty sure the last two will be Johnson and Gover, or Johnson and Hunt.

      Hunt, of course, is trying to play statesman here over the situation in the Persian Gulf. Not as easy one.

      Can’t afford to be too gung ho. Canbt afford to be too anti Trump. Not wise to upset Japan. And what is Russia saying.

      In the meantime, this phone contract is going to be hard to solve… Give Huawei the contract and mes up with Trump; don;t give Huawei the contract and piss off the Chinese.

      Choices choices… and what with the blue rinses think?


  12. Coming back to the gender thing further up this thread, it’s not just who pees where although that is part of it. The knub of it, as far as I can see, is that feminists see this new proposal of gender selection by the individual and the new gender selected to be backed by law as an erosion of womens space. It allows males (in rural speak entires) to access womens prisons, refuge centres, changing/shower rooms as well as toilets as soon as they say they are no longer male.
    It is quite a movement in the US, this gender selection, that has resulted in attacks, physical and voyeuristic, rape. This last sentence was reported I haven’t checked the veracity.

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    1. You make good points that I hadn’t considered. As you might realize from my comment above, this is all a bit new to me. Reading on, your second last sentence is what I have (now) read too.

      I am not bold enough to say, just yet, that this is ridiculous, but it is trending that way.

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    2. Yes, you’re right, Gordon. It is a huge issue and has to do with a great deal more than toilets.

      It has a potential to completely change a great deal more than who pees where., and I’ve not got a clue where to start on it.

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  13. I’ve made a couple of attempts, to find out more, seek my own position rather than be led to one. Some just comes across as dog whistle stuff, no background backup or padding. I feel sure an agenda is being forced and it has nothing to do with where people pee. Distraction, division only?

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    1. I have to admit I haven’t engaged at all with it. I should I know, but I’m snowed under at the moment and it’s important not to be led to an opinion.

      You need to read opinions of those who are affected, one way or the other and evaluate and balance them.

      We don ‘t live in a perfect world. Someone’s nose will be put out of joint.

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