And the octopus

And the panda

9 thoughts on “THE GOATS ARE HERE”

  1. I think I had the better idea just watching the eejit trying to get in the hammock from my comfy spot on the tree.

    Love goats they are so joyous.

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        1. No. I doubt it is actually flu. Convenient catch all.

          I’m just washed out and spent the last two days in bed.

          Not really feeling any better either.



  2. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling very well Tris. Get better soon.
    I’ve never tried to get on a hammock before, but can imagine it’s as difficult as trying to get on a lilo, but without getting wet !

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  3. Hope you’re going to get over the illness.
    Just to cheer you up.
    New Tv show coming to you next week.
    Master of ceremonies, Stuart Hall.
    The maybot is considering SEVEN amendments for consideration at the House of Fools in a rerun of All the fun at Butlins,
    It’s a knockout.
    Starts Tuesday evening, all the fun of the seaside for All the family.
    Watch the knockabout comedy with Mr speaker, mrs maybot, the allotment gardener, the post office selloffer and the Skye Warrier.
    Hours of fun in the Lobby Dossers hall of mirrors. Cast o Thoosans.
    Rank Badyin
    Resident Villians
    Rid Skwerr
    Fairy Nuff
    Toffy Teeth
    Stark Stayrin
    All touching base with the Majic Mace horsesoo.
    With a special guess star, the GI Donny from DIY Donnie fae Washington, dressed in his nurse outfit, ready to take over the ENHS.

    Get well soon

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