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17 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Love the last one.
    Ross leading by example.
    I wonder how being asked to leave the common’s drinking den , allegedly, meets with his premise.
    Innocent until…..
    Just like the chookie embra.
    The tories have something like 80 to 100 rebels, nothing on media, labour have half a dozen yellow/blue rebels, big news.
    manipulation of news agenda,
    Innocent until…..

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    1. Well, if the example is getting so drunk that you need to hold on to people’s bottoms to stop you falling over, then Ross is your man.

      I think Tories are usually innocent even when proved guilty, a bit like members of the royal family.

      I mean it’s not in the public interest to charge Phil with driving with undue care and attention even though he caused an accident which injured two women and a kid.

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  2. Will Slab join up to the new independent group of yellow/blue party.
    No way, it’s got independent in the name.
    Kes says better to stick with the head office as they pay the bills.
    Wonder if the tories will make room for them on the government benches or will they need to remodel the mother of parliaments to have a hexagonal chamber.
    The principle is; hold the job until the next election, the money is too good to lose.
    Listened to ex ukip meps on Alex’s show, same principle, hold the job the money is too good.
    Their great hero Churchill crossed the chamber but held onto the money, principles you know.

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    1. I’m pretty sure that if someone leaves a party to join (or start) another, they no longer necessarily have the voters behind them and they should stand down and try for re-election under their new colours.

      To be fair, the Kippers leaving the Tories a few years ago did that and momentarily won.

      But it shouldn’t just be taken for granted that if I voted for you as a Labour MP, I’m going to vote for you as a “whatever” MP.

      If my MP left the SNP and became a Liberal Democrat party member, I’d not vote for him and whilst what these people are doing is hardly as dramatic as that, the same principle should apply.


  3. Interesting times, a questions and an observation:

    Which of those 7’s constituencies were bribed by May for Brexit votes?

    “The Independent Group” are a viable alternate partner to the DUP to keep May in power. If she can work out a deal with them (or they just flat join the Conservative and Unionist Party) then she can stop worrying about Arlene and the DUP objecting to a border down the Irish sea.

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      1. I am not exactly up to speed with majorities and what not. Is this the start of an avalanche that might get the support of some Tories, or not? In other words a majority for putting a final ‘deal’ to the people or proclaiming Westminster as the final arbitrer? And I’d rather get the opinions around here, rather than anyone off the BBC.

        I appreciate that the issue is UK/ EU, not Scotland / UK but the House of Commons seems to be falling apart. If the government can’t decide perhaps they have to put it back to the people? Abrogating their responsibility as they always do. When the going get’s tough the tough leave.

        If so:

        It strikes me that that would be the most hard fought battle since what? Women’s emancipation or summat. Dirt and lies would be the preferred mentions of Brexiteers, that has been their stock and trade for a while.

        What have we got? A border that is so secure that drugs we need are delayed, food is delayed, that’ll do for now.

        Giving over control of our medicines and food supplies to an incompetent Westminster is a step too far.


        1. Well, I can’t see any Tories joining them. I was just about to do a post on this, but frankly apart from Chuka they are a bunch of people about who you say… who?


          1. Would be interested to read your post. It seems to me that there are a few semi-sane Tories left. Perhaps I am wrong about that. IMHO anyone that want’s to jump off a cliff with Theresa is an idiot. No matter their political persuasion.

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