NEW One Tory MP votes in black tie telling us moments afterwards: “This is what they wore on the Titanic.”


If Theresa May loses the , expect her to make a unilateral declaration that she’s won.





Very full chamber. Surprising it was so empty during the debate. That says to me that a lot of MPs were hiding from their whips.


May has almost lost her voice but any sympathy should be tempered by the reflection that because of her policies many have lost everything, even in some cases their lives.




The simple fact is when Brexit has made toff Jacob Rees Mogg richer by at least £7 million; you should know it’s a crooked deal that is going to leave you poorer.


‘We’re not having a 2nd referendum. The will of the people is clear. You can’t just keep have referendums until you’re happy with the result,’ says Theresa May as she submits her deal for the 3rd time.



Rumours that Chris Grayling just tried to vote in favour of the government’s Brexit deal but walked into a disabled toilet instead…



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    1. Well, surely you can come back for a second bite of the cherry, if things have changed.

      Mrs May went top Strasbourg and came back with what he own Attorney General said was something that wasn’t in any material way, better than, or different from, what she had had before.

      In short vote on exactly the same thing, with slightly different wording…and a month or so later.

      When it comes to Scottish independence one of the key arguments used by Cameron, Muddle, the Colonel, Kezia and Murphy was that we would be thrown out of the EU. That would be catastrophic for Scotland.

      It put a lot of people off voting for independence and it was a lie. One amongst many others, including federalism, most powerful devolved government in the world, guaranteed ships for the Clyde.

      Add to that that it was now 5 years ago. The demographics have changed too. The demographic hasn’t changed in the House of Commons. And this IS the second “meaningful” vote she’s had.

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  1. Tris
    May is a liar, she has always been out her depth, she is vindictive and she is cruel. She should have resigned last night as soon as she lost that vote but what am I thinking, she doesn’t do decency. People have died because of her policies, people have taken their own lives, people have been pushed into poverty and homelessness, people have lost their jobs. The NHS in England is a mess, crime at an all time high, businesses and money are fleeing the U.K. She gave over a billion pounds to bigots to prop up her government, May surrounded herself with the most useless ministers in human history, who have also wastes millions. May has treated Scotland with nothing but contempt and loathing, she has laughed is off and said we don’t matter.

    May is a horrific excuse for a human being and MAY must be forced to resign.


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    1. Bruce, while I agree with all you say, unfortunately it doesn’t matter who becomes the next tory Prime Minister/Leader of their party.
      As you correctly say, she has surrounded herself with the most useless, cruel, incompetent bunch of chancers we have ever seen at Westminster, and that’s saying something.
      Whoever succeeds her will just be more of the same ilk. They are the most despicable creatures I have ever had the misfortune to encounter, and to think they still rule over us, the people of Scotland.
      I have long asserted that since June 2016 what we are witnessing is smoke and mirrors. “No Deal” has long been the aim of the British Establishment, and we will see in the next few weeks if I am correct. Whatever happens, it will be an economic and social disaster for all the people of the British Isles, except of course for those who have engineered, through their lies and deceit, the biggest con trick ever perpetrated on our people. And to what end. To make the rich richer, and the poor poorer.
      At least in Scotland, and Northern Ireland, the majority saw through their lies, but nevertheless we are going to be made to suffer, through not taking the opportunity to be an independent nation once again in 2014.

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      1. I think it’s true that the No Deal option was always the one favoured by many of the people at the top.

        That’s why “No Deal is better than a Bad Deal” was spouted.

        Now, by almost everyone’s standards, Mrs May’s deal was a bad deal.

        They can vote all they like today about taking it off the table. But you can’t take a default off the table.

        Even if they apply for an extension, at the end of June the Irish border will still be there and international law will require a check on materials passing through it.

        We really can’t leave the EU unless this insoluble problem is solved. And it can’t be solved because it’s insoluble.

        We still await the miracle of technology that will make a border out of no border.

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    2. I can’t think that she can hold on much longer, Bruce.

      It is an utter mystery to me how people like Karen Bradley, Chris Grayling and Liam Fox can still be in a job.

      Their incompetence has been monumental.

      And somehow people are not on the streets calling for the government to go.

      Possibly this is becasue Corbyn couldn’t win. She would probably just be returned.

      It’s a long time since the Tories stood for anything approaching decency.

      I see that Rees Mogg has made £7 million in the time since the referendum result.

      That says all we need to know about how decent they are, and what they can get away with. Because when asked about it by Channel Four news he told them that it was none of their business.

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  2. The saddest thing of all for me is that the ScotBritNats sit back and studiously ignore what is being done to THEIR country (or Principality as some dunderheid of a ‘Scottish’ Tory apparently referred to Scotland yesterday at WM). The Holyrood crew turn up now and again and greet endlessly about the SNHS, the railways, the roads and bridges, the fitba, no IndyRef ….. on and on and on, yet not one of them has the guts to take to the airwaves and at least look as though they care about OUR future. It’s pathetic. Are they really all so serf-like and sycophantic? And as for the bunch in WM of which we have a LibDem in this constituency again, what are they doing? Just laughing along with the gang when Scotland is sidelined, mocked, ignored and trampled all over? Not one of them deserves our respect.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more.

      I understand the desire to get behind a referendum result. But Scotland voted so differently. Any way you cut it Scotland voted against leaving the EU. and so no matter who they are, MSPs, MPs, MEPs. .. their constituents voted against what May is doing.

      But not only do these unionist members not support Scotland’s wish (and as I’ve said on numerous occasions, it is not impossible for a part of a country to be in the EU and another part to be out), but they jeer at our MPs for standing up for our country.

      They will get no respect from me.

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  3. Just in case some folks missed this utterly amazing piece of pin point straight to the heart of the problem from one of our useless 13 at PMQ’s earlier today.

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    1. How wonderful it must be in his constituency. No problems he’s like to raise with Maybot… or of course, maybe he knows that she’ll just roll out another set of robotic phrases no matter what he asks, so he decided not to get off his arse.

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    1. Agreed. Can I ask my rt hon friend the prime minister, on a scale of 1 to 10 of badness, would she agree with me that the SNP are 15?

      Only it’s a lot for someone not overly blessed with talent, to remember without a prompter.


  4. If I am following this correctly, we have already rejected the Theresa ‘deal’ and are about to reject the ‘no deal’?

    This seems like the ‘War of Jenkins Ear’ or summat.

    A complete cluster (well you know the rest).

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    1. Yes. In my opinion, it is a bit of a waste of time doing that. After all, as well as being a possible choice, it is a default position.

      If they can’t come up with anything workable, and you know, why would they? (they’ve had 2.5 years and nothing, and now they have a fortnight) the default position is that they fall off a cliff.

      Best make sure you have a few weeks food in if you can, and look in on neighbours, friends and foodbanks to ensure that they have too.

      Plastering idiots.

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  5. Just dawned on me.
    IF there are Alternative technology arrangements ready on the Irish Border, why has the rUK changing to ZERO tarrifs on imports?
    Why not just implement the high technology ALternative Arrangments?
    Huge amounts of money spent for no benefit, maybe just more of the maybot’s lies or doctored statements.
    The house of FOOLS in the Commons
    The maybot is going for meaningless vote number THREE next week.

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    1. But but but… I thought she said it was wrong to ask people to vote on the same thing twice.

      Anyway, the answer to your first question is that there is no such technology.

      As Maybot would say “Simples”.


      1. Yes, true. Bercow can be really amusing when he’s putting down the pompous, but he seems to have his moods.

        I doubt he has much time for the Maybot, or she for him.


      2. It’s a rule which gets enforced only when it’s not the Government at fault. Which is rather symptomatic of the whole Westminster ethos.

        The May regime has no democratic legitimacy left – and never had very much at all in Scotland to begin with.

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  6. Umm yes I think 🤔
    It’s a brill idea reject Mays
    Deal reject no deal reject
    The malt house 🏠
    Agreement in fact I think
    We should reject everything
    Into the end of the world
    And so forth .

    Brexit fever 🥵 has taken
    Hold I’m afraid 😟

    Best have lie down and
    Re read Clause IV
    Of the old Labour Party 🎉
    And enter into my
    Dreamtime of yesteryear be

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  7. Hammond trying to bribe English MPs with the promise of dosh following Brexit.
    England has a Magic Money Tree and Scotland….David Mundell.
    Which would you rather have?

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    1. I see Muddle is in trouble.

      But May can’t sack 4 ministers and I doubt he’ll resign, so he’s safe.

      At least the junior minister had a decency to go.


  8. Mundells like a one armed man hanging from a cliff with an itchy arse. He wants that elusive ermine so bad but those evil people with outdated notions like honour and integrity who expect him to do the right thing just keep getting in the way.

    Describing him is easy, there are so many derogatory terms, insults and expletives to choose from. The skill lies in choosing the ones that haven’t been used already and that truly do him justice.

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  9. O/T
    English exceptionalism to to fore.
    Just heard on the radio that FOUR english football teams are still in some European Cup competition.
    Seems to be the First time a country has ever had that many in the last stages, so english football is the bestest.
    Thought I would look up a sample of the teams actual players just to see who was actually playing for the four clubs.
    I didn’t have to look long to find that not only are the managers Funniners but the players come from all over the world, ie Funniners from Croatia, Brazil, France, Germany, Wales and Scotland for example, Yes truly an englandland take over, in other words World teams that happen to have a home base in englandland.
    The presenter didn’t even seem to see that there was a little cover up of the facts.
    Meaningless vote 3 to be held on the morning of March 29, 2019, my guess.
    Time to go on our way Scotland.


    1. I wonder if English (and Scottish) football teams will, once again, have to limit themselves to 2 foreigners once UK is no longer in the EU!

      Apparently, Mr Bercow can call this 3rd attempt illegal unless there is a substantial change in the content.


  10. Tris
    I’m not a great fan of football but I do have a brother who is, I’m afraid, totally focussed on this to the exclusion of other things.
    His point on the current performances of the Scottish male gender team is that it has been caused by not playing the young players from Scotland and allowing foreign players into the leagues.
    He is now saying that the english nationalist team are showing the same lack of skill and performance due to the same make up from all over the World.
    Huge income to english league teams from TV contracts allow them to import players at very high salaries. Is it worth watching someone kick a ball as part of a team for 90 minutes and pay them huge sums? personally I think it is crazy but that’s my opinion.
    Seems to be that the ladies national teams are doing much better, according to brother. They appear to only have indigenous players albeit from many races.
    Listened to James Kelly at FMPQ’s getting indignant that there are some social facilities being closed due to reductions in local authority grants and our Nicola asking him why the slabs voted against giving an increase in allowances to Carers. Bet he doesn’t worry about a new contract for a footballer which pays out £20,000 a week for which ever team he supports.
    Can 25 grown men running around after a pig’s bladder really be that important, for me the answer is NO. Ms Ballatyne got on about pensions tuition for younsters in schools and was remined about the WASPI women who have been deprived of their promised pensions by a rUK government, both red and blue and not forgetting the yellow yellows. This is a person who was collecting child benefit for something like 6 children in the past and supported the 2 child limit. Bet she’s got her pension all sown up from us.
    Rant over. Look forward to Sunday.

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    1. LOL… I bet you’re glad you got that off your chest.

      I suppose your brother knows what he’s talking about. I think it is easier, with the silly money that these clubs make, to import talent from abroad than it is to train kids up.

      FMQs is endlessly amusing…

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