Conan sent this (for which, thanks).

Every time I’ve been on any of these AUOB marches the atmosphere has been so friendly. Marchers chat, laugh, share stories, and are polite and nice to each other.

There is, of course, always a small bunch of Union Jack flag wavers, most of whom also are polite and well behaved, although they do tend to be shouting slogans which I can never make out because of the noise of the tens of thousands of independence supporters marching with music and drums and enjoying themselves.

I always smile at the unionists as we go past. They believe what they believe and I believe what I believe. Most of the marchers do. Some ignore them, and presumably some shout back, although I’ve not witnessed that.

I remember last year in Edinburgh seeing Miguel (a Twitter mate) waving and blowing them kisses as he proudly carried his Rainbow flag.

I don’t think we will ever convince the shouty people in these videos. I suspect that they create such bad publicity that they probably aren’t popular among their own people. This is not what unionism really looks like, is it?

No. I think not, but their behaviour and that of the young Nazi saluters back 5 years ago, are the impression that we tend to get of them.

Image result for Nazi salutes in glasgow

Sadly their “leader” seemed unwilling to condemn their behaviour, or indeed to discuss it at all.

But as Alex so rightly said in the last article:

“Surely Trump’s N.H.S comment, which I see now he’s trying to roll back on, must be a wake-up call to my generation who were substantially to blame for us losing the 2014 Independence Referendum.
“As my age increases, more and more I rely on the S.N.H.S to keep me alive, and if this threat to sell off one of our greatest national assets doesn’t resonate with my fellow pensioners, I will really doubt their sanity.”
I wonder if they will ever reflect on how much better services in Scotland, run by the SNP government, are in comparison to those in England run by the Tories.
Particularly the NHS,  and particularly because the people in the video at the top of this piece are at an age where they could find that they have a greater than average need of its services.
Maybe there comes a time to vote for self-preservation rather than for a British state that doesn’t give a stuff about them and prefers spending its (our) money on punching above its weight.


  1. I’m just grateful I don’t know any of these oddballs or live near any of them. I’m not only referring to the man in the dirty shirt and his entourage of sophisticates, but particularly to the foul-mouthed elderly harridan who spent her afternoon in George Square in the company of equally alluring Union Jack wagglers during the massive independence march recently. Somewhere there are grandchildren cringing.

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      1. That’s true. With a granny like that, I don’t suppose the children stood a chance. But you never know. Hope springs eternal (unless you think dirty shirts are stylish).

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      1. Can we call those of the Orange persuasion, devotees and boosters of King William of the House thereof, Willywagglers? Please?

        I shall leave now of my own volition, before I can be booed, or seriously hurt by cutting remarks.

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  2. It turns out that some of the UJ flag wavers in Galashiels were paid £20 to stand for an hour and wave the flag. Manky Jaiket went into a local pub and recruited them.

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      1. That’s incredibly interesting.

        That means they were *employed* as political campaigners. Doesn’t that have a whole *pile* of paperwork to make that legal?

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        1. Ha ha… Like all the people they bussed up from England during the 2014 campaign. The funny thing is that a lot of those ones were claiming unemployment benefits. Still, I’m sure they were looking for work in Scotland all the while they were here.

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  3. Violent aggressive thugs in support of a violent aggressive state.
    Without hatred and warfare,their existence is meaningless.
    The Union Jack symbolises colonial suppression around the world and and is not remembered fondly
    by former colonies who have gone their own way (apart it would seem from the US of A).
    I think it was Mary Robinson who coined the phrase that certain people are very proud of their bigotry and go to great lengths to ensure it is handed down from generation to generation.
    That is where we are at with unionism in Ireland and Scotland.
    Anything but Irish or Scottish or in the case of NI,ScottoIrish.
    The British state broadcaster in full military mode again today,yet another commemoration.
    Pure coincidence that Trump is visiting of course,not.

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      1. I always liked Mary Robinson. Nicola Sturgeon is cast from the same sort of mould, I do believe – a statesperson, not like the mediocre, self-dealing careerists and other human pests and vermin who make up the Westminster regime.

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  4. The knuckle-draggers pictured post indyref1 aren’t in fact Nazis – that’s the Red Hand of Ulster salute, so they’re more anti-catholic than anti-semitic.

    Or if you prefer they’re all Rangers fans – same difference. Oh & please nobody tell me they know someone who supports Rangers & they aren’t anti-catholic as I don’t believe you – or them 🙂

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    1. The Nazis were also anti-Catholic.

      And anti-gay.

      And anti-gypsie.

      They were anti- a lot of minority groups.

      Its just that the Jews got all the PR.

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  5. Vestas
    You are so correct with the statement, I have never met a rangers fan who didn’t confirm this with a statement like there are too many catholics in ………., insert whatever.
    And the majority of them don’t practice any religion other than the HATE religion.
    Children are being indoctrinated as wee read, so it will continue for a few generations yet, mores the pity.

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    1. Not just Rangers but the majority of England “fans” are just the same – witness the behaviour in Porto last night where they rioted (yet again) while singing “Fuck the pope and the IRA”. EUFA should ban England from European competition again – and include the national side.

      FFS they weren’t even playing last night!

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        1. You should also take note that they sing “fuck the pope” primarily in “catholic” countries so its entirely deliberate.

          Also “10 German Bombers” – FFS when are the English going to waken up to the fact its the 21st century? There’s nobody under the age of 90 who fought in WW2….

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          1. On that subject, I saw a tweet from Mike Huckabee, an ally of BoneSpurs Trump

            Gov. Mike Huckabee
            Must have been an “awkward” moment for Angela Merkel to sit in ceremony as the Allies commemorated D-Day that broke the back of Nazi Germany.

            Jeez, I imagine that it must have been embarrassing for the queen sitting next to the president of a country that vanquished her ancestor in 1783.

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  6. OT, but just for a laugh.
    Trump just landed in the Republic of Ireland.
    Said to Vadadkar:-
    “Probably you’ll ask me about Brexit because I just left some very good people who are very much involved with Brexit as you know, and I think it will all work out very well,” Mr Trump said.

    “And also for you, with your wall, your border. We have a border situation in the United States and you have one over here, but I hear it’s going to work out very well.”

    The taoiseach pointed out the Irish government wanted to avoid “a border or wall” between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland..
    After saying he has a great relationship with your Prime Minister, maybot.
    The most powerful fool in the world no less.
    Pity he’s got the keys to obliterate us, who voted for this?

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    1. He really has very little understanding of what it’s all about.

      Maybe someone has tried to explain it to him, but I’m pretty sure that after the first two minutes he drifts off a bit like Homer, and his mind reverts to donuts or Mcdonalds or KFC… .


      1. Actually, it looks like he wasn’t entirely sure that Ireland was a country and not a part of the UK.

        He was asked by a reporter if his visit was to promote his gold course and he replied some garbled nonsense about his visit being to do with Brexit and the relationship he has with the prime minister.

        They don’t have a prime minister any more than Germany has a prime minister.


  7. This is off topic. I thought it would be hard to find someone who was less articulate that David Mundell, but I see the apple didn’t fall far from the tree here. He surpasses his dear old dad when it comes to being a stuttering stumbling bumbling idiot.

    Seriously though Olly, I personally really don’t give a s**t what way you vote, but maybe you should, however, think carefully about what your constituents voted for.


    1. Oliver Mundell “is the sort of public speaker that makes you wish his dad had embraced his homosexuality sooner”.

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        1. I used to walk past the High court in uniform every day in my last job. I’d see them, the dregs of humanity out for a break, their pinched weasel faces sucking on a fag, or glugging cheap wine.
          Hostile gazes followed me – I was the enemy, yet they too had their own type of uniform. Curses followed me as soon as my back was turned… then they would don their wigs and get back to court.

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      1. A statement with which I agree, in a non-literal sort of way – and if anyone has the right to opine on whether it’s homophobic or not, it’s me.

        Poor Olly. Aren’t there supposed to be careers advisers in schools these days?

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  8. Another off topic here.

    I’m told that the SNP fears the election of Jo Swinson as Liberal Democrat Scottish leader almost as much as they feared the election of Jim Murphy as the leader of Labour in Scotland.

    Still, if she lasts as long as he did and is as effective as he was…

    Anyone know whatever happened to Jim?


  9. Jim is a political consultant using his experience of high office to secure the union in Scotland.
    Bought and paid for, a socialist in waiting for ermine but needing a corbyn win.

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  10. THE former Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy has taken almost £150,000 in tax-efficient dividends from his one-man political consultancy, according to its latest accounts.

    The former Scottish Secretary paid himself £56,500 in 2016 and £89,700 in 2017 through his firm Arden Strategies Limited.

    Mr Murphy set up the company, named after the Glasgow housing scheme where he grew up, in October 2015, shortly after leading Scottish Labour to its worst ever election result.

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      1. Well, they keep rolling Gordie Broon oot fae whitever cryogenic storage unit they keep him in, to make one of those off-kilter, unimpressive and unhelpful remarks which WGD calls Broonterventions – Broon always sounds to me as if he’s been off doing a Rip van Winkel in Transylvania somewhere and hasn’t caught up properly with current affairs here in Scotland yet. Not that that was anything he cared about all that much, if it didn’t threaten Westminster’s rule over us and our country, and its unrestricted access to our resources. Wasn’t he Chancellor of the Exchequer when Blair rewrote the maritime boundaries to saw off another chunk of Scottish waters in favour of England? Sons of the manse are supposed to be against theft and exploitation, I always thought. Same goes for daughters of vicarages too, I suppose, which shows how much I know.

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  11. Just a thought on your first video – who the hell goes to an outdoor rally dressed in a suit and tie ??? Oh sorry, a unionist obviously.

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  12. Ref Jim Murphy’s company.
    Had a look at the companies house site to see the published accounts.
    Last ones I saw were for 2017.
    Total top line seems to have been £42k, with £14k as cash in hand.
    The company paid out around £80k in dividends to the single shareholder that year.
    I have knowledge of a few of these small companies. They have one owner/director. The employee takes an annual salary of £12k, which is around the same as the income tax personal allowance, hence very little income tax paid.
    The company profits are distributed as DIVIDENDS, which attract a tax liability of 5%.
    So it is possible to pay a quarter of the tax we pay on PAYE. All quite legal.
    This is my understanding of the current situation, maybe someone with an accountancy background could update.

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    1. In theory IR35 should most certainly apply to Murphy and his company which would prevent him paying dividends to circumvent employer/employee NI and (more limited now) income tax.

      There is absolutely no possibility of “substitution” as he’s the only “employee” and I’d be willing to place a large wager that the majority (if not all) of the company’s income derives from one “client” – in his case the Henry Jackson Society (probably via the Atlantic Council).

      If you’re useful to the BritNat state then they look the other way – or they win entirely spurious tax appeals on ridculous grounds (BBC presenters being the poster children of this scam).

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    1. I doubt she’ll move out tomorrow. She’ll still be PM, just not leader of the Conservative Party. When they have a new member sworn in by Liz, then we shall see the tears.

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