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Morning all. Happy Sunday.

n toure soliel
Sunflowers at sunset.

n tort
House and Garden…

n tiger
It’s Twins.

n wasp moth
Wasp Moth

n sheep

n recued
I got rescued by these kind (but slightly ugly and shaved) grown up orangutans

n grand canyon.jpg
Grand Canyon.

n foxy1
I wonder what’s up there…

n manatee
Stay close by mum.

n nuts2
Oh look, Brexit!

n flow
What a perfect place for wildlife.

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This looks a good place for a snooze!

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When we wake up we will be duck-billed platypuses.

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Mum, don’t make a fuss!!!

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n pals 1
Best Buddies.

Image result for greenland wildlife
Greenland Musk Oxen.

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I need to grow some…

Image result for orangutan babies
Cut, cuts, cuts… the school bus is too wee.