Munguin was happy to welcome President Trump Biscuit for drinks (bring your own) at Munguin Towers.

I’ve no time for Sajid Javid, but he was the only senior cabinet minister who was denied an invitation to the multi-million-pound dinner for the extended Trump family at Buckingham Palace yesterday.


I wonder why that was…


It seems that, much to Mayhem’s embarrassment, the president of the US has indicated that the NHS is on the table for negotiations in a future trade deal.

Everything, indeed, is on the table. Now in fairness, I didn’t hear him say that he wants to privatise the NHS, just that it will be on the table.

Nicola Sturgeon has said that the Scottish NHS must never be on the table, but we all know that she could, at present, be overruled by someone as insignificant as David Mundell.

There’s a thought to worry you.





Image result for penny mordaunt looking stupid

Penny Mordant, who I am told is the defence secretary (it’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing UK cabinet as they keep on walking or being fired), wants to use the Army to deal with rising violent crime rates in England, which in itself is a rather frightening situation.

Perhaps if the government that she is a part of funded the police a little more generously then there would be less need to make use of the armed forces to keep the peace on English streets.

However, I noted at the same time that violent crime in Scotland is down by 33% over 10 years and I can’t help wondering if this is just a sneaky way of getting us Scots to subsidise the lack of English police.

On the matter of violent crime, I saw that Birmingham, England, now has a scheme (launched today)ย  to provide stab bags or bleed control kits to pubs and nightclubs in the city. These kits contain all you need to staunch the blood flow if one of your mates gets stabbed on a night out. The need for these bags has convinced me that I won’t be visiting any nighteries in Brun in the near future!


What on earth is that orange thing with grandmama?
Jeez, Trumpy’s speech is boring and I’m stuck next to this loser. Must have a word with the servants. That ceiling needs painting. Will it never be time to go home?

34 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. It’s a great pity for us Scots that javid is a leading light in a vile organisation that hates us Scots and wants to keep us as a colony of englandland.
    Strange people that can slip a cigarette paper between the tories and the republicans

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  2. May suggesting after Trump’s statement about the NHS that,of course it would be subject to negotiation.
    Let’s be absolutely clear about this.
    A UK outside of Europe will be negotiating nada with the USA.
    They will be told by the USA what the deal is and if they don’t like it…….
    The only things the USA will now be interested in a UK outside of the EU will be as a dumping ground for their farm produce and access to our Health service for their pharmaceutical corporations.
    No more interest in the UK as their Trojan horse into the EU.
    For those blinkered Britnats who think they have a “special” relationship with the USA,they only have to look at how their hero,Churchill,was sidelined by the USA during the Potsdam conference when they decided that Russia was more important to their interests than Blighty.
    At least within the EU,the Britnats had a say,which is a lot more than they are going to get from Trump and friends.
    Stupid people.

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    1. With his usual consistency he has changed his mind on the NHS. Last time he was in England he said, within two days, that we had no chance of a trade deal and that we would get a great trade deal. You simply never know with him.

      He didn’t like Gove the other day, and then he was having a meeting with him. (Did that happen?)

      He’s not exactly dependable, is he?

      I once had an American mate (not Danny on this occasion) who said that the special relationship was something in the minds of the Brits. Most Americans didn’t give a stuff about it, and for the government it consisted of them saying JUMP and the UK asking HOW HIGH?


  3. It takes a lot about Trump to horrify me anymore. For example, we can surely come to terms with abolishing the NHS if that’s what Trumpy really wants to do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BUT his attire for the state dinner at the palace is quite another matter! Clearly, the Queen took one look at him and became physically ill. She had to avert her eyes. He’s the President of the United States, he claims to have billions of dollars, and he can’t afford a tailor to fashion properly-fitting white tie attire for the occasional state dinner with the Windsors?

    Perhaps he misses his long red crotch-length tie, and decided to substitute a white waistcoat that’s almost as long. By contrast, the tailcoat in its shortness seems to accentuate the effect of the long white (form fitting) waistcoat. And are the white shirtsleeves too long? Who would ever know? They’re covered by the sleeves of the coat that are so long they cover most of his hands. And then the pant legs! Are those baggy things draped over his shoes actually trouser legs, or perhaps pantaloons? In the face of this sartorial disaster, the lack of a white pocket square hardly seems worth mentioning.

    Certain media outlets have declared that Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin’s outfit looks good by comparison. Can it be that they think it’s OK to wear a BLACK tie to a WHITE tie affair?

    Melania was generally given high marks for her frock from the House of Dior. Sadly, the members of the Trump crime family don’t have those snappy blue sashes that the royals wear.

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    1. PS…..Upon further Googling…….A photo of the other members of America’s leading crime family who hitched a ride on Air Force One and had to be invited to the palace.

      And some commentary from “Esquire,” which takes quite some time to actually get to the point that the vest is too long (which a school child can see.)


      But what’s to be made of people who clearly don’t know what a dinner jacket is (AKA “Tuxedo,” “Tux”) in contrast to a tailcoat? People who don’t appreciate the difference between semi-formal black tie attire verses fully formal white tie and tailcoat are people who’ve never dined at the palace with the Windsors. Such as this headline writer at USA Today. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      The Washington Post interviews an actual tailor who brings some facts to the discussion. Basically the problem is that Trumpy is overweight and his clothing is not custom tailored.


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      1. LOL, Danny.

        It must be really hard getting clothes to fit when you are Donny’s size. If it were anyone else I’d feel sorry for him, but he’s getting back the kind of stuff he says about other people.

        So I don’t.

        He does look ridiculous. But, in my opinion, they all look ridiculous. Who wears that kind of thing in the 21st century anyway?

        Munguin is no follower of fashion. That scarf stays firmly around his neck, no matter who and where. Even there with President Trump Biscuit, there was no changing for dinner.

        I seem to recall something from Downton Abbey you sent me years ago, where the old Duchess was scandalised by someone wearing the wrong attire to dinner. He didn’t show in Jeans and a t-shirt of course. The difference was in the colour of the tie.

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        1. Tris……Munguin is to be commended for his informality. ๐Ÿ˜‰
          Yes, there were some later episodes of Downton Abbey where Lord Grantham decided to get modern and dress for dinner in a tuxedo and black tie, instead of white tie and tails. It infuriated his mother the Dowager Countess (played by Maggie Smith) who always had something sarcastic to say. On one occasion, she asked him for a drink, and then immediately apologized for mistaking him for a waiter. On another occasion he showed up in his dinner jacket, and she suggested that he should just as well come down to dinner in his dressing gown or pajamas. Items 1, 17, and 18:

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    2. LOL, Danny.

      Trump, as we say here, always looks like he “fell aff a flittin'”.

      (Fell from the back a house removal van)

      But you’d think with his money, and the fact that he could charge this to the job), he might have managed a suit that fitted.

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  4. Sartorial elegance with blue sashes my father wore, where was phil the greek, too ill from the car crash.
    To be clear.
    Anyone for a game of Snakes and Ladders with the tory 1922 committee?
    Looks like even the dice are loaded.
    Down to hunt, gove or rabb for the tap dug spot.

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    1. Seems that being “retired from public life” means that Phil doesn’t have to sit through state dinners with the Trumps. So Charlie is on call for such affairs. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. “Braindead, braindead, braindead! Get it up ye, ye fat wank!”

        Coming from someone who’s fat and braindead, the irony will escape her.

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        1. LOL. Quite so. It makes you wonder how much good any kind of reasoned argument about how much better things are in Scotland and without the interfering of the London Tories how much even better they could be.

          Noted that the culprits are all …shall we say, out of their 20s.

          Yes, I agree, Conan.

          I’ll put it up now.


        2. Thanks, Conan

          I listened to her over and over and couldn’t get it. I wonder where she learned the word ‘braindead’. It must have been a struggle for her to understand. I’ve seen an unedited version of this video with more of her commentary . A really unpleasant specimen.


  5. Surely Trump’s N.H.S comment, which I see now he’s trying to roll back on, must be a wake-up call to my generation who were substantially to blame for us losing the 2014 Independence Referendum.
    As my age increases, more and more I rely on the S.N.H.S to keep me alive, and if this threat to sell off one of our greatest national assets doesn’t resonate with my fellow pensioners, I will really doubt their sanity.

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    1. Just as a personal aside to something I mentioned above, I phoned my local health centre for an appointment, and to my astonishment I am now seeing my G.P later this morning. What a service, and all free.

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      1. Did you see that series of Tweets from a lady somewhere in England, Alex? She phoned her surgery in March and was told that there were no appointments until the beginning of June. She then asked for an appointment in June and they said that they couldn’t make appointments that far in advance. She should phone back in May. When she did all the appointments were taken.

        Clearly he problem is not a serious or emergency one, but for heaven’s sake… this is a nonsense.

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    2. Yes. If older people can’t see the dangers here, Alex, with people like Farage calling for an private insurance based health service, which would, under Tories, likely become relatively unregulated, then they really need to do some thinking.

      Just because Trump rolled back there, doesn’t mean he won;t roll forward next week, or even by lunch time, depending on who pours flattering words into his ear.

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