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Will she come up with a good reason for there to be an extension?

What could it possibly be… I mean, if you have taken it to the wire with parliament before and failed dismally to get an agreement, what can you possibly do that will please MPs enough to make them vote for essentially the same deal with a few minor tweaks?

The backstop is non-negotiable and won’t be any different in 3 months. What else is there?

Still, never mind, Farage’s great march is ca’in’ awa bra! Eh?

Thirty? Forty?


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He hasn’t been seen for a few days now. He can’t have spent all that time in the pub… can he?


One of the Tory Party’s dimmer lights, she didn’t hold enough of an opinion on Brexit to actually vote in the referendum… and then, as soon as Mrs May’s whips told her what she thought, she tumbled to it… and indeed is probably sure that she knew it all along.

The captions on this are hilarious.

My thanks to Sarah Mackie for drawing it to my attention.


According to the BBC’s  Laura Kuenssberg, one government minister (unnamed) says that Mr Bercow is ‘breaking the constitution’ by stopping May calling yet another vote on her deal.

Given that there is no written constitution (Britain being too important to need one, obviously), and everything appears to be decided by custom and practice, and given that (not in this clip, but elsewhere) Channel Four news, a more reliable source than the BBC, dates this custom, or “convention” back to a time before the United Kingdom existed, 1604, I think that the unnamed government minister was probably wise to demand anonymity.

As the Speaker said, this is not his final ruling on the subject. Presumably, it will be for him and his team of legal and constitutional experts to say whether Mrs May’s proposals for the next “meaningful vote”  are sufficiently “substantially different” from those previously rejected twice, to be acceptable in custom. But it’s surely yet another humiliation for the Maybot that she even had to be told this.

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Either she is very badly advised by the legal people at No 10 or, and I suspect this is more likely, she stubbornly refuses to accept advice from anyone.

Even if a prime or first minister were very clever and had a good grounding in constitutional law, he or she would be ill-advised not to listen to learned advice. Mrs May who has neither of these attributes seems to be very foolish to trust her own and Philip’s judgement.

She also seems to have a very thick skin.


I just saw this on Miguel’s timeline.

No policies, no plan to get us out of the horrific mess we are in what with Brexit and austerity.

But we bloody well HATE the SNP and that should be enough.


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What? It makes a change from Bamboo!
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Punchbowl Falls, New Zealand.
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I’m ready for my close up, Mr DeMille.
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Abu Dhabi.
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African Pygmy Falcons.
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I wanna swim, mum.
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I’m on guard…
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Welcome to my humble abode!
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What’s the point of having a buddy with longer legs if you don’t take advantage of it to see the world?
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Black beach in Iceland.
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Perfect summerhouse for Munguin…
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What you think of my earrings?
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Wake up, daddy. I want to play.
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What do you think of my specs?
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Wash and brush up time…
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More buddies.
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It’s all over so fast, this Soppy Sunday thing… Uncle Tris doesn’t spend nearly enough time on it. There should be 100 pictures of Orangutans every week. What do you think? Shall we petition Munguin?


We might have had a deal like he’s managed with China or North Korea…

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After all, he did “write” a book called “The Art of the Deal”, didn’t he?

[Note from Munguin: Well, no. He didn’t. According to Chapter 2 of “Fire and Fury” (Michael Wolff, 2018) the author claims that Trump’s co-author, Tony Schwartz said that Trump hardly wrote any of the book and it is doubtful if he’s even read it all!]

Seriously though, Trump wouldn’t have been out of place in the cast list of the Whitehall Farce that is Brexit, along with the other main cartoon characters:

Related image

The porcine posh boy; the posh but tasteless haystack who never grew up; the vicar’s cornfield destroying daughter; the disgraced DOCTOR; the lazy tosser; the flocconaucinihilphilicating faux aristo; the drunken ashtray … and the orange knob.

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What a team!




NEW One Tory MP votes in black tie telling us moments afterwards: “This is what they wore on the Titanic.”


If Theresa May loses the , expect her to make a unilateral declaration that she’s won.





Very full chamber. Surprising it was so empty during the debate. That says to me that a lot of MPs were hiding from their whips.


May has almost lost her voice but any sympathy should be tempered by the reflection that because of her policies many have lost everything, even in some cases their lives.




The simple fact is when Brexit has made toff Jacob Rees Mogg richer by at least £7 million; you should know it’s a crooked deal that is going to leave you poorer.


‘We’re not having a 2nd referendum. The will of the people is clear. You can’t just keep have referendums until you’re happy with the result,’ says Theresa May as she submits her deal for the 3rd time.



Rumours that Chris Grayling just tried to vote in favour of the government’s Brexit deal but walked into a disabled toilet instead…



 (Sorry, the spacing went to hell…)

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Nothing has changed. As predicted.

The backstop is the backstop is the backstop.  Because legally it has to be. And no matter how you play the legal language, there is no way around it.

It is impossible to have a backstop that one side can walk away from without consultation. If there is no trade deal after December 2020, and that is, given the painfully slow progress of the current government in the withdrawal phase, more than likely, the backstop will have to come into force.

Interesting to note that last night the leadership of the DUP was consulted on the outcome of the talks. The first ministers Scotland and Wales were not. Almost like we didn’t matter.

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Make with the money, May!

So, how will they vote tonight?

Will the bribes of vast amounts of our money to Labour MPs’ constituencies in England work?

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Will the DUP be satisfied? If so, will Rees Mogg take his line from them, as he has said he would?

Will May still be prime minister this time next week?

How did we get into this almighty mess?

Erm, yeah, I think

How soon can we escape?