52 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

  1. The syrupy David Jacobs on the Set of Juke Box Jury. The High Street in Banchory has probably changed very little from this phot0 (early sixties?). And the Springfields with Dusty on the left.


  2. You have me stumped with the outfit Tris. It’s a right hand sidecar so it’s probably a Harley-Davidson, but I cannae be sure.


  3. Banchory seems to have changed a fair bit, actually. Here’s the nearest I could get to it on Google Maps – there are some photos taken too, perhaps another Munguinite would care to investigate. Oh, they’ve removed those hideous road signs, and the South Deeside road has been demoted to a B road. https://t1p.de/x58d


        1. I think you’re supposed to use your sat-nav these days. It stops signs in Gaelic!!!

          The Queen, weirdly, has one of these fires in a massive room in Buck House to this day.

          Haven’t a clue why.


    1. **News flash: Freeman goes OT yet again**

      Seguing seamlessly from hideous Banchory road signs into the completely unrelated subject of human rights violations by the Westminster regime, here’s a link to a UN document (pdf) summarizing submissions to the United Nations Human Rights Council in May 2017. I think we all know that things have not improved since then, rather the reverse. Here’s the link: https://t1p.de/1tgp. The document symbol: A/HRC/WG.6/27/GBR/3.

      It’s gratifying to see that the working group which produced the document deservedly led with a Scottish submission, and I quote: “Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) recommended that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ratifies and incorporates all human rights treaties without reservation …”. Munguinites will no doubt be astonished to learn that I have been banging on about this since, oh, shortly after the Big Bang.

      That term “incorporates”, by the way, means to incorporate into domestic law, which is, notably, something which should already have been done if the binding obligations under those treaties are to have any practical effect in people’s daily lives. But then, that’s the Westminster regime and the doctrine of the ultimate sovereignty of Parliament for you: yet again, Britannia waives the rules.

      It’s almost needless to say that the list of violations and concerns is not exhaustive.

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      1. It doesn’t want to let me in there.

        But I too am pleased that Scotland is leading the way when it comes to these matters.

        Britain has shocking records, particularly under this rather hateful prime minister

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  4. Pic1 – a Manx Norton 500. The pic probably shows Geoff Duke who won both Senior and Junior TTs (Isle of Man Tourist Trophy) that year. Pic2 – Les Halles, Paris when it was the city’s main food market – changed beyond recognition now, but smells better. Pic6 – Ford Anglia 1960s. Pic7 – I remember we had a radio like this when I was a kid: ours was a Cossar. I remember some of the exotic place names on the tuner – Hilversum, Luxemburg, Athlone 🙂
    Pic8 – the Bunty – my sisters used to get it and I’ll admit I read it too. I don’t recall “Bushgirl Beth” but Strewth, she’s out in the park in her school knickers throwing a boomerang at some Pommie! Pic10 – a wee Austin 7 van, 1930s?

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      1. The logo is the Austin Flying Wheel, splashing through water.
        Bit of marketing license.
        What a cracking day, spring for the day, great run out with the old car down to Greenock.

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  5. Les Halles postcard – I remember collecting those French stamps as there was a series of them in different colours according to their value. There was one which was really hard to get but I can’t now remember which it was or whether I ever found one!
    Stamp collecting days long gone. Innocent times.

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    1. I remember in my early days in France asking an employee of the Métro, which line would take me to “Les Halles”.

      My accent must have given me away, and I had pronounced the place “Lezalles”, as I made a liaison between the “s” and the vowel sound that followed. In a very polite way, which showed that he was being helpful, rather than scornful, he explained that although it was normal to make a liaison in words starting with “h” (Lezotles The hotels), in this case, it was an exception and the place should be called “Lay Alles”.

      Silly story, but a fond memory of the kindness that you are shown if you attempt to speak French to the French. And of course something I’ll never forget.

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  6. I worked in John Menzies head office in Rose Street, Edinburgh in the late 70s and when Sophia Loren came for a book signing we were all allowed to go and “meet” her before the public did. No such thing as smartphones then unfortunately.

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  7. That wee radio reminds me that I used to rush home from school (via Edinburgh Corporation Buses) to get in on time for 4.30 and ‘Mrs Dale’s Diary’. It wasn’t until recently I read that the ‘Mrs Dale’ I was listening to, Ellis Powell, had an alcohol problem and eventually got the sack which, sadly, exacerbated her condition and she died shortly afterwards in 1963. She always sounded perfectly sober to me. Without properly realising it at the time, I was listening to a very middle class tale of middle class English people with posh voices who were always terribly ‘polite’ and calm, even when everything around them was collapsing into chaos. MMMmmmm. The ‘dailies’ and the gardener, of course, had ‘funny’ accents. Theresa May would make a good ‘Mrs Dale’. Perhaps she could venture into the world of radio soaps – ‘Mrs May’s Memoirs’, an Everyday Story of Commons Folk. All it requres is the ability to read off a script and the right accent.


    Hope your Mum’s coming along fine! Would she remember Mrs Dale, maybe?

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    1. I second that about your mum, Tris.

      As for May and Mrs. Dale – it occurs that a few stiff gins and tonic might loosen the old girl up a bit. However… there’s a rather high chance that she might be a nasty drunk. In vino veritas, and all that.

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      1. That’s what I’d fear. I mean she’s a nasty piece of work sober, heaven knows what she’d be like drunk.

        Thanks for your good wishes for mum.


    2. Yes, I’m sure she would. I tempt her with it tomorrow, JoMac.

      A propos the Maybot playing a radio role… wouldn’t listeners get fed up of hearing the same drivel in every programme?


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