Yes, I know it’s all happening in a zoo, but as we’ve said, some of them do amazing work, and if we are taking ORANGUTANS’ wild environment away from them, then, albeit very second best, zoos are at least giving some of them another home of sorts.

Hole in the Wall, Washington.

Allen’s Hummingbird.

n swisse
Swiss Valley.
n pus
Look into my eyes.
n moncheau
Monchau, Germany.
n puss1
You looking for me?
n poler
Lying low!
n lion2
Do you think my claws are sharp enough?
n dogmate
Best mates.
n do
This is the life.
n californian newt
Cute as a Newt!
n koal fam
Meet the family.
n canI
Any for me?
n buddies
More mates.
n bath time
Bath buds.
n baby guide dogs
We’re gonna be guide dogs when we grow up.
n brrrrr
Where’s all this global warming you humans are on about?
Image result for baby orangutans
Sad look, because that’s another Soppy Sunday over and done.



10 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. As ever, Tris, great pics. Special bonus is the polar bears – the favourite animal Chez Andimac – great to see them on Soppy Sunday. The Swiss valley is the Lauterbrunnen Valley. I was there some years ago and walked the length of it. It’s an amazingly beautiful place. We had lunch in an inn at the head of the valley – trout from the river and chilled Swiss white wine – a day to remember.

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  2. Brilliant stuff. Lovely to see a baby with its actual mum rather than human caregivers. But orang utan mums must have the patience of a saint – get your foot out the way of my mouth wean!!

    Like Andimac partial to polar bear cubs. Has anyone gone to see Hamish our own cub in the Highlands? Does anyone else, bar me, have snow falling at the minute?

    Also keen on owls but someone needs to tell them that’s not a pussycat… The grey and spotted things above were πŸ™‚

    As for the last picture, me too mate.

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    1. Tell us more about Hamish, PP.

      It’s just started snowing in the grounds of Munguin Towers, which is a shame because I was rostered to get some gardening done and Munguin says a roster is a roster… a bit like leave means leave.



      1. Snow has stopped here now but we had a couple of fairly heavy falls earlier. Snow makes my “garden” look really great. In fact that’s the only time it looks great. Still, the birds and the local fox like my bit of untamed wilderness πŸ™‚

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        1. Sun shining here now, but it is bitterly cold.

          Munguin has some nature friendly bits in his grounds. (He never refers to it as a garden, you see).


  3. As usual great pictures for a lazy Sunday Tris.

    I agree with you about zoos.

    As a wee aside Tris, I don’t know if you aware of Monkey World in Dorset. It’s actually very close to the Army’s Bovington Tank museum. They (Monkey world NOT the tank museum) take in rescued monkey, usually chimpanzees but a variety of other species as well, including Orang Utans, and has been very successful in breeding certain species.

    Monkey World is also deeply involved in running Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam which has been running now for over 10 years I believe. This site enables Orang Utans and other monkey species to be rescued and rehabilitated “locally” instead of flying them all the way back to Dorset.

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