I listened to the news at 5 pm, and it seems that, for Mrs May, the ba’s on the slates and the game’s a bogey, etc, etc.

She, at that time, had locked herself in the cellar in Downing Street with, according to some correspondent on the BBC, the sofa against the door. “I Vant to be alone”.

She had refused interviews to both the Home Secretary and the Foreign Secretary.

Paul Brand
BREAKING: David Mundell has asked for an urgent meeting with the PM this afternoon following her statement to MPs. He is not acting in coordination with other cabinet ministers but the expectation is that this is going to be a conversation about her future.

Wind forward three hours and I glanced at Twitter to see that David Mundell is furious with her (Oh Nooooo!!!!) and has demanded an audience. I was thinking that, whatever you think about Hunt and Javid, at least they hold reasonable senior and important positions in the Cabinet… the so-called great offices of state. So, unless Mrs May is in need of a refreshing cup of tea, or indeed she has run out of digestives, I’m thinking that it is highly unlikely that wee Fluffy has a hope in hell.

What, you may ask, is the wee soul angry about…?

Robert Peston
I am told the reason 

is furious with the PM and has asked to see her is that her apparent openness to another Brexit referendum is seen by him as a betrayal, because it would open the door to and legitimise another referendum on Scottish independence.


Image result for david mundell cartoon

So, no matter how many votes the MPs can have on her wretched agreement only a few weeks apart and often with only two or three words being changed, there is NO WAY Scotland is getting to have a referendum 6 years after the first one, no matter how drastically the circumstances and voting population have changed.

But, my money is on Peston being wrong.

Probably Fluffs just wants to know if the Maybot has any idea about how many sugars Boris takes in coffee.


Image result for boris johnson looking daft

OK, Munguinites! Who’s the next prime minister?


  1. Tris
    The country is on its knees. 10,000 people have lost their jobs in 2 days in England with another potential 30,000 in the supply chain. The Tories are on the brink of the worst election result in their history, Mayhem has locked herself in the wine cellar and all the Scottish Tories can talk about is independence and SNP bad, even spitting image couldn’t have made that up. The big question is will Mayhem survive the night, I’ll give her to Monday. If she survives beyond that well there is no guessing how much abuse she can take.


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    1. The job losses in the North are scary, and although the UK government reports some interest from potential buyers, I’m not sure that that means a lot.

      Brexit is not the only reason for British Steel’s demise, but it is cited as an important one at the moment because of the uncertainty.

      I reckon she wouldn’t go on an election day… and as the results won’t be known till Monday, she may hang on till then, but I think she has to go after that.

      Did you hear Widdecombe shrieking like a demented banshee on the news. I reckon she’s finally lost the plot, babbling on about getting a democratic Britain back… you know, with a monarch and a parliamentary house of aristos and church people… Jeeez where do they did these loonies up?


      1. I might be wrong there, Bruce…

        Jon Craig
        Very senior MP tells me the word from the Cabinet corridor in the HoC is that the PM will resign tonight, Andrea Leadsom is poised to resign to launch a leadership bid, others may also resign & David Lidington will take over as acting PM. Unconfirmed!

        OK so Leadsom has gone… Will May resign tonight?


  2. I see that Leadsom has resigned. She was due to be making announcements tomorrow morning in the House, but she has just resigned and … she doesn’t have a deputy.

    They need to make a sitcom out of this .


    1. I believe a few years ago Armando Iannucci said the political farrago at Westminster was so crazy in real life he couldn’t possibly write anything that could top the actions of those supposedly running the U.K.
      I wonder what he makes of the current crop of cruel, selfish, incompetent nonentities, only intent on trying to save their political party, while the rest of us go to hell in a hand cart.

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    1. I’d have said that, for the country, the loss of Leadsom was a positive.

      You reckon Gove?

      Scary. I heard him on the Today programme this morning. What an obnoxious unpleasant little dude he is. I’m surprised that Martha or Mishal (whoever was doing the interview) didn’t slap the wee b******!

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        1. I’m not sure that the Tories give a 2p stuff about what Scots think, and there aren’t that many of them voting, but, you might be right.

          Her’s Leadsom telling us what an utter catastrophe Brexit would be, only 6 years ago.

          Everyone but the Jocks are allowed to change their minds, it seems.


          1. Spot on there tris. They, the tories, and the rest of the unionist parties only care about how much asset-stripping they can get away with, that is until the day we vote for independence. Surely must be close now.

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        1. Isn’t ‘leader of the house’ where old politicians past their prime, go to fade away until they get their £300 a day title?


    1. Yes, more than a little. I reckon Johnson is more likely, and possibly more frightening.

      Who knows with the Tories? They are likely to vote for people that ordinary folk would either laugh at or run screaming from.


  3. It doesn’t really matter who the Tories appoint as their new Fuhrer,the arithmetic at Westminster remains the same without a GE.
    That might dispense for the need of DUP votes and allow them to ditch NI (as they originally intended) enabling a smooth divorce from Europe to be agreed.
    Then again……


        1. “Red Nails” A common enough theme in Howard’s writing, stagnant and decadent cultures slowly dying, helped along by Conan’s sword. May’s government comes to mind, but Corbyn is no Conan. Enter Red Nicola…

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  4. Without being accused of being sexist I think the next unelected PM will be Male.
    So find the Delboy from the huge pool of talent in the parliamentary tory party.
    It certainly won’t be one of the Scottish tory MPs, they’ve not even got into the lower orders of ministers in the maybot’s government.
    I put my vote on Lidington.
    Are we allowed to comment on party politics during purdah?
    Done it anyway, the tory party explodes without any input from the red tories.

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    1. They remind me of “Wash and Go”. the shampoo and conditioner all in one.

      Who needs an opposition party when the Tories come with one as an integral part.

      Not that Labour is much, or any, better.


  5. hi folks

    A wee reminder. When polls are open (7am to 10pm) you are NOT allowed to say who you voted for. It’s illegal and anyone allowing such a post to remain on their blog, is committing a crime too. So let’s keep ourselves and Tris out of jail.

    On topic – I think it will be BoJo.

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    1. Thanks for that reminder, PP.

      Munguin says that if Tris has to go to jail, could you please be ready to move into Munguin Towers immediately.

      Breakfast at 8.30, he likes his eggs lightly boiled.


      Seriously, I think it’s a ridiculous law as, if you have stickers in your window/car it is patently obvious who you’re voting/have voted for, but the daft law is the daft law and we must obey. So I’m not telling anyone who I’m voting for.

      And I’ll take down any post that does. After all I’m sure that PP has other things to do than look after Munguin 23/7!


    2. Hi PP

      How do they manage to do exit polls? They would be taking a chance.

      When I was young I actually did a couple of elections as a poll clerk (you got the day off and extra pay). At one station a bobby came in and seemed to be lingering. He eventually came clean and told us he was hoping to catch somebody drunk in a polling station – a very rare offence. In the end he left to go to catch drivers turning right at the no right turn junction down the road.

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      1. Hi, waves!

        I’ve heard the exit polls won’t be published until 10 (and one second) pm on Sunday when all EU polls have closed and UK counting begins.

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    3. David Mundell
      ⁩ at Moffat Town Hall🗳 Make sure you use your vote today to support ⁦
      ⁩ in saying No to any more referendums #euelections2019
      9:32 AM · May 23, 2019 · Twitter for iPhone

      LOCK HIM UP! as they almost say in the USA.


      Proctor Lewis
      So let me get this straight, you have campaign for 5 years on no more referendums, your own leader has stated she would allow another EU referendum, then refused to meet you to discuss this u-turn last night, so If the
      get more votes than
      you will resign?


  6. What’s happening with Huawei should be a salutary lesson to the Brexiteers.
    In the modern world (not the one infested by the Brexiteers) you need a very big stick to carry into trade negotiations.
    Once they leave the EU trading bloc,they will have to sign up to someone else’s (no prizes for guessing whose).
    Their delusions of forming a “new” trading bloc based on the Commonwealth,with England at the centre, just won’t cut it.
    There will be no Empire 2.0

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  7. I passed a few polling stations in West Fife today and was in my own to vote where the staff were gazing forlornly into space, bored out of their trees. All that was needed was tumbleweed to complete the scene.

    I realise it was midday and am aware of all the other possible reasons but I’ve never seen polling stations look quite so deserted at that time of day.

    Given what’s at stake I hope it’s not an accurate snapshot.

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      1. Talking to a friend who is working as a election officer today. Low turnout here too.
        If someone gets elected in June, and made redundant in October, do they still get a full pension? Asking for a friend.

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  8. Tears of self pity from May but nothing for all the misery she has brought to so many people over the years.
    Just another self serving Tory and good riddance.

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      1. She didn’t manage to conjure up public tears for the people sent to the Caribbean although they had never been there in their lives… and all because she ordered their paperwork destroyed; she didn’t shed a tear in public for those who lost thier lives, their friends and their homes in Grenfell, or for the thousands who have dies because of her austerity.

        No, she cried for herself.

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