We might have had a deal like he’s managed with China or North Korea…

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After all, he did “write” a book called “The Art of the Deal”, didn’t he?

[Note from Munguin: Well, no. He didn’t. According to Chapter 2 of “Fire and Fury” (Michael Wolff, 2018) the author claims that Trump’s co-author, Tony Schwartz said that Trump hardly wrote any of the book and it is doubtful if he’s even read it all!]

Seriously though, Trump wouldn’t have been out of place in the cast list of the Whitehall Farce that is Brexit, along with the other main cartoon characters:

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The porcine posh boy; the posh but tasteless haystack who never grew up; the vicar’s cornfield destroying daughter; the disgraced DOCTOR; the lazy tosser; the flocconaucinihilphilicating faux aristo; the drunken ashtray … and the orange knob.

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What a team!




    1. Munguin World Media:

      Dear Mr Munguin,

      You have missed the point. A national border is the very last thing that people should be able to get around….or through.

      Ireland needs a Wall. A big beautiful Wall. Preferably concrete, but steel would work too. (See below.)



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      1. I know… Theresa could say it was a state of emergency and simply build the wall with her own fair hands, just like Donny did…

        Oh no wait, the House of Lords would probably overrule that, just like the Senate has just done!


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        1. LOL……Yes, if Theresa was thinking of trying that National Emergency thingy to get around parliament, she probably should rethink that. The Lords are probably just as quirky as the Senators. 😉

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          1. Well, everyone seems out to get both of them. Republicans voting against Trump in the Senate, and Tories voting against May in the Commons.

            Either these are very weird times or both Treeze and Donny are so crap that even their own side can’t support them.

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  1. Robert Peston
    7 hrs ·
    Facebook Creator
    The most important amendment going on the order paper today is the one in the names of Hilary Benn, Sir Oliver Letwin and Yvette Cooper – because it is the one that would wrest control of shaping Brexit from the prime minister and deliver this control to MPs.

    This is a coup against the PM, against the executive, so Theresa May is honour bound to oppose it, to instruct Tory MPs via a three-line whip to vote it down.

    But it was clear from what Greg Clark, the business secretary said on my show last night, and what the Chancellor said in his spring statement yesterday, that important members of the Cabinet – them, plus Rudd and Gauke, for instance – support this revolt of the backbenches.

    So the first question is whether Clark, Rudd and Gauke – plus other ministers desperate to avoid a no-deal Brexit – will have to rebel against the PM again by either abstaining on the Benn/Letwin amendment or backing it.

    Probably not, I am reliably told. Since the movers of the motion are convinced they will win, even without ministerial support, and would rather keep their supporters inside the PM’s tent.

    “They are more useful to us in the government rather than out” one of the leaders of the coup told me – in language that will further enrage Brexiter Tories, who fear they are being comprehensively outmanoeuvred by unreconstructed Remainers who are seeking to capture the Brexit citadel and deliver what they see as Brexit in Name Only.

    There is of course deep pain for the prime minister in the confidence of Benn/Letwin/Cooper that they will triumph even without ministerial resignations, which is that she has lost control of her backbenches – and that significant numbers of Tories outside the payroll will disobey her.

    So how does their disloyal amendment transfer power away from 10 Downing Street?

    Well here is where it gets complicated. Bear with me.

    The first thing it does is temporarily remove the PM’s power to set the agenda in parliament – in this instance on next Wednesday.

    On that day a motion would be debated by MPs which if passed would then pave the way for what’s known as indicative votes on different versions of Brexit the following week – on another day when control of parliament’s agenda would be seized from the prime minister by backbenchers.

    On this second full day of the backbenchers’ coup, MPs would then be able to table their own preferred routes through the Brexit mess. Those routes might include a no-deal Brexit, the so-called Malthouse Brexit (a “managed” no-deal Brexit), Common Market 2.0 (the Norway model augmented by an customs “arrangement” – don’t ask!), a referendum and so on.

    And at the end of that day, all these options would be printed on bits of paper. And MPs would – in a secret ballot, to avoid gaming of the system – be able to put a tick next to any version of Brexit or even a no-Brexit that they favour.

    MPs would be able to vote for as many plans as they like. They would simply be asked to show which routes they would tolerate.

    Now, the expectation is that after this day two of backbenchers’ control, there would not be a clear winner.

    No single option may be backed by a majority of MPs – which seems the most likely outcome. Or there several may command a majority (in that, as I said, MPs could vote for as many Brexit plans as they like).

    Either way, the chances are that backbenchers will have to seize control of a third day of business from the government, to whittle down the most popular options to just single one that commands the majority of MPs.

    And at that juncture the Prime Minister would be instructed to negotiate that outcome with Brussels and EU leaders.

    By now you will have realised that this does genuinely represent an extraordinary and unprecedented undermining of the PM on the most important issue of this age and one of the most important issues of almost any age.

    Her humiliation at that point would be complete.

    Why would formerly loyal Tory MPs turn her into their puppet? Well it is because they are concerned that if they don’t, the alternative would be a no-deal Brexit – which, they fear, would wreak havoc on country and their party, from which neither would recover for many years.

    And they say the reason they have to launch their coup today is because it has to be underway – they say – before the European Council of a week’s time, in that they are anxious EU leaders would not delay Brexit unless and until they can see MPs beginning the process of rallying towards a particular Brexit course.

    So we are on the brink of history – the transmogrification of Theresa May into PINO, or Prime Minister in Name Only.


        1. But five saved themselves, as far as they be sure at this point – you can be certain more are making the same calculation.

          There seems to be an assumption by many that a second referendum is guaranteed to reverse Brexit – I think they may be in for a shock if it ever happens.

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          1. Well, right now, no one can predict anything… All the correspondents with years of experience and contacts in WM are throwing up their hands and saying… Who knows.


  2. Given that the two main parties are not working directly towards the benefit of the UK, the Wings analysis is dismal reading.
    Since before the last indy ref I have always said that bad things will need to happen, to make sure we are well “over the line”. If this shit fest doesn’t do it, then we don’t deserve independence.

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    1. Yes. As you say, if this doesn’t do it, you begin to wonder what it would take to make Scots believe that they are as good as Danish or Finnish people and quite capable of making a better job of running the place than these… erm… people.

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  3. Well mother theresa a little quote from Shakespeare.
    Beware the ides of March.
    In the panto world of westmonster.
    It’s behind you.
    Taking back control is not having to ask the EU for an extension.
    Strong and stable.
    The house of fools in London.
    Can you believe a tory MP has called for all knives in the rUK be fitted with a GPS so that the police can track them. Very few knives are fitted with batteries, I have 27 in the kitchen drawer.
    These are the people that are deciding your future.
    My MP has carless jackass as his mentor, go figure.
    DIY with Donny on ALBA has more chance of building the fence than donny the pres.
    Time Nicola to leave this busted democracy.

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    1. It is Alice in Wonderland time.

      The Brexit Secretary makes a speech backing the government line and then votes against it…

      And we should trust them?


      1. The maybot says we in parliament are going to destroy the peoples confidence in MPs.
        AFTER THAT LOT just said black is white no err white is black or is it black is white.
        Trust a politician.
        Hear livington defend his cabinet colleague’s position of giving a speech in support then voting against what he’d just said, obviously had his fingers crossed behind his back.
        It was a free vote, you can vote whichever way you like but no need to resign, a muddell puzzle.
        Think they’ve lost the public .
        I’m now thinking voluntary euthanasia should be introduced in westmonster to save us from the house of common fools.
        We can do better than this.

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        1. It makes me laugh when one side or the other says, “people are losing confidence in politics”.


          LOSING? Jeeez.

          At last the Liberal Democrats have suspended David Steel for covering up Cyril Smith’s perverse behaviour, possibly subjecting more children to horrific experiences, and for recommending the man for a knighthood!!!!

          And we are supposed to trust them?

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  4. Donny and Theresa could trade places and achieve a new perspective. She could mange the Mexican border, and he could deal with the Irish border. How is it possible that no one has thought of the obvious solution. A WALL!

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      1. Even the evil right wing terrorist in NZ had this to say of the balloon:

        “…qualified support for U.S. President Donald Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose,” but “as a policymaker and leader, dear god no.”

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        1. It is quite amazing that they celebrate “white identity” (or in Trump’s case, sort of orange identity) in countries where the indigenous population isn’t what we bizarrely call “white”.

          “White” Americans, New Zealanders and Australians might do well to remember that they, or their family line, are immigrants.

          In Trumps case his mother was Scottish and his father, German.

          He’s a second generation immigrant, with a series of immigrant wives. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that. It just makes the arguments against immigration a little dodgy.

          I don’t know about the terrorist in NZ, of course, but he’s certainly not true native Australian.

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  5. I am surprised to hear that Trump can read and write.
    He doesn’t appear to have developed mental capabilities beyond the kindergarten stage.
    He makes an alzheimer suffering former president look like Einstein in comparison.
    Dumbed down politics for the under 5s.

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  6. The state of affairs has descended to such unimaginable lows that no one could blame the Queen if she defied protocol and offered an apology to Europe for the embarrassing shambles created by her government.

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    1. If she were a little more hands on she could send for that dreadful prime minister and tell her to stop tying to get her way by running the clock down with alternatives to her deal that are even worse than the deal.


  7. Just to say to y’all.

    This is a tiny island of sanity in a world that has gone nuts.

    I’d like to thank everyone that hangs around here for their contributions to this web site. It gives me a smidgeon of hope that not everyone is completely mad!

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  8. I think that we are entering a world where a President can claim loyalty – however misguided – from the Military, The Police and Biker Gangs! In order to overthrow or subvent the 2020 election.

    I doubt that that is going to work for him. However we have a PM that is playing to a similar play-book. It is her way or the highway.

    There are several ways out of this impasse. The one that appeals to me the most is a second referendum. But they got the vote they wanted, by a smidgeon, and are not going to let that go.

    The second option, it seems to me, is for the Theresa May faction to lose on every vote in the HoC. That seems to be becoming less than unlikely.

    The third option is for another election. Perhaps that could be forced? Frankly, I would be in favour of that as long as the SNP stated unequivocably that a vote for them was a vote for independence. We could take it from there.


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    1. Douglas,
      What seems to be driving politics on a global scale at the moment appears to be a lack of consensus and the might is right philosophy.
      The political right gathering confidence after the fall of communism.
      May hoped to strengthen her position with her snap GE decision but instead left her in a no win situation (not that executing a plan without a plan exit from the EU was going to be a winner).
      She has tried to railroad her deal through Westminster by threatening no deal exit but unless she can buy off the DUP and convince the Brexit nutters that her deal is the only show in town,No deal it will be.
      She brings the term “Brazen Hussy” into disrepute with her “Here is my plan and if you don’t like it……”
      recursive behaviour.
      Will Scots accept this total disregard for our wishes within the UK holding pen or decide that we should part company with English rule?

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      1. Interesting that in at least one poll, May’s plan was the least popular in Scotland and the most likely to make people vote for independence.


    2. I think she will push it to the wire.

      She will say that there are three choices.

      1/ No deal, which moderates don’t want, and Remainers fear the most. Moderates will vote for her deal out of fear of the consequences of the cliff edge.

      2/ She asks the EU for a one to two year extension with a plan to come up with a better idea. ERG and the right wing nutters will vote for her deal rather than stay in Europe for an undefined period.

      3/ Her deal. Stinking though it is.

      Added to this Hammond has been sniffing around the Orange Party this afternoon, no doubt with tantalising photographs of the money orchard in bloom. In short she’s going to bribe the DUP to vote for her deal.


  9. Thought I would pass on my observation, a tip you might say.
    On Tris’ comment post with the John Snow clip, I clicked on John Snow’s twitter feed and came across a HoC clip of Michael Gove toadying, TM was sitting in the background trying to channel Greta Garbo and look minesterial. I haven’t had supper yet but the few seconds worked as a marvelous appetite suppressant.
    Just thought I’d pass it on for any of us who are looking for a simple but not pain free weight loss system.

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    1. Well, that’s our future:

      “Just thought I’d pass it on for any of us who are looking for a simple but not pain free weight loss system.”

      That is what this stupid politician holds out for us so’s she can hold her bunch of racist lunatics together. It may become ‘difficult’ to obtain certain medications too.

      It is beyond ridiculous.

      Thanks for your insight.

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        1. Who are you under attack by? This is our freedom of speach being interfered with. Not sure what is going on here, but, if you need help, I am here for you.

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    1. No, Douglas… it’s just bloody WordPress being WordPress!

      It happens for time to time.

      It’s happened to Ed, and Conan and Panda Paws…

      Total pain.

      But sorted now.


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