Munguin takes an irreverent look at the utter farce that is the Tory Party Leadership Race. 


dom rabb
One of them is Dom and the other one was a talented man.

According to Craig Murray, it was Dominic Raab’s team that sneaked out news about the bin-raking House Elf and his cocaine sniffing ways. As he says: “Incredible that this process is choosing the UK’s next Prime Minister. It’s like watching rats fighting in a sewer – only the Tory battle stinks much worse”.

Indeed it does, Craig.


tory rory
Rory, seriously… don’t, just don’t.


Jeremy Hunt launching his campaign for the Tory leadership on Monday morning

Journalist: So, Mr Hunt, have you ever broken the law?

Hunt (grinning inanely): I wracking my brains, but, no, I think not.

Five hours later…

Hunt’s Spokesman:  Erm, see that thing earlier about breaking the law. Well, Jeremy was right, apart from last year when he breached anti-money laundering laws brought in while he was in the cabinet…

Oh well, his crime-free past was good while it lasted! Maybe he was on something when he forgot to declare all that stuff.


Rank (and I do mean rank) outsider in the race, the terminally silly Esther McVey, was dealt a bit of a blow this morning.

And Victoria Derbyshire does a James Naughtie with Hunt’s name…


Image result for boris johnson tax cuts youtube


And Boris has proved that he knows his target audience: the well-off elderly “Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells” types who are paid-up members of the Tory Party. To buy their votes, he’s promising a massive £10 billion a year tax cut to the better off, to be paid for by the Brexit Bonus (huh?) and an increase in National Insurance contributions on the less well off. Well, we can’t all be winners!


And I’ve saved the best till last. The idiots’ idiot.

He seems to forget that for a little while at least (well, no one lasted long in that government), Dom was the Brexit secretary, responsible for getting himself and his “country” humiliated by the EU.


22 thoughts on “AND THEY’RE OFF…”

  1. Tris
    They are all assholes and shows how far the Tory Party has fallen. Always full of disgusting people but at least in the 80s they were educated hateful people, now they are just hateful people. Other countries must be thinking this dump of a union has lost its mind that this is the best we can come up with but saying that you have Trump in America and Macron in France, how far the world has fallen. Personally I hope Johnstone gets it, we might as well have a real idiot as PM now.

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    1. Thing about Boris is he would be a laugh.

      I mean, if you care about Britain’s reputation, I guess he would be a disaster (but which one wouldn’t), but as I don’t give a stuff about that, at least I would be entertained by his buffoonery.

      The rest are really rather dull dullards.

      Boris isn’t dim and he’s certainly not dull!

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  2. When a school or hospital is ‘failing’ these days, don’t they get ‘put in special measures’ or whatever the term is.

    How about we demand that the leadership and service to the country which WM is currently providing is now totally inadequate, seems unlikely to improve in the near future and requires immediate special measures. Time to call in Nicola Sturgeon and her team! Upon sorting out the problems and showing WM the way, her final deed will be to wind up the Union, return triumphantly to Scotland and we shall go forward a free nation again! (As part of the improvement package, she could offer Roothie a job as Black Rod or better still, WM’s Speaker. She does like to be the centre of attraction and shout a lot, after all. She’d be in her element.)

    Och well, I’m not really any dafter than some of the dunderheids that are faffing about down there.

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  3. I see McVey’s press conference went well.

    This was the meeting of the Bruges Group…(did anyone mention to them that Bruges is “foreign”?)


  4. Ten candidates, all promising “Deliverance”; there’s a song there I’m sure. Some have their heads in an opium cloud apparently. A poisoned chalice that they all want, reminds me of the tale about the fox with the bone crossing a bridge and seeing his reflection dived in to get the better bone, only to lose the one he had. The money seems to be on Bojo, tax the poor give it to the rich. I wonder if the MPs will stitch him up so he doesn’t get into the last two, remember he was one that pulled out of the PM race after the 2016 Referendum result. Do they have long enough memories or are they afraid of Jeremy?

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    1. If you take out the completely bizarre ones, they are pretty much of a muchness.

      I wouldn’t want any of them.

      All I care about now is who is most likely to push attitudes in Scotland to pass comfortably the 50% that we need to leave this utter farce.


    1. Funnily enough, I don’t think I feel humiliated, Niko.

      Amused, yeah. And it’s certainly true that as far as I can make out, anyone who is interested abroad (and that is surprisingly few) are laughing their socks off at the mess the Brits are in. Most people are probably laughing more at the USA, because they matter and the Brits don’t.

      Better Together… with Hunt, Johnson and Andrea (I’ve got colour coordinated specs for every outfit) Leadsom? I don’t think so.


  5. According to the O.E.C.D, the U.K has the worst state pension of any major country, and the highest rate of poverty amongst the over 75 age group, so what’s the latest wheeze to make us even poorer?
    That’s it, make us pay £154.50 to have the state broadcasters propaganda forced upon us whether we like it or not, and if we don’t, woe betide us.
    I haven’t had to pay since 2014, and if I’m still alive next June, there is no chance of me paying any money to this organisation whose major function over the next twelve months will be to denigrate Scotland, and its people, during our campaign for the second Scottish Independence Referendum, which I’m hoping will take place sometime next year.

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    1. You’d have thought that with the Brexit Bonus (snigger), the government could have covered the cost of the tv licence for the growing number of over 75s.

      I expect they want to spend it on something more important though. Maybe they could do up Kensington Palace. when they get Buckingham Palace done. I mean it’s just not right that Princess Beatrice (a blood princess, don’t you know?) should have to live in the squalor of a place that hasn’t been done up for months.

      Then there’s the gold toilet fittings for the House of Lords.

      That stuff doesn’t grow on trees…even magic money ones!

      I’ve always thought that people should object to the tv licence fee by not having a tv, but I accept that many older people really depend on their tvs for company and entertainment. So I’d not suggest that they do that.

      However, it might be effective if people just said… nope. I’m not paying but I’m going to go on watching, not the BBC but every other channel.

      Now take all 3.75 million of us to court, you heartless bastards!


  6. Tory Leadership? Simply replacing one incompetent failure with another.

    Boris’ tax fiddle is merely the first shot across Scotland’s bows. For pity’s sake bring on IndyRef2.

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  7. Have a lok at the Survey done by the EBC to help them make the decision.
    5 options given but not inclusion of scrap the TV licence fee and just fund from general taxatio, I know it would let the cat out of the bag.
    The results declared
    48% said keep the free licence for the over 75’s.
    37% said reform the system.
    15% said stop the free licence for the over 75’s
    So what does the EBC do, they count all the negatives together and get 52% say scrap the freeby.
    So they get the answer they wanted from the start, they got swizzled by osborne into agreeing to fund the benefit without actually having the details that the number of 75’s is rising. Their solution is based on them wanting to limit the cost to the existing, shades of the extension of the retirement age.
    Still think we should get a petition going to get the EBC in Scotland devolved to Hollyrood.
    On thread.
    See that one of the websites has published details of McViles having an affair with Ian Duncan Smith, small world isn’t it.

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    1. Well, broadcasting would be devolved in any reasonable system.

      I thought the fair Esther was living with that Tory bloke that makes it his mission in life to talk out backbench bills.

      Personal life
      McVey lives in West Kirby, Wirral. She was previously in relationships with BBC producer Mal Young[50] and former Conservative frontbencher Ed Vaizey.[51] When in London, she shared a flat in Pimlico with Conservative colleague Philip Davies MP,[52] with whom she has had a “long time on-and-off romantic interest”.[53] They were reported to be partners in July 2018.[1] The house-sharing arrangement ended when McVey lost her seat at the 2015 general election.[54] In May 2019 the BBC’s Politics Live programme reported that she and Davies are engaged.[55] (Wiki)

      Jeez, she’s got the taste of an onion!


      1. Still iffen she wuz a bloke
        You’d be saying wot a guy.

        Did u see her launch standing
        There with a framed photo
        Of the blessed saint Margaret of Thatcher.

        Well who could not vote for now lol 😂 😝 😆

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        1. LOL… If she was a bloke having an affair with IDS I’d still say she had terrible taste, Niko!!!

          She was a big Thatcher fan.

          If I had a vote, I’d vote for her.

          For those who know about these things, is that her hair or a wig?


  8. Am I right in thinking we will soon have a PM of the UK that less than (not all will vote?) 160,000 people have voted for, out of a uk voting population of approx 46 million?
    Yet the Leavers complain about an “unelected” EU parliament !!

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    1. Well Tatu3 you are almost correct, but it’s much worse. In effect the Tory MPs can “play the system” in such a way that they can effectively choose who the PM is. When Theresa May won, the MPs reduced the candidates to two and th4n the other contender pulled out. So the Tory membership didn’t get to choose. So a few hundred can pick the PM.

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