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I apologise for not getting the “jokes” page up tonight. It’s just been that kind of day…

It will go up tomorrow, all being well.

In the meantime, a friend is looking for some advice on accommodation in Edinburgh over the period of the SNP conference. Not a big chain hotel, but nothing seedy.

I don’t know Edinburgh at all so I’m a bit lost.

If anyone has any ideas at all, can you please post them…

Thanks in advance.



  1. Not a chain hotel? There’s a few places on Clifton Terrace I haven’t heard horror stories about, but I’ve been out of the loop since I retired Tris. One is the old DSS building just opposite Haymarket Station called the “Hub”. The other’s are few paces along in after the Libdems HQ. One’s the Scots Guard club, and the other is simply called the “Hostel”. All of them are just at the other end of Morrison St from the EICC.

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      1. Going to need deep pockets for most of those this weekend. Rates are £250/night and above…

        Oh and an Ibis (was in list) isn’t “boutique” – I did some work for Accor & everything from wall texture right down to the music streamed in the hotel is decided at HQ in France. Deviate and your “career” is instant toast. Unless you’re French – maybe. The only person who (briefly) got away with that was a GM in Liverpool simply because Accor couldn’t believe the damage being done to the hotel every weekend (someone once knocked a hole in a concrete block wall between him & his mate so they could “party” – I saw the pics 😀 ).

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        1. LOL…

          It didn’t occur to maybe just go round and knock on his mate’s door.

          Friend has found a place now.

          Thanks for all your help, peeps.


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