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  1. Pic 5 – not Dave Allen but Aiden Gillen playing him. Pic7 – Perth 1950s, I’d guess. Pic 11 – Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint, they starred together in Hitchcock’s “North by North West”. Pic 12 – well, it tells you it’s Dumfries, but I’d have known it anyway from the Mid Steeple at the top of the High Street. Dumfries looked pretty much like this when I first went there many years ago.

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    1. Andi……The picture of Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint was taken at Midway Airport in Chicago while they were there for filming the Chicago location sequences of “North By Northwest.” Later it was off to South Dakota for the location shots at Mount Rushmore.

      On the streets of Rapid City (near Mount Rushmore):


      With James Mason:

      Movie Blooper……..The kid in the blue shirt (to the right of the post) behind Eva Marie Saint in the Rushmore Visitors Center knew that a gunshot was coming and put his fingers in his ears.

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      1. My favourite film. Fantastic music too. Two other bloomers from the film:
        1 Cary Grant couldn’t see the name “Townsend” from the angle he was at in the car.
        2 He couldn’t see the floor number the lift stopped at in the hotel in Chicago.
        That suggests a bit if an obsession on my part!

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        1. Iain……You might be interested in a video and a listing I found of North By Northwest “errors.”

          Also a detailed story by the South Dakota State Historical Society about Hitchcock’s conflict with the US Park Service about his use of Mount Rushmore in “violent” action sequences. The disagreement even extended to his use of the Hollywood set showing the big heads.


          Click to access vol-23-no-3-alfred-hitchcocks-expedient-exaggerations-and-the-filming-of-north-by-northwest-at-mount-rushmore.pdf

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    1. Pretty smart there, Conan.

      I was looking for a shop in Perth and when it came up with the other kind of Perth (ie the one in Oz), I thought it would add a little international flavour.

      Imagine calling a product OK.

      It kinda reminds me of UKOK. Although, as well as it indicating that the UK was merely OK… we call had a lot of fun with that particular error of judgement!


  2. Seems odd for an Indian Chief to be riding a snail. But apparently a popular custom hood ornament in its time manufactured by the AE Lejeune company.


    BTW….about strange snails…….they appear in the margins of illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages doing battle with knights. No one knows for sure exactly why.

    A video discusses the Lombards theory:

    Some other theories:


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      1. A turtle is crossing the road when he’s mugged by two snails. When the police show up, they ask him what happened. The shaken turtle replies, “I don’t know. It all happened so fast.”

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    1. I don’t think there was a Scottish 10 bob note. The BoE one is the only one I remember.

      They used to be worth something. I took a girl to the pictures one night and got a tanner change from the 10 bob note!

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      1. Dave, I remember the ten bob note very well. For some reason I always remember the signature of L.K. O’Brien as Chief Cashier on some of them: I’ve never noticed/remembered the names on any other notes. I used to deliver rolls around a couple of housing schemes every morning, Monday to Saturday, in all kinds of weather, pushing a barrow (my Dad made it) all for the princely sum of ten bob a week. I also had to go around on Friday evenings collecting the money for the rolls. Of course, after my early morning deliveries, I had to get ready for and go to school. Sometimes it was hard going but – hey! – ten bob was ten bob.

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      2. In the late 50s and early 60s when taking a girlfriend to the chummy seats at the George in Portobello with a 10 bob note it was 2/3 each leaving enough for a 1/4lb box of chocs and an Orange Maid lolly each at half time.

        None of the Popcorn nonsense imported from The US which the idiots in the media now portray as a Great British Cinematic Tradition.

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  3. A 1941 two-door Caddy coupe! It says it has Hydra-Matic transmission as an option. (The first mass produced fully automatic transmission for a passenger car, says Wiki.) The Hydra-Matic appeared on the Cadillac in the 1940 model year. The parallel chrome strips on the front and rear fenders were added in 1941.

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  4. In ancient times, there was a glass doored café on the corner of Charlotte Lane and Queensferry Rd, it may have been a Wimpeys? Anyhow as a lad of eight I noticed something caught in the aforesaid door, bent down and retrieved it.
    Imagine the delight of that wee boy as he realised it was a ten bob note! Ten “shillingy” bars of chocolate! Loads of Hendry’s juice! Forty Jamboree Lucky Bags!
    Beaming with delight I showed my prize to my stepfather – who examined it and put it in his wallet…*

    *Happy ending, when my mum asked what I was greetin aboot, I got a toy bought for me from Woolie’s.

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  5. Andimac
    I used to collect the roll money on a Friday night all weathers, once I had a bike to get around.
    I can remember collecting over £10 in real money, the woman who ran the books was only interested in Who Didn’t pay. No rolls for them on Monday. I can remember that Kennedy was shot in Dallas on a Friday, cant remember the year or month with any accuracy.
    A Gallon of Petrol was 4/10d, an imperial gallon, so 10 litres of petrol for 10 bob, a shilling a litre or 5p, now costs £1.30ish a litre.

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