And this is the author of it in his £25,000 shed where, apparently, he wrote his memories, which I sincerely hope don’t sell more than 10 copies.

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21 thoughts on “THIS IS BREXIT”

  1. Every time I read something about our fantastic European neighbours, friends, workmates etc having to register to continue to live in our fantastic country ONE thing springs to mind and it is not something I want to say but in this case I feel I must. Britain is being run by Hitleresque leader and gang of Nazis!

    NO ONE in a 21st century, ANY country, would treat foreign nationals like this if they were truly a forward looking, forward thinking, caring, respectful country. Of course we all know that Feartie and her gang of thugs are anything BUT what I’ve just described!

    Having foreign nationals register is just one step away from removing them from their homes and placed in concentration camps!

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    1. When I heard about it I was reminded of Jews in occupied Paris having to wear a yellow star. Maybe May will have 12 yellow stars on a blue background.

      And you’re right, they are our friends and neighbours, and they have been othered.

      It makes me utterly ashamed.

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    2. Also read on twitter today that a Swedish guy who has been here for 50years has also had to make application. I understand that this chap does not do social media and was asking, presumably in the shop he works, people what to do. If true, another disgusting episode in the downfall of Britain/UK or whatever you want to call it. Let us get out PDQ.

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  2. The U.K. is a nascent fascist state. A chill wind blows. I don’t know if Scotland has the will and courage to escape it. I certainly hope so.

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    1. Me too.

      It’s quite scary.

      Dave was at Carlisle Airport last week. There was a fair presence of military, which he was told not to photograph. And no one laughed when he suggested the border might be closed.

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  3. What a shower we have as a government.
    Hunt tells us that Yemen is GOING to be a human disaster, it already is. He is part of a supply chain that sells the Saudi military with amunition.
    Grayling gives £33 million to the tunnel company to stop a court case. Blames it on the Health secretary. The English Broadcasting Corporation sets up Channel 9 propaganda unit in Scotland, cost £30 million for a year.
    The disgraced doctor spend thousands on a phone service not signing any trade deals.
    The second aircraft carrier, sans aircraft, is mothballed in the Forth.
    Toyota is rethinking it’s position, BMW saying the mini production may have to move out. Debenhams issue a profit warning. The maybot says knife crime has no relationship to lack of police on the beat. Then the local expert says there is a link, Gove says we’re fed up with experts.
    Tory party Islamaphobia not a subject for the news but Corbyn has a sematic problem, big news.
    Isn’t is nice that the European Bank will supply the BoE with liquid cash IF the crash out occurs.
    I was really concerned at the size of the military presence at Carlisle. There were Apache attack helicopters, Chinook heavy lift helicopters, a large number of trucks and patrol vehicles along with a camp site. We are not talking about a small group we are talking around 1000. There is a facility at West Freugh near Stranraer, runways, hangars and fuelling, so strange it isn’t being used.
    Happy times though, Hammond has found some more loose billions due to better tax returns, funny that Scotland has the highest tax take, nothing to do with selling off the new oil find in the North Sea to the Chinese.
    Now we have the maybot shaking the money tree and finding £1,600,000,000 to give to constituencies that voted leave, Wales gets nothing though, Scotland gets nothing but then we voted to remain.
    Strange old world called Brexit or Engexit when we in Scotland wake up.

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    1. Pretty good summary of the week in chaosminster.

      I’m a bit concerned that they have 100 troops on our border.

      Maybe Fluffy think he needs that kind of protection?.

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    2. Gordon Dunsmuir

      3h3 hours ago
      This is a Foxhound armoured, bombproof personnel carrier and machine gun carrier.

      A lot of these are arriving in Fort George in the Highlands, in a shroud of secrecy. They hold armed troops for deployment in battles.

      Why does a Highland Garrison…


  4. Maybe I’m being paranoid about this since my theory has always been, since the result of the E.U referendum, that the “plan” of the tory party was for a “No Deal Brexit”.
    With the huge expansion of the U.K Government in Scotland Office in Edinburgh, and worrying reports of a possible military build up in and around our country, is it beyond feasibility that a state of emergency could be declared at 2400hrs, C.E.T, on the 29th, March this year, leading to Mundell being installed as Governor General, taking over all the major functions of the Scottish Government?
    This , coupled with the emasculation of the powers currently enjoyed by the Scottish Parliament, would lead to direct rule by Westminster.
    Is this too far fetched? Well possibly, but I wouldn’t trust the Westminster establishment an inch if they thought they could get away with it, knowing that come IndyRef2, they are going to lose all of Scotland’s wealth, whether it’s our people, or our natural resources.
    Would they resort to such an outlandish outcome? And more importantly, would we stand idly by if it happened?

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    1. I’m writing a little piece at the moment, Alex, about May and her intentions.

      Like you I’m worried about what she has always intended.


  5. Resurgent Irish violence against England has already started.
    Nothing is guaranteed more to do something similar in Scotland than by putting “British” troops on our streets.
    This would be a monumentally stupid thing to do.
    However,as others have said,this is how we should expect England’s neo fascist government to react.
    The SNP will be designated a terrorist organisation and membership will result in those people being stripped of their British citizenship and facing deportation to……..
    I suppose,now that Westminster can no longer afford to fund wars overseas,it can now do so much more cheaply at home.
    What does this say about a political establishment that appears unable to exist outside a state of constant aggression and warfare?
    Nae nice.

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    1. I hate to agree…

      If they do use troops on the streets I just can’t imagine what will happen.

      It’s so outside my experience.

      I just hope it doesn’t come to that.


  6. Tris
    This is a disgusting union, and as you know I have always been convinced that May and the Tories want a no deal Brexit, nothing has happened to change my mind on that. They are just waiting on the EU to pull the plug so they can say that the EU did this, it wisna us. The treatment of EU citizens may well be part of that plan, treat them worse than dogs, get the EU angry and they walk away and the Tories don’t give a crap about anyone from the 4 nations who live in the EU. They will just treat them like shit when they come home and even if they are out of power for a while they will have moved Thatchers legacy further forward and they will be happy with that, go away and start planning for the next part of the project knowing they will be back in power within 10 years because the other English parties are so crap.


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