At a campaign launch for the European Elections, The Right Honourable Colonel Davidson told the assembled that the SNP should move on from the constitutional debate. (Rich, coming from someone who talks of little else and whose obsession with Nicola Sturgeon rather than any possible Tory policies, is becoming frightening)

Ms Davidson spoke out against having a new vote on Brexit or on independence.

“The Scottish Tory leader said the UK should “leave the European Union in an orderly manner” and move on to new debates.

“Ms Davidson said a vote for her party would “respect the result of referendums”, pledging “to honour the voices of millions of people (*in Scotland) who told us Scotland should stay in the UK, and (*in England and Wales) that Scotland should leave the EU”.

*My additions!

Somewhat embarrassingly, but not particularly surprisingly, dear old Theresa knocked that little number right on the head this afternoon in what was probably a fruitless attempt to get her EU-agreed plan for Brexit over the line.

As part of her speech to the nation (it should surely have been nations), Strong and Stable Treeza said:

“So to those MPs who want a second referendum to confirm the deal: you need a deal and therefore a Withdrawal Agreement Bill to make it happen.” 

Nicola Sturgeon
The PM might not have guaranteed a second EU referendum, but her promise of a vote on one puts the Scottish Tories ‘vote for us for no more referendums on anything ever’ pitch on something of a sticky wicket. Just an amusing aside.
5:34 PM · May 21, 2019

Ruthie must be fair fizzing. Two days from the elections and the main, nae, the only plank of her campaign has been knocked sideways for six and nailed to the roof.

Still, nothing new there. Anyone who remembers Ruth’s “lines in the sand” nonsense which was abandoned sharpish when Cameron changed his wee mind, won’t be terribly surprised that May has left her Scottish branch looking like it fell aff the tree!



A couple of fun tweets… just to show how well her latest plan is going.

Dominic Raab @DominicRaab
I listened carefully to the PM’s speech on the govt’s revised terms of Brexit. I cannot support legislation that would be the vehicle for a second referendum or Customs Union. Either option would frustrate rather than deliver Brexit – and break our clear manifesto promises.

Boris Johnson @BorisJohnson

With great reluctance I backed MV3. Now we are being asked to vote for a customs union and a second referendum. The Bill is directly against our manifesto – and I will not vote for it. We can and must do better – and deliver what the people voted for.

23 thoughts on “BREXIT JUST GETS WORSE”

  1. The tory party in Scotland.
    They’re getting the same treatment as the rest of us.
    Message to the Scots members of the tory party. You don’t have a say in policy matters in the englandland colonial master race’s plans, just stop kiding yourselves, you are just cannon fodder.
    A vote for the tory party in Scotland is a vote for another rUK referendum, pity we all have the ruth davidson party’s a vote for ruth davidson is a vote for NO referendums, oh the matbots just turned you onto another face of the town hall clock ruthie.
    I’ll enjoy hearing you worm your way out of this especially as you go to the cabinet meetings along with muddle, or have we all got it wrong from the EBC in Scotland.
    Another fine mess from the maybot, who would buy a used car from her let alone a broken down un-united Kingdom, hell even the tory party have given up Unionist tendencies.
    Time to go Nicola.

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    1. LOL. I remember her saying that attends Cabinet, and others saying that she does not. I imagine that she may have attended Cabinet on one or maybe two occasions and she was bigging herself up.


  2. Strange. I thought Colonel Tanktop was the most important person in the Conservative Party with levels of influence unparalleled in Great British history. But this suggests the opposite. That’s odd.

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    1. I wonder what her view is from underneath that bus. For that is where she has been thrown. It will be interesting to find out if any journalist suggests that to her, her MSPs, or any of her rather hapless candidates.

      It’s really funny though that the head office in London keeps telling us that the Scottish people have spoken, and having spoke, must now forever hold their peace. But today the 1922 committee will talk once again about changing the rules so that they can have another vote of confidence, not in the ONE YEAR period, but NOW.

      Scottish people aren’t allowed to change their minds, but Conservative MPs can.


  3. Ruthie has it from the tap dug.
    The maybot isn’t giving another referendum, she’s just allowing the mps to have a Non Binding vote on whether they would possibly like to have a vote on another referendum.
    So, ruthie the mooth is correct, no more referendums, Ever, they’re so divisive, and that keeps her in line with her lack of arithmetic knowledge in Scottish schools policy.
    Maybe now the tory party in Scotland will divide from rUK, Oh no they’ve changed their policy to having the same policy as wee willie the skier’s party’s policy. We support a new referendum in englandland and we might let you numpty Scots a vote as your votes don’t really count, ruthie already knows the result as she’s seen the postal voting.
    Democracy tory style.
    We need to vote tomorrow..

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    1. I don;t think they will divide. The are like downtrodden spouses (of either gender) who put up with being maltreated day in and day out but who have neither the will nor the means to do anything about it.

      I’m pretty sure that the Scottish branch is heavily subsidised by the posh boys from Eton.


    2. I see the Daily Express (chuckles) is reporting that Ruth says she CAN work with Boris Johnson.

      Remember last week wee Fluffy, who had previously said that he COULDN’T work with BoJo, decided that the SNP was baaaaad for criticising him as a possible future leader.

      As Miguel said on Twitter: why do companies work on new designs for flip flops when they have Ruth Davidson?


  4. If anything demonstrates the futility of voting for Unionist parties in Scotland,Brexit does it.
    If you vote for any of them,you can be assured that any promises they have made to their constituents in a manifesto will be toast as soon as HQ changes tack.
    Why bother voting,you might as well just sit back and take whatever England’s government of the day decides for you and Scotland.
    Democracy UK union style.

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    1. Exactly. That’s the point.

      I’d love to see a proper interviewer get hold of Davidson and grill her on her flip flops. Her and that puppet on a strong of a governor general.


      1. Wishful thinking tris. She is in the cherished care of the M.S.M, and no amount of flip flops will be exposed by them. Why, because it’s more than their job is worth.
        I just wonder how they will spin it come Sunday if the opinion polls are correct, and hopefully, they suffer a disaster of unmitigated proportions. Let’s hope so.


          1. I can’t see the Colonel getting dumped as Jockistani Branch Manager. I know she can’t operate at the level of an Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel or Nicola Sturgeon, being essentially a windbag town councillor, but who else do they have? There’s the same talent-free problem for Party HQ in England but that hasn’t stopped the cavalcade of oddballs from nominating themselves. “The more they come, the dafter they get,” as my Granny used to say.

            If the Colonel does get her little Union Jack taken away from her, I’m hoping for Annie Wells to take over. Please, Blue Tories, make it happen.

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  5. What he says.

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    1. Well, Niko, I’m not sure I can claim any part in her downfall. But almost all the Tories now want her gone and will be doing their damnedest to get shot of her asap.

      I’m sure you will enlighten us about Greek history, being one of the classicists in our midst.


  6. Loathsome resigns from the government.
    You’re on a roll Tris with the subject title.
    Some great stuff coming out.
    Farage can’t get out the bus due to some yyouths with milkshakes.
    The maybot says there is only one party stopping a second referendum in Scotland, the tories!!!!
    The maybot is in No10 and not coming out to play the resignation game.
    The UN gives it’s view on the Chagos Islands along with the devastating report on Poverty in the 5th largest economy in the Known Universe.
    The Glasgow telephone Co, Shuggie, known to us as Huawei, aren’t going to sell any phones to EE, well thats BT, they own them.
    English Steel is placed in Receivership, no stone unturned, but a great swipe at the EU for forcing the maybot to refuse support of £30m.
    Hell the EBC in Scotland have just wasted same amount to transmit to 3000 people.
    Last month the rUK burnt 40% gas to supply us with GREEN, energy, the gas came from the new Atlantic gas field.
    Some funny things are happening on the way to the Forum.

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    1. LOL, Dave, I saw old Nigel being stuck on his bus. How they must be laughing from Reykjavik to Sofia.

      State aid rules are complex, but the EU isn;t the only organisation to have these rules (which are flexible). The much vaunted WTO also has rules to avoid there being unfair competition.

      From the BBC website:
      Would state aid be easier after Brexit?
      If the UK left the EU single market, it would no longer formally be bound by the EU’s state-aid rules.

      However, the EU is concerned the UK could use Brexit as an opportunity to undermine the single market, by giving its companies an unfair advantage.

      The political declaration on the future relationship between the UK and the EU says it must “ensure open and fair competition” and that should include provisions to cover state aid – but Theresa May has repeatedly failed to get this through Parliament.

      In her Florence speech, in 2017, she said the UK and EU agree “trying to beat other countries’ industries by unfairly subsidising one’s own is a serious mistake”.

      Aside from what is agreed with the EU, after Brexit, Britain will still belong to the World Trade Organization, which also has state-aid rules: members can impose tariffs – taxes on imports – on countries that excessively subsidise domestic production.


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