Could you possibly explain why you are using taxpayers’ money to pay Twitter to promote your “precious” union?

You really would have thought, wouldn’t you, that if it was THAT good, you wouldn’t have to pay people to promote it?

Also, given that you are supposedly Scotland’s man in the government in England, could you let us know if Theresa ever acceded to your request to meet with her over Brexit? Not that it matters now that she’s toast.

Thirdly, you REALLY couldn’t make this up.

Yours sincerely


Munguin (and Fuzzy)



45 thoughts on “DEAR MR MUNDELL”

  1. You’re catching him at a bad time. He is so worried trying to figure out who the new “leader” will be and whether they drink tea or coffee, and how they like it, and of course which biscuits they will like.
    It’s a lot of pressure you know.
    Ha can’t worry about Scotland, so why not farm it out?

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    1. Ah. I knew there was an explanation somewhere.

      It’s a big responsibility becasue it won’t just be the PM that’s new. The entire government will will different. Loads of tea break orders to remember.

      Just as well he has broad shoulders.


    1. It would solve a problem if BoJo traded us against the NHS.

      And Trumpy would be fascinated. He could build a massive golf course and loads of his tasteless towers.


  2. Scots won’t take any lectures from the Tory governor general about lack of progressive policies in our country.
    His bosses using Henry VIII act to railroad legislation through Westminster is not exactly a shining example of parliamentary democracy or process.
    He is bad,very bad,as are most of his pals at Westminster.

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    1. I was trying to think, the other day, of something that they do better than we do, and as of yet, I can’t.

      Getting on with the day job? (Ruth’s expression.) Well, they aren’t in England where, for example, you can wait three months for a doctor’s appointment in some places.


      1. Dear All,

        This is just an observation.

        We all (myself included) have a tendency to refer to the Treaty of Union and I have been thinking of late that this is a slightly misleading term especially if our fellow Scots, wishing at present to be tied to the (Royal) Union, feel that this is a slight to the SaxeCoburg Gotha family.

        I imagine the question of the Royal Union (1603) might well be addressed after our political separation.

        At present we are surely trying to extricate ourselves from the Treaty of Union (1707)(of the Parliaments), a totally different proposition and one I would have thought most sane people (whether Remainers, leavers, royalists or whatever)(including our English neighbours – if they had the opportunity) would concur.

        Thus we maybe should consider referring to withdrawing our support in regard to the Treaty of Union of the PARLIAMENTS.

        Kind regards,


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        1. Well, yeah, that’s reasonable.

          The royal union is a matter of small consequence in my opinion. In reality they don;t matter, and would matter even less if we were independent and they appointed Mundell and the Governor General.

          Apart from being glittery and impressing the likes of Trump, they have little function. (If they had, surely they would have hauled May up before now and told her to sort her mess out or resign, sharpish.)

          It is indeed the 1707 union that I have a problem with. It is that that holds us back. Not some royal nonsense. There are, after all quite a few progressive, well run countries that have royalty… Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg for example.

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      1. Well said Mr. Schneider and the lady in the interview.

        I thought Hammond might be reasonable but obviously only when mixing with his type.

        To say they are addressing the matter is a mega joke. He and his Labour pals have had since 2008 to do so and all intelligent people know that austerity measures do not work.

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  3. When you mention using taxpayers money, what has really got to me especially over the last few days is the obscene cost of hosting one individual from a foreign country.
    Apart from the cost of the security deemed necessary to protect this unsavoury person, what I find angers me is the details being given over the various tea parties, lunches and dinners given in this dubious person’s “honour”. Silver service no less.
    This in an age where real people cannot afford to put food on their table, either for them or their families, and have to rely on charity food banks. In this case I’m talking about people in employment, who quite simply aren’t being paid enough, while our money rolls into the accounts of big business bosting their shareholders dividends. And don’t get me started on the treatment dished out to the most vulnerable in our society, due to an entirely unnecessary austerity agenda, voted through by an obnoxious cabal of tories, labour and lib-dems.
    Since I was once barred from a supposed independence supporting website during the last campaign, I have to careful not to let my anger get the better of me, but the phrase, “let them eat cake” comes to mind. July 14th anyone?

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    1. I agree.

      I can understand why all of this is happening though. From all that we know about Trump, he isn’t in the least bit interested in the minutia of actual government and doesn’t understand most of it.

      He is being given all the pomp and ceremony because THAT is what he likes about being president. THAT is what is important. And THAT is why he has brought his extended family on this trip at our expense so that they can see him in close proximity to royalty.

      He has a small mind and this will undoubtedly fill it. He will see himself as their equal, which, of course, he is, because they are all just people. But this is his idea of heaven.

      It will play well for him back home among his intellectually challenged followers, and in the USA you’re never far form an election.

      He will be well pleased and he has already indicated that a trade deal is probable as long as we kick Europe out of our lives. (And his ambassador has suggested as long as we give up our health services to American companies). Then there is the telecommunications stuff with the Chinese, which we will have to ditch. I already hear vague “roll back” messages about that.

      They will do anything for a trade deal. Even an America First trade deal, and one that will keep the Uk at the top table, where it has no business to be.

      It’s not just Trump, although an obscene amount of money has been shaken from the magic money tree that Mayhem assured us she didn’t have.

      Imprinted on my mind is a picture of the queen sitting close to a golden piano telling us what a good Christian she was, while not a mile away her subjects huddled cold and hungry under a bridge.

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      1. That boat was Polish. And it fought to protect Clydebank. There is a monument that still stands in Clydebank that honours them.

        In 1994 a memorial 26 pin was unveiled at the Clydebank Town Hall as a tribute to, and in recognition of, the spontaneous actions
        of officers and the crew of the ORP Piorun during the Clydebank Blitz.

        No, I have no idea what a 26 pin is.

        But the Poles were heros.

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          1. Yes, Britain claims to have won WWII but it left Poland and the Polish people still occupied by a brutal invader. So they achieved nothing. And Churchill agreed with Stalin that he could have Poland.

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            1. Of course, the Soviet Union played a massive part in the outcome of the war. I suspect that Stalin expected, given the number of Soviet deaths, that he could expect some recompense.

              But it was certainly ironic that Europe was saved from a brutal dictator by a brutal dictator.

              I remember noting from a trip to the House of Horror museum in Budapest, how similar the Nazis were to the Soviets in so much that they did.


  4. Pair auld Lizzie, what’s it come tae. Sucking up to the orange oik for a trade deal which is in itself a contradiction in terms. The leavers, and the rest of us of course, rather than getting sovereignty back will watch as the head of state and her establishment toady, smooze and politic to sell it off to the Americans in the fire sale of the century. O well, one mans tragedy is another’s pocket lining as they no doubt say in Westminster.

    The folk that’ll be laughing all the way to the bank will once again not be us. The leavers have really stuck it to the elites. 🤨 Boris, Farage and the rest, doing it for the little guy.

    You couldn’t Fcuking make it up.

    Cue the song Douglas.

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    1. As someone on the news pointed out, whatever they do to suck up, trade deals take time. Possibly 5-10 years with a big trade deal with a big country.

      It’s one thing to sign up to something with the Faroe Islands; it is another to do it with the USA.

      And the USA will make demands, and because the UK is desperate and the US is not, guess who will fold their tents first.


        1. The thing is that, yes, of course, time is on the US said, after all they have lots of trade deals and the Uk has none and… but it’s not on Trump’s side. He has at best 5.5 years to go…


  5. Not a great fan of Corbyn BUT,
    Strange that Trump is happy to work with Putin.
    Just saying.
    Strange old world we live on.
    A bottle of wine, 6 wine glasses full, at a snip of £10,000. Do the arithmetic, say £1600 a glass.
    The wee do had 100 guests, say 25 bottles, no 3 cases don’t be tight. only £330,000 or there abouts, no need to be accurate, it’s still madness.
    The revolution can’t be too far in the future, wake up Scots.

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    1. I think there were nearly 200 at the dinner, but some had wine from the queen’s private estates… English sparking wine. She sells it to the crown for just £37 a bottle.

      I bet Chic sold them some of his Ducky Originals too.

      If you have to put with that lot all night you might as well make some dosh out of it.



    With apologies to all, but I did know we had been conquered in 1707!

    At least I know if the writer is correct the current flag only applies since the ‘acquisition’ of Ireland in 1801.

    Does this mean the combined Scottish/English flag and the subsequent one only indicates the British State and not the United Kingdom, since unfortunately we have been a United Kingdom, only with separate flags, since 1603.

    I am sure one of the many history buffs on here can help me out in my future discussions with the doubters.

    Thanks in advance. Ian

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    1. Oh… I’ve got a history buff mate, Grumpy….

      I will ask him, but won’t see him till Monday.

      I’m pretty sure that one of our learned readers will enlighten us before that!


        1. However, Grumpy, he does say that that page is rubbish.

          Of course we weren’t conquered in 1707. The aristocracy was bought with gold and the educated people were bought with promises that THEIR world (law, religion and education mainly) would not change. The VAST majority of the population wasn’t consulted, of course. Plus ca change!

          My mate is so averse to the Union Flag that he has never studied anything about it. But there is a history here.


          1. Many thanks for this and taking time to get the information.

            From this it would appear that it is a Union of the Crowns flag and therefore is not relevant in any counter argument, as we are trying to dissolve the Union of the Parliaments at this stage. The Union of the Crowns scenario should be on the back burner at present.

            My motto is ‘Dump Westminster – Save billions’.

            Thanks again

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