Image result for the seven Labour members

Leaving the Labour Party:

– Chuka Umunna

– Luciana Berger

– Chris Leslie

– Angela Smith

– Mike Gapes

– Gavin Shuker

– Ann Coffey

So, so far the great rebellion of Labour MPs is at a stunning 7.

Now, in fairness, the press conference is set for 10pm presumably in the hopes that someone else will join them before that. And preferably someone that we might have heard of. (Someone pointed out that at least most folk had heard of at least three of “The Gang of Four.)

Of course, we have all heard of Chuka Umunna. To be honest, I thought he was pretty much a Tory anyway.

And today we have learned a little about Angela Smith, who appears to have a strange attitude to the BME population, all the while joining a group protesting against anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

It must be something of a record to have to apologise about something as divisive as this within hours of launching a breakaway group. Maybe the rest of them are wondering if she is much of an asset.

Press conference at 10 when we’ll know who is leaving and how many – will be live on

Douglas mentioned (on the last post) that they might be expecting some Tories to join them. I thought it unlikely, but Laura Kuenessberg seems to feels that it is possible and she’s likely to know.  Perhaps we shall know at 10.

Notably, despite his clear distaste for Corbyn, Mr Union Jacket has decided to stay with the party. No Scottish MP has so far joined the rebels.


Stay tuned, but so far it’s hardly an impressive showing.

I would suggest though, that with Brexit only a matter of fewer than 6 weeks away and still absolutely no sign of any convergence in the Uk parliament about how they will leave, it’s an odd time to have a family squabble. And I can’t help but think that the Honda workers in Swindon will be less than impressed by their internal wrangles.


  1. Tris
    Will anyone really care at the end of the day. They are mostly Tory as you say and all have a grievance for being in a party that is at least trying to move a little left in England. CU is a disgusting individual and can’t see any tears there, the woman who made the stupid comment today, enough said. The rest I have never heard of to be honest. Even if others join them, which I doubt, they won’t achieve anything given the stitch up that is fptp but at least they have made a Monday a little funnier.


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    1. That’s the thing. In a FPTP system, minor parties might as well not bother.

      I doubt that there is a potential leader there. They are, as far as I can make out, no-marks.

      It was something to chuckle at, but I’m sure we’d all rather they stopped messing about and sorted Brexit out. Of course, they can’t but as the official opposition, maybe they could try a wee bit to … y’know… OPPOSE?

      The Tories are even worse, of course. The bloke interviewed by Channel Four News coming out of the Honda factory sorted them out good and proper.

      Meanwhile, Wee Gavin has pissed off the Chinese and trade talks are off, and Fox and Hunt pissed off the Japanese.
      Way to go. Still, there’s the deal with the Faroes for Whelks, I’m assured. So all is not lost.

      Munguin likes Whelks.

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    1. I LOVE this line from the article DC.

      “Commercial boats which were told to move were ordered to remain by the Gibraltar Port Authority.”

      It kinda got me thinking🤔 …

      There is ONE very important question that MUST be asked about this situation in Gibraltar I reckon … and it is this!👇

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      1. Of course he will install the UK’s very own specially designed anti nuke protection barrier over Gibraltar BEFORE firing his Trident missiles … right? 🤔🤭

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  2. tris

    You got your Tory torys
    Lib Dem Tory’s the Labour
    Tory’s and yes yer snp

    I calls them fellow travelers
    Who infiltrate various political
    Party’s with just one aim

    Self advancement and the grasping Wealth and status .

    They don’t give a toss for
    The ordinary person but
    Love 💖 to kiss the erses
    Of the more wealthy and powerful .

    A pox on the lot of them

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    1. Yep, I think it’s fair to say that all parties are broad churches. It will be interesting to see who else joins in. Even the Tory party has some pretty left-leaning people…

      And yes, there are some SNP people who are fairly right wing. At one time they were known as the Tartan Tories. Gordon Wilson, I remember, was on the right of the party. But I’m not aware of any current MPS who share his views, although there may still be some.

      I believe that if you leave a party after you were elected on their manifesto, you should be obliged to put yourself up for re-election. The Tories who defected to UKIP a few years ago at least had the decency to do that. As I recall, they won their seats but two of the three lost them at the next general election. Only one survived, Carswell, and he left UKIP to sit as an independent without calling for a by-election. So his principles only went so far.

      If you are a list MSP you should stand down and let the next person on the list take your seat …and salary. There were two SNP list MSPs who resigned the party over their decision to adopt a policy of being NATO friendly, who remained in their jobs although they no longer represented the party that they were co-opted to represent.

      We need changes in rules.

      In fact, we need to get rid of the current system in the Scottish parliament and bring in proper proportional representation.


  3. I read somewhere on Twitter last night Tris, now I hope both you and Munguin are sitting down for this, that this “Magnificent Seven” had considered asking Colonel Fu Manchu Rape Clause Ruth Davidson-Gadaftie to be their *cough* “leader.” Don’t all laugh at once now peeps! 😂

    In other news Tris I* don’t know if you heard but President Tangerine has threatened to impose trade tariffs on Europe, up to 25% is what I heard on the papers review last night. So, not satisfied with a trade war with China President Tangerine is intent on commencing a trade war with Europe now as well!

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    1. LOL I read that too. Munguin fainted when he saw it.

      They must be desperate.

      I think that a lot of these English MPs think that Ruth has somehow magically transformed the Tory party in Scotland into something electable.

      Frankly, I think she is crap. She’s far too impetuous and she has a temper which she seems unable to control on occasions. She’s not half the politician that her predecessor was.

      I reckon that, as the Labour Party in Scotland lost ground with a series of second-rate leaders, the SNP has taken the social democrat, left of centre vote, and those who previously voted Labour for people like Jim Murphy and the other Blairites, have reverted to the Tories they really were before Blair took the Labour Party to the right.

      Still, if the less than magnificent seven think she would be an asset… who am I to gainsay their erm wisdom.

      I saw that not content with China, President Belisha Beacon has threatened a trade war with Europe, which for the next five and a half weeks includes us.

      It’s about cars, I think. But as our car manufacturing industry is falling apart at the seams, and disappearing to Japan, I doubt it will bother us much.

      I’m not surprised someone in the justice department was wondering how he could be disposed of legally. I’d be surprised if everyone wasn’t wondering that. 25th amendment, wasn’t it?


    1. So just in case you didn’t work the musical clues out Tris the answers are:

      1. The Magnificent Seven a.k.a. the splitters from the Labour party

      2. Labour party’s new theme song after the Magnificent seven left

      3. the news that Derek Hatton has re-joined the Labour party

      4. the theme tune for the Tory party after selling the U.K. down the Suwannee

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        1. Well to be fair apparently 22 Tories have been into number 10 to tell Feartie to get her act together or they will resign. Included in the “infamous” 22 is one Scruffy Fluffy Mundell. Well you’ll excuse me if I don’t count him here. I may yet be surprised, as will the whole of Scotland, if he does indeed finally resign after, what is it THREE claims of he will resign now? Should he in fact do what he promises for the FIRST time in his life then obviously Feartie wil be in need of a wee Tea boy, or girl. (Junior Grade)😉🤭

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          1. Oh, if the pay is good Munguin says I can take it on part time in addition to my duties at Munguin Tower. Still, I bet I’d never make a cup of tea as well as Mundy. But I’m sure he’ll find an excuse not to resign…AGAIN.

            I’m thinking there is probably no chance that she WILL get her act together, being as she actually doesn’t HAVE an act.

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  4. Seeing as the unfamous seven’s departure has been met with either indifference or derision, I don’t think many more rats will be tempted to jump ship just yet!

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