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Well, that’s one you won’t be able to scare us with this time… and we won’t believe you about B & Q, either. They threatened to stop investment if we left and when we didn’t they shut a pile of stores anyway.


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If Michael Gove is the next Tory leader, he intends to take back control… not just from Europe, but from Scotland. So maybe we can look forward to joining England with 58.1 doctors per 100,000 of the population!

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He does seem to think that London should take back control of everything. I wonder if he has a Queen Victoria complex, or maybe that’s his wife!


To be fair, according to Gove, they do have a policy. It is to take money away from the devolved governments (steal it) and spend it on our behalf (but if agriculture is anything to go by, not necessarily in the devolved nations).


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So talking about the Tory leadership contest which is surely only a few weeks away, what do Munguinites think? Will it be Batshit Boris or Awful Andrea, Ghastly e Gove…or who?

Could it even be Egregious Esther, who has confirmed that she has received sufficient support to warrant putting her name in the hat?

Well, we’re talking the Tories! Anything is possible…even her, god help us.

To save himself further embarrassment, Dreadful David has ruled himself out.

No matter how bad it is, remember, the more ridiculous and extreme, the more likely we are to break free.



It’s fair to say that, no matter how underfunded the NHS is in Austerity Britain, it is still one of the few things in the UK that is pretty universally popular. It is, therefore, as Sir Humphry would have said, “courageous” of Nigel to suggest it should be funded by private insurance, just as he is heading into an election.



Ah, he probably thinks that Scotland is just a shooting estate… and shooting estates don’t have football teams of any gender!

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28 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

      1. When a politician starts out, say they’re a socialist like me. Modern socialist. State control of utilities, transport, health stuff like that. They must go in with a dream. Is it human greed or power lust or both that turns them into total self-centered nobs?

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        1. Power corrupts.

          To be honest, I can imagine that any job in politics is difficult and the opportunities for corruption are huge.

          I’d rather sweep streets!

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          1. I guess you’re right. It’s just odd that virtually all them end up bent. The EU elections should be interesting – the Scottish take on it, very interesting ~ George

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            1. Given that the winning candidates are unlikely to take thier seats for any length of time at all and will make no difference to how we live, I reckon that we should vote along stay/leave lines. It’s the nearest we get to a second referendum.

              Stay: Vote SNP, Green, Liberal.
              Leave: UKIP, Brexit, Tory, Labour.

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              1. Change UK is getting a lot of interest re Remain down here. I would like to see Scotland repeat the vote to Remain back when it mattered – at least we thought it mattered. Let’s hear it for the Scots ~ George

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  1. I assume that the extreme brexiters are using the threat of splitting to get the leader they want and that in turn is why May is, for the moment, still there. All very interesting, their machinations are to our benefit.
    We are witnessing a group of junkies having their fix being thrown over the dyke. The Tories are hooked on power, more so than the other parties, their drug supply is being threatened, principles and morals have disappeared. They bribed the DUP for support ffs.

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  2. Camerons english votes for english laws does that not mean mps not holding english seats cannot be come pm so wee mundell could not be pm even if he wanted to? pity if he was pm all of scotland would vote for independence in a heart beat

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    1. I think it would be very hard for anyone other than an English constituency MP to hold any really senior post. Given that a fair proportion of the work of the Westminster government/parliament is either English only or English and Welsh only.


  3. Loathesome down in the bowels of Westminster the other day with a BBC camera crew declaring that Westminster must no longer be a 19th century museum but rather a 21st century one.
    To that end they intend to spend around £4 billion.
    The last estimate I heard was £11 billion which I suspect will end up being closer to the mark.
    Westminster is determined to cling to it’s museum status at any
    Where would they be without the likes of Henry V111?
    No screaming from HM press about this vast sum of tax payers’ money being wasted as they did with Holyrood.

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    1. It’s absolutely incredible that they should be spending that kind of money on parliament … and you make a good point about the comparison with the Scottish parliament costs.

      Why do they need such spectacular places to work?

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    1. I imagine that Westminster is as iconic for Nigel Farage as Notre Dame is for the French. As the entire English appear to believe that, they too, could drink lager all day and talk shite in the evening, he is perhaps their ideal candidate.

      I kinda think that he will be annoyingly successful in the European elections down South. I doubt, very much, that we will see him doing anything whatsoever North of the Border.

      However, how well he does South of the Border, could have significant impact on what happens next.

      The schism between where I think most Scots are – social democracy, and where Westminster appears to be – USA 2 – is unsurmountable. We are two distinctly different nations. We should go our separate ways.

      Just saying.

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      1. Well, that’s what we have all been saying for a long time. It’s nothing to do with not liking the English, It’s just that we are very different people.

        They might as well have matched us up with Ecuador!!


  4. That did not work!

    “As the entire English appear to believe that, they too, could drink lager all day and talk shite in the evening, he is perhaps their ideal candidate.”

    There is, rather obviously, no such thing as an “entire English” unless it is an extremely fatty breakfast in a B & B in a very dodgy overnight stop.

    So, apologies for misleading you.

    Perhaps I should have said:

    “many English appear to believe that, they too, could drink lager all day and talk shite in the evening, so he is perhaps their ideal candidate.”


    It is all in the nuancé.

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