Apparently, Gove is running… I say, make it stop!

 Der Spiegel, Germany, May 20, 2019.
 POLITICO.eu, Belgium, May 25, 2019.
 POLITICO.com, U.S., May 18, 2019 .
De Volkskrant, The Netherlands, May 17, 2019
 Caglecartoons.com, The Netherlands, May 17, 2019
Caglecartoons.com, Bulgaria, May 18, 2019
The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, U.S., May  18, 2019 




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Penguin WATCHES work!

Thanks to BJSAlba and Dave.

38 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

          1. Given that it’s a UK wide election, I have no real objection to it covering a UK story. But, what’s the point of it being a Scottish “organ” if it doesn’t look at it for a Scottish point of view?

            None of them are really newspapers any more. Just propaganda, which in other times they reserved for their opinion columns or their leaders.


  1. Seems like Scotland has been painted SNP overnight, well worth the wait.
    Slab will rise again, when they start seeing the truth of the matter.
    Independence is normal for a country.
    Still can’t work out why anyone would vote for the brexit company here in Scotland, Is it just a warning shot over the bows of Scon and Slab?
    Anyway the maybot has her place in englandland history, buried by a ton of votes for farage.
    Looking forward to hearing the spin.

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    1. She must be miserable. It’s hard to see how she can carry on until they get their new leader. She should go now and let that wee grey blokey, her deputy, whose name always escapes me, take over.


    2. Well at least we know the snp
      Are ecstatic about being within
      A larger UNION of nations.

      Taking their laws rules and regulations over and above any
      Laws passed within Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

      Who would of thunk it 🤔

      snp says being safe within a
      UNION 🇪🇺is by far the best option for the people of Scotland .

      Independent nation my erse

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      1. awa n bile yer heid.

        No-one thinks France and Germany, the Netherlands etc etc aren’t independent countries. The EU union is a union that allows members a veto and let’s them vote about leaving whereas the UK union tells you “now is not the time” and pays no attention to the wishes of three of its four members unless they agree with the biggest.

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          1. No, you certainly shouldn’t. A boiled nikostratos head is beyond reason. Could we all cool it a bit?

            I detest the guy’s politics but…..

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  2. The lie that Scotland and England are a single polity has been finally exposed and put to rest.
    Scotland is a European country and England isn’t and it is crystal clear that Westminster no longer serves our interests.
    All that remains for cringing Scots is to accept this reality and do the right thing.
    Yes we can!

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    1. By your logic Norway and Switzerland are not “European countries” – EU and Europe are not the same thing.

      I note that two of the political cartoons push the idea of widespread Russian interference in the European elections. Madness. Almost exactly the opposite is the truth. Beware, because the same propagandists are pushing the idea that the Gilet Jeunes are merely racist, anti semitic tools of Putin’s masterplan to destabilise the wonderful Europe being created by Macron and Merkel.

      The fact that the SNP management are falling over themselves to go along with this anti-Russian propaganda is deeply worrying to many of it’s members.

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  3. First of the Spin from SLAB.
    ‘We had a nuanced message, too complex for our support’
    Jackie Bailey’s lost her calcculator, found by Willie Rennie who says ‘Libdems have won the election’
    Must be a unionist disease caught from untruthful ruthie, she won the last SG election, didn’t she tell us.

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  4. SNP support has grown again, greens up, labour and tories oot windae, rest irrelevant. Bring on Boris to shout for no deal brexit, split his party and cause no confidence votes in party and House. Forces gen election, hung parliament with increased number of SNP MPs, indy ref 2 – job done.

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    1. One comment I heard was that the size of the Brexit vote in England is being read as a vote for hard Brexit.

      MPs may well be guided by that when they vote for a leader.


  5. It’s unsettling to see Michael Gove in shorts. I saw another clip of him jogging for journalists in which it looked as though he was running away from some deviant act he had committed round the corner.
    He’ll always be a knob.

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    1. Yes, of course the man, no matter how unprepossessing he is, is as entitled to go running in shorts as anyone else.

      With him though, you can’t help feeling that he wanted to be seen, and thought it would do his leadership campaign good… and that is unsettling.


          1. I remember a certain Mr Murphy just happened to jog along Pravda Quay when a group of journalists and photographers were hanging around waiting for a story. Didn’t he also wear a Scotland team top?

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    2. As with his counterpart across the pond (the Orange One) Gove never left the kindergarten stage.
      Politics for the underdeveloped mind.

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      1. Some say he’s bright, but to be honest I fail to see it.

        Plus I think that Mrs Gove wears the pants in that house. It is probably her decisions we would have to deal with, and she’s a columnist for the Daily Mail!


  6. More on Gove with this extract from something he appears to have done on TV about Scots. It’s been doing the rounds on twitter.

    “Us blackfellahs lazy no do work, boss.”

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      1. Well, maybe he’ll be able to get himself English citizenship soon.

        At least he was able to say the word, Scotland, unlike Gordon Brown who insisted on North Britain.


  7. Meanwhile, back in reality:

    “In a separate BBC interview, Ms Sturgeon said she would bring forward legislation later this week at Holyrood paving the way for a second independence vote.

    She said: “This week we will bring forward legislation to put in place the rules for giving people the choice in an independence referendum over a Brexit future or a future as an independent European nation.”

    Now, that is interesting.

    Any thoughts?

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