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.@theSNP and Labour MPs gloat as the PM’s Deal voted down. And what are their solutions? A General Election, an independence referendum . Yet again politicking and self interest over the National interest


Dear Mr Mundell,

Scotland voted 62-38  to remain in the EU.

And that was the view before your idiot government and prime minister got its incompetent, unprincipled hands on the negotiations.

Every Westminster constituency in Scotland, including your own; every council area too, voted to remain.

The SNP IS voting in the national interest.

May I take this opportunity to remind you too, that there were also many Tories (your party, you may recall) who voted against the prime minister’s deal. I don’t need to reiterate any of the comments they made about slave states. I’m sure that their vitriolic comments are imprinted on your brain. So why just have a go at the SNP?

Indeed, two Tory Brexit Secretaries and a foreign secretary, not to mention countless junior ministers and PPSs resigned over the hopelessness of your prime minister’s deal.

If you wanted to know the solutions put forward by the SNP, then the paper produced by the Scottish government would have been a good place to start. You are supposed to have read it, although I doubt you have.

Secondly, had you been paying attention, the other day Joanna Cherry put forward a proposal. 

Have you any solution?

This whole ridiculous Brexit situation came about because your last leader decided to try to outwit Tory MPs who were plotting to defect to UKIP. He was so sure that he would be in a coalition with the Liberal Democrats (who would veto his Referendum plans) that he took a risk on everyone’s future to save his party’s bacon.

Then, as we all know, it went horribly wrong, at which point he disappeared into a millionaire’s shed to write his memoirs, make more money and leave everyone else to clean up his mess.

How typically upper-class Eton Boy.

Finally, I’d remind you that you told us during the Scottish referendum campaign, that it would be disastrous for Scotland to be outside the EU, and you did so again during the EU referendum campaign.  I don’t know how genuine that was, but it remained your opinion until England voted to leave. Proud Scot, huh?

Presumably this change of heart enabled you to retain your seat at the cabinet table, especially after the disastrous 2017 elections where there were other candidates for your post.

Your constituency voted against Brexit; your country voted against Brexit, and you voted to keep your scrawny arse on the front bench, where frankly you never deserved to be.

And you try to make political capital out of the SNP voting the way Scotland voted.

I’m ashamed that you represent my country in Westminster… You make me sick.


Yours sincerely



PS: Incidentally, f you want to hear more people jeering at your government then I suggest you go… well, just about anywhere and open your ears.

For a proud Brit Nationalist, you appear to have no earthly idea what a fool your people have made of the UK.


29 thoughts on “LETTER FROM MUNGUIN”

  1. Frankly, Tris I am ashamed to call him a Scot.

    I will not call him a Traitor although some others may do.

    The Burnsian “rogue” is no longer strong enouulgh for general use.

    The French carefully chose to use the word “Collabos” or Collaborators, which still works for me.


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    1. I can understand English or Welsh MPs who backed Remain, accepting that albeit by a narrow margin, their country voted to leave.

      But this guy told us over and over what a disaster it would be for us to leave … and we took him (and Ruth, Kezia, Nicola, Patrick and even wee Willie) at their words and voted that way.

      Then he simply abandoned all his principles and the “disaster” became an opportunity.

      What a complete and utter roaster.

      Collabo… Oui, c’est exact!

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  2. Hope the muddle enjoys the English Independence street party tonight, seemingly still going on in London.
    Back to work against Scotland on Monday, April Fools Day at the House of Common Fools.
    Angus MscNeill in the commons asks if the 50pence brexit coins have been recalled.
    Particularly liked the cartoon about the maybot crucified on the word breXit. Don’t think the cartoonist realised the St. Andrew’s cross message.
    Come on Nicola, fire the starting gun.
    I think the maybot is toast, but Grayling says the country doesn’t need a GE, he would say that, he needs a bit of time for the constituency to forget his wonderful career. The tories will appoint a new leader and push on to the cliff edge.

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  3. I wonder what it’s like being Mundell. I mean, what must that be like?

    To wake up every day knowing that you will spend your time pointlessly spinning the latest wheeze that drops in your whatsap group from party hq.
    Thousands of people calling you an unprincipled oaf on the internet.
    Watching your career stall at junior minister in a precarious government.
    Knowing that you only got the job you have because there was literally no competition.
    Watching everyone around your resign on principle but you’re addicted to the pomp and circumstance and know it and probably get a twinge of remorse at regular intervals.

    It must be bloody awful. Why doesn’t he resign for his own sake?

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    1. Well, that does describe him, but on the other hand, where the hell else would someone as lacking dynamism as he is get a job that pays that kind of money,

      I always thought that it was horribly insul;ting to him that, in the coalition government they appointed a Liberal Dem to the post, and when that LibDem was promoted to a junior job in the Treasury, they appointed another Liberal Dem.

      Only when there was quite literally no one else did they give him the job.

      That’s how much he sucks.

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  4. Btw the Scottish climate guide has been updated – now at the point at which Scots start to wear gloves and an extra vest as hell freezes over, you have to add « David Mundell resigns”.

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  5. Joanna Cherry QC MP

    Verified account


    Very relieved to be safely back to my base in London. Was abused by trailing ends of the #LeaveMeansLeave protest as I walked home. Called a traitor. Told to go back to my own country. Such a contrast from #PeoplesVoteMarch last weekend #BrexitChaos

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  6. The Westminster establishment uses words in a way which allows them to do what they like when they like.
    Words like “normally” which completely negates an entire raft of legislation making it the opposite of what was intended (or was it?).
    Also the word “UK” is being used to ignore the wishes of Scots,we apparently voted to remove the “UK” from the EU.
    That will be right!
    Scotland is completely ignored in England’s union when push comes to shove,so the question for doubting Scots is,”What’s in it for you?”.

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      1. I have been wondering that for a good few months now, I joined the SNP in 1959-60 to get Independence. I never envisioned that the last stage would be so long and so full of false dawns.

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  7. As far as Mundell is concerned,since EVEL is now in practice at Westminster (now de facto England’s parliament) does he have to leave the room to collect the tea when matter of any importance are being discussed?

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  8. Well said TPW.

    I do wish these idiots representing the UK would stop referring to it as a Country. Are they not educated enough to know it is only a United Kingdom and if they referred to Britain, it is a STATE?

    Or have I got it wrong?


    1. I reckon the UK is a state.

      the component parts are countries or nations.

      I’m not sure what Britain is. Great Britain is England, Wales and Scotland. The UK includes Northern Ireland too, and the British Isles includes the other states… Ireland, Man, Jersey, Guernsey.


  9. That address – @DavidMundellDCT. I take it that “DCT” = Duplicitous Conservative Trimmer” (as opposed to Despicable Crawling Twat).


  10. England’s Westminster is very powerful but not able to control everything.
    England has been fooling Scotland for a long long time they know what works they know what to say.
    Just remember there are many different kinds of people and unfortunately a great number of them are controlled by promises to solve their crisis their poverty their feeling of being stuck forever in the life they have at present with no hope of improvement for them or their children especially their children.
    Scotland ,you are a target for,these lies.
    Promises will be made again by England’s Westminster assurances will be given but as we know nothing promised can possibly last more than five years,ever, because the next government or prime minister ignores the promises of the last, that’s the way England works and always has done, it’s the reason it has no friends ,only short term business partners.
    England doesn’t have a union has never been part of a union, it fought against the EU from the inside and only joined so it could get the insider information it thought necessary to hold the EU back.
    New laws to stop tax evasion is what drove England to the point we are at now.
    England doesn’t do unions England is a loner it uses others but doesn’t care for them.
    England is materialistic it wants to use whatever it can to subsidise England’s dearth of resources England has nothing except control of things that belong to others and that is what makes the “City” so vulnerable ,already a third of the “City” has moved or made arrangements to move across the channel ,when that bubble bursts England will burst too.
    Scotland is a useful source of wealth for England but don’t tell the English ,they will scream liar at you and tell you to get back to your own country whilst keeping a firm grip on your wallet,ungrateful Scots giving England a hard time spreading lies about racism and betraying England’s right to do as it pleases.
    A quarter of people in Scotland will always feel closer to Westminster than Scotland or holyrood they can never betray the memory they have of HM armed forces because they either served in the forces are still in the forces or have a dear relative who is or was in the forces.
    Reality for them means denying all that HM forces stands for and accepting that they or their dear relative were used ,they can’t do it, I wouldn’t expect them to, I am one of them but I’m strong enough to have dealt with it and although it wasn’t easy I did make the transition from HM forces supporter ,Westminster supporter and supporter of everything British to life in the real world a world where I don’t miss or fear or,worship the authority of HM forces .
    I came to realise that the uniforms the medals the clubs outings and pompous ceremony is all a trick with one purpose,to make people think that losing your life to protect your country is worth doing when in reality you would be losing your life to protect the wealth of the very rich who more,often than not don’t join the forces even in war time, just look at the royal family and the dozens medals each of them wear on their many uniforms what an insult they’ve never been near a war in their life.
    So they give you a uniform and medals and ceremonies to make you feel a part of something important but it’s all a trick, a lie, but it’s a success ,you have been converted for life, unless like me you are strong enough to see what it really is.


    1. A lot of truth in that, Terry.
      The sole British state thing is a con. It’s all about class and money.

      I’ve always thought that, save for the snobbery, England would be happier as a state of the USA.


  11. The office of Secretary of State should be abolished anyway as it is no longer necessary due to the Holyrood parliament. The Scottish government should deal directly with Westminster rather than through some party hack. You could argue that in that event Scotland would have no Cabinet access, but how much good is that doing us at the moment?

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    1. Well, I agreed with Blair when he appointed a part time SoS for Scotland. It isn’t a job… or at least it hasn’t been for all the time since the Scottish parliament was opened.

      Now of course we have no idea what they are going to take back from Scotland in the way of powers.

      The very scary thing is that an spluttering incompetent like Mundell could do little harm when he had almost no power and authority. If the job changes as a result of Brexit, how will he cope with actual responsibility?


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