41 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

      1. For some reason, the completion of my post did not arrive – dunno what happened. I did ask the question whether Massey was in fact an Englishman who played Americans, unlike Katherine Hepburn, an American playing English woman in African Queen. Anyone know ? The theme to Dr Kildare was something of a hit song if I remember correctly.

        I also remember Tom Lehrer in his song Bright College Days paying tribute to the beer and benzedrine of college days – but presumably not consumed together.

        The big Crestas looked to me like the most “American” of British cars, the previous model even more so.

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    1. Amazing how many popular American TV series apparently run in the UK and Europe and countries around the world. Two Doctor shows ran on the NBC and ABC networks from 1961 to 1966 (Wiki says.)

      The NBC entry was Doctor Kildare. Chamberlain played the brash, intense but idealistic young doctor with unconventional new ideas, and Massey played the crusty older doctor and mentor with traditional old ideas and a heart of gold.

      The ABC entry was “Ben Casey,” which starred Vince Edwards and Sam Jaffe. Edwards played the brash, intense but idealistic young doctor with unconventional new ideas, and Jaffe played the crusty older doctor and mentor with traditional old ideas and a heart of gold.

      Having seen some reruns and YouTub

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      1. There was a British equivalent called “Emergency – Ward 10” which all the women in my family watched – even when there was something good on the other side.*

        *Back in 1960 there were only two TV channels here.

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      2. As I was saying before I accidentally hit Enter…..

        Captain Kirk was spotted on Dr. Kildare.

        Sam Jaffe’s hand became famous in the opening sequence of Ben Casey.

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          1. Tris…….No, outer space didn’t improve Captain Kirk’s acting a bit.

            Hard to figure how that blackboard opening wowed the audience…..LOL.

            Sam Jaffe was apparently quite popular as the wise old doctor. I saw him in Ben-Hur.

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  1. Good old Benzedrine. It kept you awake, helped you lose weight and made you, at least in your own head, a devilishly interesting conversationalist. As well as buggering you up in an assortment of different ways if you made it a regular thing.

    Des Plex. Many of us will never know if our mums were prescribed that shit when they were pregnant with us. The consequences could\can be dire.

    I wonder how much stuff is routinely prescribed these days that will prove to be worse than the ailment in the future? I would like to think the testing is more thorough now but so much is still taken on trust and it continues to be sold by folk that can’t always be trusted. I suppose the same can also be said for foodstuffs because it’s all joined together.

    Brexit trade deals anyone?

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    1. Conan, have you been to see the exhibition “Robert Blomfield: Edinburgh Street Photography – An Unseen Archive” at the City Art Centre? A must for anybody who likes Edinburgh, photography and nostalgia, even Weegies. Runs until 17 March 2019.

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  2. Pic9 – the lassie with Ronnie Corbett is Clodagh Rodgers who had hits with “Come Back & Shake Me”, “Goodnight, Midnight” and “Jack in the Box”. She sung the last as the UK’s Eurovision Song Contest entry (can’t recall the year). She also had fabulous legs which usually featured in any photographs/broadcasts in that era of micro skirts and hot pants. I can’t think why I remember so much about her when I’ve forgotten so much else.
    The last pic is of course of Hattie Jacques and Eric Sykes, those stalwarts of British comedy (?).

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  3. This is probably your toughest quiz yet. I am unembarrassed to admit that I have no idea about any of them.

    I should know where that bent terrace is, but I don’t.

    Hope you are feeling better.

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        1. Of course you do. You have a world wide readership. Which is what I like most about this blog. (Including the lift to the station.)

          You should, perhaps, arrange another meet and greet?


          1. Yes, we shall do that again sometime. At the moment I’m up to my ears in caring duties, but maybe come the summer, we’ll pick a good place to meet up and have some fun.


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