This is who will choose our next prime minister.


9 thoughts on “OH DEAR HEAVENS”

  1. Why are you surprised at this Tris?

    Seriously the East Mids/East of England areas outside major metropolitan areas have been like this for a decade or more.

    I have some sympathy for parents back around 2007 because the influx of Poles to that area caused a virtual collapse in primary schooling in those areas.

    We had 20-30 Polish kids turn up in a year for the local primary school here, none of whom spoke English and no funding to teach them. Obviously they got taught but the time got sucked away from “local kids” because there’s no extra funding for years and then only “New Labour” stuff.

    We taught our kids to do the basics ourselves – read/write/add/subtract/multiply so we weren’t as affected.

    That in turn resulted in adverse secondary results for that cadre of pupils but those days are largely gone now- the same (sub-standard) results apply to all in E&W these days 🙂

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    1. But surely it is the government’s job… in that case the UK government (English branch) to fund schools in accordance with the situation.

      In Sweden and Iceland the government run language lessons in tandem with other education, and work, and I think it is obligatory to attend these lessons and learn, Swedish/Icelandic.

      Of course, if we didn’t need the workers we could, under EU rules, have not allowed them to stay.


      1. Yes but “New Labour” were in complete denial for years as to how many Eastern Europeans were arriving and hence refused to increase funding appropriately. In addition of course most of the non-metropolitan areas were Tory constituencies and they were starved of school funding for 13 years by New Labour – Leicestershire/Licolnshire being the poster children of that deliberate policy (children in Leicester city still receive 30% more funding/head than county children to this day – it was much worse in the 00s).

        Ultimately poorer English children suffered disproportionally and those children are now adults – and voting for Farage/Brexit. Its not quite a direct correlation with that cadre but its very close.

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        1. Yes, I accept that. And it was worse for the UK because it had an open door policy when other countries realized the potential for mass migration from previous Soviet client states.

          It’s a topic for a post on its own, but it was another example of badly planned policy from crap UK government.

          They had no idea how it would impact.

          They thought they knew better than others, as usual…and they were wrong, as usual.


    1. Yes, they sound like morons, but unfortunately, in this situation they choose who is going to be the prime minister of the whole of the UK, including Scotland.


    2. Colin, I’ll be going on holiday shortly with the English branch of the family. Fortunately, this year it’s in Scotland.
      Now these are all professional people, who when they worked, now mostly retired, held responsible positions. And yet when the E.U referendum first reared its ugly head, they were, and still are, in favour of a “no deal” Brexit. Now with one exception, they are not originally English. They are, or were, Scots/Irish, but have now lived in England for fifty years.
      Now these supposedly intelligent people, according to recent telephone conversations I have had with them, have no intention of changing their mind, despite even knowing that any form of Brexit is bad for the whole of the U.K.
      We have come to an agreement that during our time together, the conversations will be Brexit free. Let’s hope that comes to pass.

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      1. To be honest, I’m not sure I could cope with such a holiday.

        I wish you luck. When you get back you can regale us with tales of how you coped. 🙄


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