As I wasn’t able to be there myself… what with having a nasty virus and all, I would like to thank all the people you put up pics, which I then pinched.

Special thanks to my mate, Jonathon Poole-Smith, who actually gave me permission to use his stuff…

If anyone has pictures here that they want me to take down, just let me know.


23 thoughts on “SO, THEY BOOKED A SQUARE”

    1. Thanks trispw. I dunno about you, but that seems to me to be the world’s best battle cry. Not something our leaders would understand. We need to be the people that lead, not them, perhaps? I am getting a tad sick of so-called alphas?

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    1. Niko is still bemoaning his lost Union. He knows it is finished but he can’t quite let go. Sort of mild denial. The more the establishment mucks up the more despairing Niko gets, then he just lashes out on this forum.
      Ho him Keep the red flag flying Niko.

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  1. Over the weekend, I see that Nigel Farage managed to get about 200 people together for his demo in favour of something or other nasty, which was quite widely reported. Then there was the million +for revoking article 50, which I read about in several places.

    Have the BBC reported on the one in Freedom Square? I’m asking seriously; I don’t watch TV as it’s bad for my blood pressure.

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    1. eddjasfreeman,

      Dunno exactly. But I was amongst the four millionth (and getting close to five million) to ask for Article 50 to be recinded. And that they cannot lie to you about, either by close in photography or deliberately evasive photography.

      Nigels’ band of brothers looks, to me at least, in the photo’s, to be a busted flush.

      What a shame 😦

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        1. Signed already and put up on my facebook thingmie…

          I know I shouldn’t let it get to me, but this whole dreary sorry pitiful dog’s breakfast of a mess that cavalcade of fools have got us into – it’s making me tense to the point of getting headaches.

          What a pity the spooks won’t send Brussels a convincing revocation of article 50 convincingly signed by May. Gaaaaahhh.

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    2. Kate Hoey said that it was never meant to be a big march… and that Nigel and the other “personalities” never said they would walk the whole distance. Obviously that’s for plebs to do… or at least those younger and fitter than Nigel.

      He has a radio programme to do.

      I heard on the radio that tens of thousands marched in London. It was nearer 2 million., but hey, who cares about details.

      I do’t know about the BBC reporting Freedom Square. Anyone listen to Good Morning Scotland?


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