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  1. Third photo is of Portsburgh Square taken from the West Port. It’s a graffiti hotspot now, and it looks like it was then too.
    Incidentally, there’s a lawyers office just behind the photographers pov which is very good advertising.

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  2. Unusual to see an Alexander’s Northern double-decker in that part of Union Street which looks prosperous there, unlike the run-down pound shop place it’s become. What a shame.

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  3. Pic1 – Ford Anglia 1960s; pic3 – this view of Embra hadn’t much changed in the 1960s when I was a dissolute young Weegie exploring the Grassmarket & other salubrious areas of Auld Reekie; pic5 – Michael Palin; pic8 – Aiberdeen, Union Street, 1960s (?), obviously not a flag day as too many pedestrians :-); pic11 – LNER 4-4-0 loco “Morayshire” – I saw her in steam years ago at the SRPS; last pic – Austin 7 Tourer, circa 1920s?

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    1. Union St picture is last of 60’s/ turn of 70’s, judging by the Alexander’s bus, which is an early rear engined Atlantean or similar. Aberdeen town buses were, like Dundee, largely Daimlers with pre-selector gearboxes but the body style made them look much narrower. The Aberdeen ones always seemed to be driven quite sedately while the Dundonians always seemed to be thrashed – perhaps as a result of the many severe gradients in Dundee. A white knuckle ride on a Dundee bus was one of the joys of living there in the 60’s.

      And of course, the Ford Angular……….

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  4. My Uncle had a Ford Anglia for 23 years that he bought from new and it was his pride and joy. Even a little rattle would be rectified immediately.. I was friends with the mechanic who took care of it for the last 10 years and he told me that there was very little of the original running gear that hadn’t been replaced and it was almost a new car. My Uncle stopped driving at 83 and sold the car for £200 to a young guy just passed his test who completely pimped it out. He put wide wheels, flared arches, recarro seats, furry dice, sports exhaust, the works in it and on it. Before long my Uncles baby looked like a rally car. It outlived him in this incarnation by a couple of years before the scrappy finally got it. There’s a moral here somewhere.

    Cadbury’s and their glass and a half of full cream milk. Unfortunately they kept with the milk but weren’t so liberal with the cocoa and as a result I find it quite disgusting these days. It tastes like coconut. I believe the new owners made some dodgy cost cutting recipe decisions with a consequent nosedive in quality.

    Completely changing the subject, here’s something I think kinda sums up the English situation just now.

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    1. Great story about the Anglia, Greig.

      I’ve not had any Cadbury chocolate for a long time. I really don;t eat chocolate at all now. But I used to love it.

      It’s sad that profit has once again won out over quality.

      They say that you can get used to anything and after a few weeks you don;t even notice that you are being diddled.


  5. The cast photo is from Soap, which was a hilarious send-up of soap operas. My family watched it religiously each week and were still laughing about it the next morning. Soap and WKRP in Cincinnati were the absolute best of late-70s TV over here.

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  6. Henry Farman’s first cross-country flight – Chalons to Reims – 30 October, 1908

    The first American president to fly was former president Teddy Roosevelt at St. Louis, Missouri, on 11 October, 1910.

    (It was 33 years later when FDR became the president to fly while in office. He flew to the Casablanca Conference in 1943.)


    1. Fascinating film, Danny.

      I’m not sure that I would have fancied that much. It must have been mighty cold.

      And I’m pretty sure that all that up and down stuff would have had me sick.

      Still … he survived.

      Bully indeed.

      It’s funny how we all just assume air travel these days… when only 75 years ago a president took his first real flight…

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      1. Tris……I would have thought that Arch Hoxsey (the pilot) might have taken it easy on old Teddy and not done the roller coaster -style up and down stuff that the early aviators always did to wow the crowds at exhibitions. Teddy’s first impulse was to refuse the offer, but he was a politician and famously fearless, and there was a big crowd to please. He would run for president again just two years later.

        The old pictures are interesting. The Wright Brothers had a photographer on hand to record their first successful flight on the beach at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on December 17, 1903. Orville was lying prone on the wing at the controls and Wilbur ran along to level the wings until takeoff. The flyer was only in the air for a distance of 120 ft, but the third of three subsequent flights that day stayed aloft for 59 seconds and flew 852 ft.

        Wilbur died young, but Orville lived to be served drinks by flight attendants in large airliners. He died in 1948. In 1944, he took the co-pilot’s seat of the new Lockheed Constellation, which at 123 ft had a wing span slightly longer than his first flight.

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              1. Tris…..That may become a big political fight now. Some stuff that involves classified national security information, grand jury proceedings, and items relevant to pending trials, must be kept sealed; except for certain items and certain members of the political leadership of both parties in Congress.

                Depending on what Trump’s Attorney General does or doesn’t do, there could be a big fight between the Justice Department and Congress.


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                1. LOL Danny…

                  “GOP allies of President Trump declared victory over the lack of new indictments.”


                  And I’d worry if I were done for speeding!

                  Still the wrangle should keep going up to the next election.

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                  1. LOL Tris……yep, some of Trump’s people have gone to prison, some are awaiting sentencing, some are still to be tried, and some (notably Trump and his crime family) will probably just get a stern lecture in the Mueller report. 😉 An impeachment wouldn’t remove him office because the Senate Republicans won’t support it, and it would probably just rile up the right wing fanatics who love him. So both sides will likely claim victory from the Mueller report, the Congressional investigations will grind on in the House, and everyone will look to the election that’s only 17 months away now.

                    The campaign is already in progress, the first intra-party presidential debates will begin in the summer, and the snows of New England will be here before we know it……LOL.

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  7. The Dundee white knuckle rides were caused by a combination of the fastest turn around times in Scotland per mile.
    I e. Time allocated between clock points and the need for crews to get there early to have time for the compulsory fag break.
    You could feel the heat off the brakes standing in the bus queue.
    No spy in the cab then.
    I had an uncle who’s motto was.
    My bus runs for those who wait! It does not wait for those who run 😁😁
    Changed days.

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