Image result for orangutans
Good morning kiss for my mummy.
n baby
Young bird found stunned on the ground, looked after by a kind person and ready to fly away after 15 minutes.
n black mambas
Black mambas.
n capybara fam
Capybara and family.
n cat
Oh go on, let me sit on your lap.
n diving in Egypt
Diving lessons here…
n dog bea 3
We could play in the sand…
n dog bea 2
…or in the water.
n do not
Damn it, tree, can you not read?
n deer cat
n el
Do you think he could carry me?
n horns
…And I can hire myself out as a corkscrew!
n frog
I never got the hang of camouflage lessons at Froggie school.
n pied wagtail
Pied Wagtail standing on one leg.
n ozoud falls morocco
Ozoud Falls, Morocco.
n rhod
Rhododendron Path. 
Image result for gabarone
Gaborone, Botswana.
n spiny flower mantis
Spiney Flower Mantis.
n sq
My tree!!!
Image result for orangutans
So long… we’ll see you next week.



27 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. Hope that capybara doesn’t live in a Tory country because shies well in breach of the two child cap!! LOVED that baby elephant but someone tell that frog that “red and green should never be seen”…

    Nice to see some cats too and to almost see that dog – he blended in well with the sand didn’t he? Topped and tailed by those wonderful earliest to evolve great apes. Smashing – thanks Tris.

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    1. Maybe she is a royal, PP. It doesn’t apply to them. The frog asks if you have any idea how difficult it is to find a red leaf in the jungle.

      Anyway, I’m glad you liked. Hopefully life is reaffirmed! 😎

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      1. Perhaps it is the opposite of camouflage, and designed to either be or pretend to be an ‘evil beast’? Not to be messed with? I am pretty sure that that is a pretty sucessful survival tactic.

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  2. Nice picture of Gabarone from the air.
    A small independent country that seems to be srtong and stable.
    At least when I worked there they seemed to have no hungry people.
    They’re concern was the number of people coming down to escape Robert Mugabe.
    The EU funded a new training college in Gabarone, all modern and up to date technology, gret to see their young people taking up education.
    A pleasant collection as usual, thanks for Soppy Sunday.

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    1. Botswana appears to be pretty strong and stable. It’s a pity that May didn’t go over there and take lessons from their government.

      Loved Alexander McCall Smith’s books based there.


      1. Since my specialties are science and architecture, I must comment on the skyline of Gaborone…..or more or less the lack thereof.

        I did find a few buildings though. Maybe the tall one is a Trump Tower. 😉

        Nice pictures! Especially the waterfall and the rhododendrons. The camouflage challenged frog too.

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        1. Yes it is rather flat…

          I suppose one way to ensure that Trump doesn’t unleash any of his madness upon you, would be to allow him to build a tower and a golf course…

          That frog is my favourite, I think.

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            1. We are all bereft. Some of us may have to make a long a costly journey to London to protest about him. However, I see that the London Government has decided that protests are not to be allowed in certain places. I expect they are trying to keep him sweet. Well, OK as sweet as something sour like Trump can be.

              I hope the state banquet is KFC and Micky Ds.

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  3. Great pics. Is the young bird a Goldcrest fledgling? Black mambas, eh – is that them heading off to register themselves for the Tory leadership contest by any chance? Mind you, they’d be wasting their time, they’re far too pleasant and humane to have any chance.
    I was too late for this week’s All Our Yesterdays. Just got back later yesterday from a few days break in that city of culture, art, history and friendly folks on the East coast – that’s right, Conan – Dundee 🙂

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    1. I’m not sure, Andi. It looks like it could be.

      Goodness, if only we could have a couple of black mambas instead of the nest of vipers that is standing. There isn’t one, not one, that I’d trust to run a bath, never mind Brexit.

      What I can’t understand is why anyone would want the job. I said that they would keep her on until she failed because whoever followed would necessarily do a better job than she had.

      But now she has resigned and Brexit is still making the UK look like the clown act.

      Whoever takes over will be in the same lousy state as she was, and none of them appears to be any brighter than she is. Doomed to failure.

      So, you came to Dundee and you didn’t present your calling card to Munguin. He’s not a happy animal!

      Hope you had a good time. Weather has been crap!


      1. Ah, Tris, I was only in Dundee for a couple of nights. I thought it would have been too presumptuous of me to expect the august Munguin to be able to receive my lowly self when his days are packed with so many salons, levées and other grand social occasions. It was, however, cheering to know that I was in the city which is enhanced by his mere presence. I humbly crave his pardon if he thought otherwise.
        Actually the weather – Thursday & Friday – was very pleasant and the city looked splendid. We (lady wife & I) had a most enjoyable time and resolved to return sooner next time.

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        1. Munguin has had a busy week, right enough, however, he informs me he would have made 10 minutes available to you had you presented your calling card to the doorman (Tris).

          I’m glad you enjoyed it though…

          Don’t be a stranger.


      1. I’ll be fascinated to know the outcome. Y’know, of the EU election.

        Clearly the sane will have rejected Nigel Farage and BoJo. The electorate will have given up on the guns and the guts, oh! err! and the xenophobia of our beloved lunatics – NF and BJ?

        We will be in a milk pond of sense and sanity, where sanity rules?

        Or not?

        There is a war coming. Hopefully it remains a political war, but it as sure as heck is coming.

        If I read you right, dear readers, you are not thurled to either BJ or NF.

        We need an opportunity to reject Westminster politics and it may come sooner than you think.

        We ought to be enabled for that. In other words we should have manifesto commitments that, at the next general election of their choosing, a majority of MP’s for independence is the end of the line for the UK.

        End of.

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        1. Well, we won;t know properly till tomorrow what Scotland has voted.

          And that is, for us, the important thing.

          Then of course we need to worry about what mischief the Brexit party will get up to in parliament in Brussels when they take their seats.

          Will they be daft enough to try to disrupt business?


  4. Just as an aside, the beautiful baby elephant at ten could, in the past have been an adult elephant.

    See here:

    “Dwarf elephants are prehistoric members of the order Proboscidea which, through the process of allopatric speciation on islands, evolved much smaller body sizes (around 1.5-2.3 metres) in comparison with their immediate ancestors. Dwarf elephants are an example of insular dwarfism, the phenomenon whereby large terrestrial vertebrates (usually mammals) that colonize islands evolve dwarf forms, a phenomenon attributed to adaptation to resource-poor environments and selection for early maturation and reproduction. Some modern populations of Asian elephants have also undergone size reduction on islands to a lesser degree, resulting in populations of pygmy elephants.

    Fossil remains of dwarf elephants have been found on the Mediterranean islands of Cyprus, Malta (at Għar Dalam), Crete (in Chania at Vamos, Stylos and in a now underwater cave on the coast), Sicily, Sardinia, the Cyclades Islands and the Dodecanese Islands. Other islands where dwarf stegodon have been found are Sulawesi, Flores, Timor, other islands of the Lesser Sundas and Central Java, all islands are in Indonesia. The Channel Islands of California once supported a dwarf species descended from Columbian mammoths,[1] while small races of woolly mammoths were once found on Saint Paul Island; the mammoths on Wrangel Island are no longer considered dwarfs.”

    I’d have kind of loved a pet pygmy elephant.

    Folk that had been to Malta thought I was talking rubbish, but….

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