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Do I feel sorry for her?


Did the tears make any difference?


She was Home Secretary and a senior member of the Conservative Party when Cameron cooked up his little ploy to stop the disintegration of the Party in the Commons and in the country.

He would promise a referendum. That would stop the drift to UKIP of his MPs and probably his voters. But, at that time, all the polls showed that he would lose the next election, or at best be forced into another coalition with the Liberal Democrats (who would immediately veto a referendum as a condition of coalition), so he would never have to deliver.

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Then that all went horribly wrong. The Liberal Democrats suffered from their liaison over the previous 5 years and Ed Miliband carved his manifesto on an “Edstone” and showed that he couldn’t eat bacon rolls.

Cameron won and a referendum had to be delivered.

And May knew exactly what had been done in preparation for a leave vote… Exactly nothing, because, despite recent evidence to the contrary,  he was still convinced that he would win because he was David Cameron, Eton and Oxford!

She knew that the Party was split. She knew the UK was split. She knew that Cameron had opened the gates to hell, and she should have known about Northern Ireland!

And yet she still went for the job, because… Well, you tell me.

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From that pathetic curtsey followed by the St Francisesque speech on the doorstep of Downing Street about the “just getting by” and how her government would be for the ordinary person, not the elite, she has been a constant figure of fun both in the UK and in the rest of the world.

She’s barely made a good decision.

Time after time, from her disastrous and unnecessary election where she lost her slim majority and found herself pandering, expensively, to a religious right party of Northern Ireland, to the ridiculous bringing back of her Withdrawal Bill for a fourth shot, giving MPs the chance to change their minds while denying that choice to the people.

From her ill-judged invitation to Donald Trump to make a state visit within days of his being elected to her inept handling of Grenfell.

From her inability to handle ministers (she’s had 30 ministerial resignations/sackings in less than 3 years) to her Magic Money Tree comment to a nurse who hadn’t had a pay rise in 6 years.

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From being caught out lying by the Police about funding, to the horrendous record on people being starved to death by her DWP.

The woman has been an inept, incompetent catastrophe.

I’m trying hard to think of one decent thing she’s done. And I can’t.

And yes, I’d agree that she has had a mammoth of a job, but, as I said, she knew what she was applying for. She was AROUND the top long before she was AT the top.

Am I sorry to see her go?

No, but neither am I glad.

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Her successor will face exactly the same situation as she did. Divided party, divided state, broken society. And, with no majority, it is likely that May’s successor will have to call a general election, possibly in late summer.

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Time we went, Scotland.

24 thoughts on “AT LAST, SHE’S GOING”

  1. A callous, cruel, incompetent politician who wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped her across the face. She will not be missed. What’s coming will be even worse. BoJo has all the depth of a puddle in the desert and will do whatever he thinks will keep him in office.
    If the majority of Scots don’t want out now then we deserve the hell that’s coming.

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  2. Tris
    The worst PM ever and a truly cruel and despicable excuse for a human being. She gets no sympathy from me, she should be standing in the dock for all the misery and death she has caused in only 3 years. We will now get a new PM elected by just 124,000 Tory party members, all hard core right wingers who will just heap more misery on Scotland. What will it take for some Scots to wake the f up, beheadings in the streets. But May I wish her the same treatment she dished out to the poor and the most vulnerable.


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    1. A total failure in everything.

      Most particularly the promises she made to make the Tory party less elitist.

      Windrush, Grenfell, victims of the DWP, public services and their employees.

      But John Redwood got a knighthood, so that’s OK… and I’ve never seen anyone bow lower to Megan Markel.

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  3. What are the chances of Boris getting the Tory nod and being unable to form a Government?

    GE and he doesn’t even get the keys to No 10?

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      1. Oh, I’d say it was quite likely.

        Whoever takes over inherits a minority government which paid the DUP to vote for it.

        Good Christians that they are, they took the money and voted against her.

        Of course Boris may be more to their taste… even if he’s a fornicating sinner. I seem to recall some of the DUP are pretty much that way inclined too. Eh, Mrs Robinson?

        So maybe a GE will be forced upon them… after all, it’s not like they have a deadline to meet on October 31.

        Hallowe’en… when all the witches are about.

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      1. “I used to be Prime Minister, you know? ”

        “Come now Boris, stop talking and take your meds. You know they help you?”

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    1. I love this comment on Derek’s tweet, from Morag.

      Replying to
      I was hungry and you stopped my benefits. I was a stranger and you denied me permanent residence. I was naked and you confiscated my possessions. I was sick and you sold off my NHS. I was in prison and you discontinued my legal aid. We see her.

      But you’re right, Brian. She only managed to cry for herself. I guess it’s the Tory way.

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      1. Assuming that there are not lots of Dr Morag Kerr’s around I have read here comments for years. They are always incisive and to the point.

        For instance, her arguements over Lockerbie have been persuasive.

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      1. Ahem, “Not short enough”

        My entire teens were remembering Maggie Thatcher, it would be cruel and unusual to inflict the memories, ah! the memories, on anyone else. Theresa May should be allowed a nanosecond of rememberance.

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